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Are Bell + Howell Tactical Flashlights as Powerful as Claimed?

Some consumers have questioned brightness and visibility claims made in connection with the marketing of Bell and Howell “tactical” flashlights.

The flashlights are priced around $20.00, are made in China, and are powered with three AAA batteries. The claims made about the power of the Bell & Howell tactical flashlights on Amazon and HSN are impressive:

  • “22x brighter than your regular flashlight”
  • “2 nautical mile visibility”
  • “Up to 40 times brighter than standard incandescent flashlights”
  • “can be seen 5 nautical miles away”


If Bell + Howell’s claims exaggerate the power of their tactical flashlights, these flashlights may be falsely advertised.

If you purchased a Bell and Howell tactical flashlight, we are interested in hearing from you.


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