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Do Electronic Pest Repellent Devices (Riddex, Victor, Pest-a-cator, Emerson, etc.) Actually Work?

Under Investigation: Electronic Pest Repellent Devices

They click, beep, or emit some kind of ultrasonic noise or pulse. The premise seems sensible enough – they supposedly do the job by sending out sounds that are annoying to critters but inaudible to humans.  These gadgets promise to repel household pests such as mice, rats, racoons, etc. but do they really work? The claims made by all of these devices are in question.  Bell & Howell, and other companies make them, and they are sold at hardware stores and online retailers.

Below are some pictures of a device for sale at CVS and on television. It is called Riddex plus. The product claims to be a “Pest Repelling Aid…Patented digital pulse technology…For Rodents, Roaches, Ants, and Spiders….Simply plug into any home outlet…Turn your home’s wiring into a pest repellent force field!”

Riddex Pest Repelling Aid

Below is a close up of an icon on a Riddex package depicting a rat, cockroach, and spider as “banned.”

Rats, spiders, roaches

Rats, spiders, roaches*

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