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Mustela “Body Restructuring Gel” – Fact or Fiction?

“Mustela” is a popular skin cream brand for mothers. Some of the creams that bear the Mustela name claim to address three issues on the minds of many  new and expecting mothers. They are: 1) “Stretch Marks”; 2) “Comfort”; and 3) “Firmness.”

It is the so-called “Firmness” products that are under examination and may become the topic of a class action lawsuit alleging false advertising.

Within the “Firmness” product line are two products. They are the “Body Firming Gel,” and “Bust Firming Serum.”

The company’s website claims that in a clinical trial of the so-called “body firming gel” that “78% of women saw a reduction in the appearance of unsightly fatty deposits.”

The active ingredients, purportedly behind the fantastic results of Mustela’s “Firming Gel” are:

  • “Avocado peptides, a patented ingredient of natural origin helps relieve sensations of tightness, reinforces skin elasticity and leaves the skin feeling supple and comfortable.”
  • “Centella asiatica improves and tones the skin for an intense firming effect.”
  • “Sophora japonica helps to visibly remodel body contours.” (http://www.mustela.com/en/content/Body-Firming-Gel).

The claims and attributes of Mustela Body Firming Gel, as listed on its website are:

“Specially formulated for new mothers, Body firming gel tones and firms the skin to help remodel body contours after childbirth thanks to its unique combination of active ingredients and ingredients of natural origin.”

Mustela’s Questionable Skin Firming and Body Remodeling Claims

Are Mustela’s “Firming Product” claims nothing more than pseudo scientific nonsense intended to trick women into parting with extra money to address issues that skin creams cannot in reality address?

The price of these products are astronomical – costing up to ten times more than normal skin cream.


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