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Product Investigation: Sudden Sleep for Women

Recently overheard:

“Sudden sleep?  What is this stuff? Specifically formulated for women? What does that mean?”

Sudden Sleep

Sudden Sleep

Sudden Sleep is a new product from Biotab Nutraceuticals, the company behind Extenze.  Biotab was on the receiving end of several actions from California authorities, and at least one class action lawsuit alleging false advertising.    Continue reading



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False Advertising Investigation: The Belly Burner Weight Loss Belt

Does the Belly Burner Weight Loss Belt work?

Belly Fat Belt

Belly Fat Belt

Belly Fat Loss

The Belly Burner makes some bold product claims:

(a) “Proven to burn more calories faster”

(b) “Just wrap up and slim down.”

Issues with the Belly Burner Weight Loss Belt


(a) Is there such thing as “spot reduction” of fat on the human body? In other words, is it possible to target one specific area of the body, such as the belly, by wearing a device around the midsection?

(b) Does a person burn more calories if their core body temperature is higher during exercise?

(c) Was the study that was done to support the claim that this product “burns more calories faster” valid?

How you can help

This matter is under investigation.  If you can identify other issues, or speak about your experience with the product, or provide information about the veracity of this product’s claims, please comment below or contact the following attorney: Preston W. Leonard, Esq., (617) 329-1295.


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