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Welcome to Leonard Law Office’s consumer law blog. The mistreatment of consumers by businesses is one of the most interesting subjects in the law.  Deception and misconduct in the marketplace has a long and colorful history. From the rattlesnake oil rheumatism cures peddled by immoral salesmen in the 1800’s, to modern day products aimed at weight loss and anti-aging — unfair business practices affect most Americans.

Snake Oil

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L’Oréal Faces False Advertising Class Action Lawsuit in Boston Federal Court

A class action lawsuit against L’Oréal was filed in federal court in Massachusetts on Friday, September 14, 2012.  The class is represented by twelve attorneys in four states.

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L’Oreal’s Anti-Aging Claims Questioned

The Complaint alleges, in part:

  • “The search for the elusive waters of the “Fountain of Youth” has tempted those seeking to restore youth and beauty for ages. Indeed, as the story goes, in 1513, the great explorer Juan Ponce De Leon searched high and low for the “Fountain of Youth” – only to find Florida instead. In the 1800s, “snake oil” salesmen infamously ranged the West selling tonics that claimed to cure every ill, including signs of aging. Today, the search for a youth potion continues and, like modern-day snake oil salesmen, Defendant  L’Oreal USA, Inc. through its L’Oreal Paris Brand Division, (hereinafter “L’Oreal” or “L’Oreal Paris”), preys on consumers’ fundamental fear of aging and their eternal hope that products exist that can eliminate the signs of aging and effectively turn back time.
  • In fact, L’Oreal profits handsomely by making misleading claims that the L’Oreal Paris Youth Code line of wrinkle creams, specifically Youth Code Serum Intense, Youth Code Eye Cream, and Youth Code Day/Night Cream, (collectively “Youth Code” or “Youth Code Products”) have age-negating effects on human skin.”

According to a related Florida class action complaint against L’Oreal, “The Swedish Market Court fined Lancôme (Europe) one million krona, for among other things, digitally altering imagery, and banned it from making deceptive statement in its advertisements about anti-wrinkle effects.  The United Kingdom has banned L’Oreal and Lancôme (Europe) advertisements for using deceptive imagery, including an ad featuring Julia Roberts that made the actress’s skin appear to be categorically flawless.”

L'Oreal Youth Code

“10 Years of Gene Research”



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