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  3. C.

    I bought into the simple pure nutrition scam… And was wondering what I could do to get my money back from the company. I tried visiting their website that doesn’t exist and when I called them they straight hung up on me. I tried canceling a few times but stuff was still withdrawn from my account. It wasn’t until a week of calling them before someone actually stopped them from taking money out of my account. And even then they charged me for some new product that they were sending me that never even came… Just wondering if you could give me some advice in moving forward with this

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  5. Bobbi

    We were trying to get a modification with Ocwen. The frustration was unbelievable. They kept running us around. When I complained to the person answering the phone he asked me if I wanted a specialist. I asked what kind of a specialist. He reconnected me to someone who sells insurance on appliances! We are vulnerable. I felt like I was losing my mind and my body was shaking uncontrollably. Is there any accountability in America anymore?
    Is there a lawsuit for this? How many other people are they hurting?

    • Mtg Modification Recipient

      I know this is a late reply, but all I can say is “Ocwen” is famous for losing faxes, mail and checks. I had my bank modify my mortgage and it was frustrating. For anyone out there trying to get a modification you must — 1. keep copies of any info you fill in or write. 2. Make note of names and times you contact the bank. Names are very important (the full name) if something gets lost you are responsible for telling the bank what and who got the info. 3. Read in full 3 times all mail from the bank and act on it superfast. 4. Try to get a backdoor number for the bank as they leave a permanent to busy to serve message on the 800 number. — Good Luck —

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  8. Betsy Weathers

    I was sold to Greentree Servicing llc by Bank of America. They threated you, harass you, demean you and finally forced me into tears today. If there is any lawsuit regarding mortgage from them going, I would love to get involved. I have never dealt with anyone like these people.

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  10. Shannon

    My loan was with Bank of America , I was in process of modifying my loan last year when they transferred my servicing to Green Tree. The modification was approved prior to the transfer date however green tree never honored it and claimed no knowledge of it. I was forced to reapply for the modification which was again approved, and recorded with the county clerk. Now greentree is saying that they sent the wrong paperwork- and they are trying to force me into signing new documents increasing my rate almost 2x and adding 15 years to my term- 3 months after recording the approved modification. I know this illegal and per my rep, “hundreds of people were set the wrong approval, not just me”… Is this part of the class action suit currently with green tree??

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    • Tammy Jackson

      I am a business owner and a Verizon customer in Palm Desert, CA. I have had my service suspended due to non payment of charges that Verizon insists that I owe. After multiple phone calls to Verizon’s customer service, tech support, supervisors, and listening to the computer direct me to a multitude of various less than adequately helpful customer service representatives I have accomplished nothing. I estimate the hours spent going over my bills and waiting and speaking to Verizon on the low side at least 25 hours. My bills fluctuate dramatically from month to monthly and they are difficult to understand. I have contracts upon my lines and Verizon refuses to honor them. I am the owner on the property that Verizon provides service to over 35 suites that are occupied by many businesses. I have now informed Verizon of my intention to completely pull them from my property and they will never be welcome again. They have caused me great difficulties with the fire marshal and my insurance due to the fact that they have turned off my mandatory fire lines to each building. Therefore, I have had to encumber the added expense of installing wireless connections for the fire lines. I estimate the over charging and duplicate charging to be well into the thousands of dollars and yet after careful examination and even faxing them documentation of contracts in place that establish a consistent monthly service fee they fail to assist me. Moreover, when I finally did speak to a supervisor I was told that if Verizon had made any errors to my bill they would only be willing to go back and correct these errors over the last 3 months. This is ridiculous., Verizon has gone way to far and made much too much money at my expense.

  15. Betty

    my loan was sold to greentree from Bank Of America by the time they sent all the paperwork I was months behind. Thought we had a payment program but they said management changed there mind and put my house into forclosure . They went back on the deal we had and never told us. They stopped taking our payments and then we received our foreclosure papers in three days. They sent someone out to take pictures we called them and they lied and said they didn’t . But once the foreclosure started they said they did send the guy out to take them. Is this legal. To have a payment program and then decide to break that agreement without telling the other party. I also had problems with them calling all my neighbors and family members and asking if they new me and if they could tell me to call them. They had my phone number and my husbands phone number why didn’t they just call us. Is there a lawsuit for these actions that they did to me

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  17. chris wyatt

    I brought a mobile home in 1995 and had 15 years on it and they said i still owe 9,000.00 and it 2013 wat I need to do

  18. my mortage was sold to greenn tree from bank american we was not told they sold us are have receive anything form green tree that they brought our mortage untill it was in forcoures now want all kinds of fees what can i do

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  22. chevy

    Hey guys My name is Chevy, i was a packaging sueprvisor/lead in the Loreal/Lancome?garnier factory that produced the youth code product line,,,,i worked there from dec 11 2011 to june 10 2013 as a full time associate,,,i worked as a temp from june 2011 to dec 2011,,,,if your team needs any support please let me know,,i directly oversaw and physically ran that production line these products came off of,,,,,my emial is number000073@gmail.com

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  29. Yes I shopped at Wal-mart around this time how could I know if my card been tampered with, I see there are other ways to tamper with someone’s Debit/Credit card.

