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In Loving Memory of Richard H. Leonard

Richard “Dick” Huston Leonard passed away on January 13, 2021.  He lived eighty-nine years, six months, and eleven days.  His parents were Walter (a high school teacher) and Bernice Leonard, of Forest Hills, New York. A neighbor, Preston Hazelwood, adopted Richard when he was orphaned at the age of twelve.  Mr. Leonard was an alumnus of St. Paul’s School in Garden City, Long Island, and Colgate University.  He received a Master’s degree in business from Columbia University and a Master’s degree in international trade and economics from Georgetown University. Mr. Leonard credited the training he received in character and leadership from the United States Marine Corps as the most important part of his education.

Richard H. Leonard had a long and storied career in international finance, starting as a stockbroker on Wall Street in the ’60s.  Later, he led offices in Hong Kong, London, Australia, Ireland, and South Africa.  While a septuagenarian, he started energy businesses in Afghanistan and Columbia. Richard made countless friends around the world while he zealously pursued a life of meaning and action.  Mr. Leonard was survived by two sons, two grandchildren, and third wife Lillian R. Leonard (“Lily”).

Two days before his lungs failed him, Richard asked his son Preston to “make me stronger,” because he wanted nothing more than to see his grandchildren one final time.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, that final visit was not possible.

Dick Leonard is missed by the many people whose lives he touched. He was a philosopher, a reader, a Marine, a leader, a conversationalist, a patriot, a skier, a hiker, a squash player, a husband, a father, a grandfather, a friend, a gentleman, and most of all – a spiritual being who embraced the human experience.  Richard H.  Leonard’s ashes were interred in the memorial garden at Trinity Church, Princeton, New Jersey.

To honor the memory of Dick Leonard you are invited to make a donation to the U.S. Marine Corps scholarship fund.

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