How Does the Massachusetts Homestead Protection Law Define a “Home”?

How the Massachusetts Homestead Protection Law defines a “home” is an important consideration. A basic dictionary definition of “home” (“a place where one lives”) is a good start. Of course, the Commonwealth’s Legislators had a lot more in mind when they wrote the Massachusetts Homestead Protection Law. For example, the law’s definition covers manufactured homes, … Read more

What is the Massachusetts Law About Homesteads Called?

When the Massachusetts Legislature updated the law about homesteads in 2010, they chose a long name for the new law: “An Act Relative to the Estate of Homestead.” Since then, this law has been referred to in at least eight different ways: (1) Massachusetts Homestead Statute(2) Massachusetts Homestead Protection Law(3) Homestead Protection Law(4) Homestead Law(5) … Read more