  30. I am a business owner in Virginia VA. I Verizon account

    Only because they are the only one has Internet service in my area and late last year Cox Cable is authorize to provide their service but I am in contract with Verizon.

    I have Verizon Solutions for Business Bundle Includes;
    Solution Bundle Line 2 yrs. contract
    Voice Line
    Calling Features Unlimited Nationwide Calling
    High Speed Internet.

    These are my charges each month.

    Taxes, Governmental Surcharges and Fees
    E-911 tax $.75
    Federal Excise Tax $.23
    •“VA Communication Sales Tax” $2.15
    •“VA Public Rights-of-Way Use Fee” $.97

    Taxes, Governmental Surcharges and Fees $4.10

    •“Minimum Spend Levels (COMM)”

    Verizon Surcharges and Other Charges

    “VES Carrier Cost Recovery Charge” $.36
    Federal Subscriber Line and Access Recovery Charge $7.74
    Federal Universal Service Fee $4.33
    VES Long Distance Access Charge $1.85
    VES Long Distance Administrative Charge $.74
    VA Cost Recovery Surcharge $.05

    Total Verizon Surcharges and Other Charges $20.48

    I should not be charge for long distance for calling to 202 and 301 because I have Unlimited Nationwide Calling.

    I used my cell phone 99% to make a phone calls. When I called Verizon each time they transferred me to deferent departments. I have to wait up to an hour.

  31. Susan

    I signed up for a free trial with efax. I went to their website to cancel and there was no link to cancel. Once they started their regular billings of 16.95/month, I called the contact number on my credit card and that number provided was a non working number. So finally I called efax and waited on hold several times, at least 30 minutes per time, befoew being disconnected. Finally after waiting on hold for an hour, I spoke with a live human who told me that they do not do web cancellation and that you can only cancel on the phone. She also told me that I signed a contractual agreement during the trial. I told her I tried to get out and that they didn’t provide reasonable means of canceling. I told her that i never even used the service they were charging me for. She said that she can do nothing and that they will not refund any money at all. I asked to speak with her supervisor and she told me i wont get anywhere woth him either. she was right about that. He said they will not give me a penny back. He was very condescending and told me that I signed a contract and if I had bothered to read it I would have known this would happen. I told him I will dispute it on my credit card. He told me “good luck, well just show them the contract”. True enough, my dispute was overturned based on a contract they provided to American Express. It was a terrible experience I paid for in time, emotional turmoil, and money.

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  36. Thomas P Waldmire

    WAS WONDERING IF ANYONE HAD PROBLEMS WITH BANK OF AMERICA AND GREEN TREE MORTAGES we have been with bank of america they sold us to green without telling us the difference on payments sky rocketed on us big time they tell one thing then do another keep selling us to different people this company is awful wont work with us at all very demanding me and my fiancee are both are on fixed incomes now cant afford this so we r losing our house after all these years sad isnt it what can we do

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  41. ralph

    I was out of work for awhile and I was late on some payments greentree kept call allday everyday until they filed for reposetion of my home they sent a moving company to my house and started to move my house.i told greentree that I was waiting for my disabilty to start but that would”nt even get the to give me any breathing space. I had to go out and beg for money to keep those mover from moving my home. I wasn’t no eight or nine months behind and I know someone who was over a year behind and didn’t have those problems with them.

  42. Restricted

    File for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

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  45. Angela Banner

    I have a complaint against National Union Fire Insurance co of Pittsburg,PA better known as AQIG alias Lots Solution. They were assessing monies out of my Regions bank account unknowingly. for three years. As soon as I learn of this transaction I immediately phoned my bank’s customer service dept. as asked the merchants name, they gave me the merchants phone number and in terms of a conversation learned that I had in-patient hospitalization for injuries. I told them that I had an on-the-job injury and they mailed me a claim form which has been denied because of timely filing and they stopped assessing monies 07/2013 from my checking account. Victoria at 732-922-7046 said she would send me a letter stating that I had 90 days to file the claim form from the time of injury…The Florida statue’s states I have up to four years to file. They keep passing me around to all types of organizations to get my reimbursement. They should be made to give my money back.

    Also Ocwen Mortgage and Countrywide was adding this insurance on to my mortgage statement for AIG for accidental injury in the amount of $26.90 for years and never refunded my money when I asked for a breakdown of charges for my mortgage payments. also without my consent.

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