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Wickr’s Sex Abuse Problem – Potential Class Action

Introduction to the Wickr class action investigation:

In early June 2022, journalists began publishing articles highlighting Wickr’s sex abuse problem. According to court documents, Wickr may be the app of choice for perpetrators of sexual offenses against children. Pedophiles have been known to share illegal images with each other on the Wickr app. Jeff Bezos’s company AWS (Amazon Web Services) owns Wickr. According to journalists who have interviewed members of law enforcement, Wickr is the most popular app among pedophiles for swapping their sick and abusive photographs. Children who are victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse deserve to be protected by tech billionaires who derive income and market dominance from the technology they make available to the public. Even Jeff Zuckerberg’s companies use sophisticated algorithms to flag and remove pedophiles’ twisted content from their servers. In an ironic twist, the primary customer of the enterprise version of Wickr’s encrypted communication technology is the U.S Government. This may be because Wickr “claims to be the only ‘collaboration service’ that meets security criteria set out by the NSA.” (Techcrunch, June 2021). Is it acceptable to allow a tool used by the United States Government to communicate secret information – to fall into the hands of evil pedophiles?

Basic prerequisites for a Wickr class action representative:

  • Parent of a minor child whose images were sent by a criminal through the Wickr smartphone app
  • Massachusetts resident

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Wickr-Related Lawsuits

Wickr-Related Criminal Cases

  1. Albany County Man Admits Distributing Child Pornography Over Encrypted Messaging Application (“As part of his guilty plea, Boprey admitted that on March 23, 2018, he used the Wickr Me messaging application to distribute child pornography over the internet to another man.”)
  2. Repeat Child Sex Offender Sentenced to Over 10 Years in Prison for Possession of Child Pornography (“Horton stated that his exchange of child pornography began in late 2019 and was primarily conducted through Instagram, Wickr, Telegram, and Tumblr.)
  3. Oswego County Man Pleads Guilty to Child Pornography Offenses (“He also admitted using the social media platform Wickr Me to chat with another user from whom he received images and videos of child pornography, and to whom he distributed a link allowing the user to access a collection of over 1,900 images and 122 videos of child pornography.”)

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