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America’s Epidemic of Campus Rape

Must see: The Hunting Ground (Netflix). It is an appalling expose about two issues: (1) the prevalence of rape on college campus in the U.S., and (2) how academic institutions routinely and systematically cover up rapes in order to protect their financial/reputational interests — while blaming the victims of rape and interfering with law enforcement’s ability to prosecute offenders.

My takeaways from the movie:

Some college athletic programs, especially football, can be dangerous to women. Serial rapists who are skilled at tasks such as catching, throwing, and running, may receive special status and protection.  Even though students who are good at athletics should be punished for their abusive, criminal actions, they may be deliberately protected from legal consequences.

Fraternities can be dangerous for women.  Certain notorious fraternities create the ideal setting, or “hunting ground” for rapists.  Frat boy sex offenders conspire and share information about how to carry out the crime of rape, and how to get away with it. They use alcohol and other drugs to break down young womens’ defenses.

Even the most elite academic institutions in the country cannot be fully trusted to protect students from sex crimes. Shockingly, some schools are more interested in silencing victims of rape than safeguarding them.

 Related Information:

This government study about sexual assault on college campuses is a must read:

PDF   Campus Climate Survey Validation Study (U.S Department of Justice / Bureau of Justice Statistics)

A veteran adult sex crimes detective explains why these cases are difficult to prosecute: Campus Drunk Confidential.



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