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Companies in the Spotlight: CVS to Pay $11 Million to Settle DEA Accusations

The seal of the United States Drug En...

The seal of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Source: DEA Press Release

APRIL 3 (WASHINGTON) — CVS Pharmacy, Inc., and Oklahoma CVS Pharmacy, L.L.C., (collectively “CVS”), have agreed to pay $11,000,000 to the United States to settle civil penalty claims for record-keeping violations under the Controlled Substances Act and related regulations, announced Administrator Michele M. Leonhart of the Drug Enforcement Administration and Sanford C. Coats, United States Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma. Continue reading


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Companies in the Spotlight: UPS

UPS and Illegal Presciption Drugs

Today the DEA announced that UPS agreed to forfeit forty million dollars in a non-prosecution agreement offered by federal prosecutors. According to the press release (below) DEA obtained UPS’s full cooperation with the investigation.  However, UPS was allegedly on notice of the fact that it was being used to facilitate illegal prescription drug trafficking for at least five years.  In the past, Google has been penalized for its role in the marketing of illicit overseas drugs to American consumers via “Google adwords.” Some of those words are what many poor souls spend most of their waking energy in pursuit of: Percocet and Oxycontin. If you are unaware of what has been going on, thousands of American prescription pill addicts have been buying drugs online and having them shipped via UPS to the States. With Google and now UPS having been hit with steep financial disincentives for playing a role in this illegal marketplace, will it dry up?  Was Fedex investigated? American businesses have long profited from addiction.  Apparently, so has UPS.

 Press Release


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