How to Get Customer Service from Facebook

From the origin of the company to the present, Facebook has been fraught with lawsuits, government regulatory actions, and harsh criticism. Of all publicly traded U.S. corporations, Facebook has one of the worst public image problems. Facebook is currently being compared to big tobacco in terms of devious tactics aimed at addicting users. The Massachusetts … Read more

Are There Exceptions to the Massachusetts Homestead Protection Act?

Yes. The Massachusetts Homestead Act protects a person’s home from creditors in certain situations, but there are six exceptions listed in M.G.L. ch. 188 §3. These exceptions include: It is crucial to be aware of the exceptions listed in M.G.L. ch. 188 §3 because they limit the protection offered by the Massachusetts Homestead Act. While … Read more

Did the Massachusetts Secretary of State Publish an Informational Packet about the Massachusetts Homestead Law?

Yes. In 2015, the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Office published a well-written and highly informative packet about the Massachusetts Homestead Law (which it refers to as the “Massachusetts Homestead Act”). The official Massachusetts Homestead Act pamphlet is a must-read for anyone who is curious about Massachusetts homestead protection. – William F. Galvin, Secretary of … Read more

How Does the Massachusetts Homestead Protection Law Define a “Home”?

How the Massachusetts Homestead Protection Law defines a “home” is an important consideration. A basic dictionary definition of “home” (“a place where one lives”) is a good start. Of course, the Commonwealth’s Legislators had a lot more in mind when they wrote the Massachusetts Homestead Protection Law. For example, the law’s definition covers manufactured homes, … Read more

What is a “Declared Homestead Exemption”?

The American Heritage Dictionary, 5th Edition, defines a “homestead” as “property qualifying as a person’s home under certain laws, such as laws providing tax abatements and exemptions, survivorship rights for spouse and children, and immunity from claims of creditors.” It defines a “homestead exemption,” as “partial or complete exemption of homesteads from certain laws, such … Read more

What is the Massachusetts Law About Homesteads Called?

When the Massachusetts Legislature updated the law about homesteads in 2010, they chose a long name for the new law: “An Act Relative to the Estate of Homestead.” Since then, this law has been referred to in at least eight different ways: (1) Massachusetts Homestead Statute(2) Massachusetts Homestead Protection Law(3) Homestead Protection Law(4) Homestead Law(5) … Read more