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“Anti-Aging” Products Class Action Investigation

Warning: If you have purchased any anti-wrinkle or anti-aging skin cream, serum, or other product, you may have been been misled by false advertising. "Anti-Aging" skin cream


“Anti-aging” skin creams are prevalent in pharmacies, supermarkets, and department stores throughout Massachusetts and America.  Amazon, CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, Macy’s, and even Whole Foods sell an ever-increasing array of “anti-aging” products. Currently, “anti-aging lotions and potions are now 13 percent of all cosmetic sales and growing.”  Cosmetics companies have been selling products like these since the 1940′s, with marketing slogans such as:“I never dreamed I’d look this young at my age.”

The seminal case on the subject of deceptive marketing and age-defying skin cream is Charles of the Ritz Distribution v. FTC, 143 F.2d 676 (1944),  in which the Commission found:

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