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The Ladders.com Class Action Investigation

New:   Investigation – Closed  Bursor & Fisher, P.A. has  filed a class actions against the TheLadders.com. For more information about that case, their website is here. =======================================

Issues with TheLadders.com (1) Salary Ranges – whether consumers have been misled by Theladders.com‘s claims about employment opportunities.  Has Theladders.com overstated salary ranges? (2) Billing Practices – whether TheLadders.com has overbilled, or misled consumers about its billing model. Theladders.com Job Seeker Complaints about Theladders.com According to a recent story (here), “People pay fees to access “Only $100k+ jobs.” Then they go on an interview for one of those Ladders-listed jobs, only to find the job pays nowhere near $100k.” TheLadders.com job Search – “High End” or “Bait and Switch?” TheLadders.com has a Youtube video (below), which captures some of the issues with this company. The caption states, “Another successful $100k+ job search!”

  • Does this company employ bait and switch tactics, or does it fairly represent the jobs that are available?
  • The Ladders supposedly “focuses on high-end jobs” and charges fees to offer up the best employment opportunities, but are the jobs really “high end”?
  • Are the fees worth it for job-seekers, or is The Ladders essentially collecting money for something that it does not in fact deliver?
  • What have your experiences with this company been? Did they meet your expectations? Were the fees you paid worth it?  Has your job search benefited from this fee-based service, or were you better off with free services like Monster.com?

Hired! Is the Ladders.com a Scam? Another article (here), claims that “The Ladders Is One Gigantic Scam That Preys On Unsuspecting Job Seekers.” Lawsuits against Theladders.com A recent class action lawsuit against TheLadders.com alleges: “Unlike other job boards which are free to join, theLadders charged a premium subscription fee to members for ‘hand-screening ever job post and recruiter so you only see real, open $100k+ jobs in your area.’  In reality, however, its job postings were not hand-screened.  There were ‘scraped’ from the Internet without authorization from employers or recruiters and the employment opportunities were not for “real, open $100k+ jobs.” Moreover, Theladders had no process in place to ensure that these posted positions ever truly existed, remained open, or that they met its minimum advertised annual compensation criteria of $100k+.” Marc Cenedella One aspect of this story is how much CEO Marc Cenedalla has been making from theladders.com.  How profitable has this venture been for him? Related articles


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