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Carvana’s Massachusetts Data Breach – Potential Class Action

Carvana had a data breach in recent years. This is known to be true because Carvana notified the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office around February of 2021 of their data breach (fulfilling their legal duty to make a disclosure under the Massachusetts data breach law). Massachusetts residents who were Carvana customers within the past four years may have standing to serve as class action representatives against Carvana for this data breach. Data breach class actions hold corporations accountable for data security practices that fail to protect consumers’ personal information. Data breaches can cause sensitive information to end up in the wrong hands. One of the unpleasant consequences of a data breach can be identity theft. Companies that collect and hold personal information have a legal duty to store that information securely. Carvana’s data breach is just one of many; cyber criminals are constantly gaining access to computer networks for unlawful purposes. Companies are often too greedy to spend the money necessary for adequate network security. You are welcome to contact this office if you are a resident of Massachusetts and think you may have been affected by the Carvana data breach. Our experience with data breach class actions includes past cases against Home Depot, Target, and the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management.

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