Preston Leonard was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar in 2011.  His main practice areas are consumer protection law and class action litigation. This includes a fairly wide range of cases such as:

  • Data Breaches
  • Landlord/tenant Law (Massachusetts security deposit law violations)
  • False Advertising
  • Massachusetts Privacy Laws
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • Employee Workplace Rights / Wage Theft

Client Reviews

CM: “Preston is handling my class action suit against one of the biggest shyster landlords in the U.S. He is professional, reliable, diligent, knowledgeable about the law, and eager to fight for the “little guy.” He is very competent, returns all phone calls and emails promptly, and keeps me well informed and up-to-date on my case. I recommend him without reservation to anyone seeking justice and/or compensation for illegality and unfairness.”

Roger: “Preston Leonard possesses all the qualities in a great lawyer.  Not only was he very detail-oriented and professional, he was also approachable, understanding, and dedicated to our case.  If need be, I will definitely work with him again and I will highly recommend Attorney Leonard to anyone in search of legal assistance in the Boston/Greater Boston area.”

J: “Preston listened to my issue, gave expert advice as well provided options for the course of action. When this was decided he swiftly drafted a detailed letter on my behalf and sent it to the Attorney General’s office. I highly recommend him due to his promptness, knowledge, and willingness to explain patiently.”

Glen: “Attorney Leonard helped me when my credit card company unfairly charged me over $700.00 in fees. Because of his help, they realized they were wrong and immediately corrected the situation.”

Alexey: “Preston W. Leonard did such great job helping me with the worst financial contract I have ever had. In short time he took control, made phone calls and gave me all of the different ways to get out of my pathetic situation. That was something I couldn’t do for myself. The biggest barrier for me was the multiple lies of people at the other side of the phone. Together we found out the truth and came to the only right decision. Thanks for your professionalism, Mr. Leonard. I’ll definitely suggest your service to my friends if they need it.  Thank you, many times! I feel a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Thanks!”