Pizza Delivery Driver Class Action Investigation

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This investigation applies to current of former delivery drivers for Pizza Hut or Papa John’s .

What is the Pizza Hut class action about?

A class action lawsuit alleges that Pizza Hut does not properly pay its delivery drivers. This case is being referred to as the “Pizza Hut Class Action,” or the “Pizza Hut Delivery Driver Class Action.” Basically, the case is about how Pizza Hut may not pay delivery drivers enough money to make up for their gas and other expenses. The end result is that pizza delivery drivers working for Pizza Hut end up with actual pay beneath minimum wage. According to the lawsuit, this way of underpaying pizza drivers is illegal.

The main point of the case is best summed up by this paragraph in the class action complaint filed in the New York Pizza Hut class action:

  • “Defendants paid their delivery drivers as little as $7.25 per hour plus $1.35 per delivery, an average total wage of $12.65 per hour (based on four deliveries per hour). However, based on nationally-accepted minimum reimbursement calculations for business travel, Plaintiff and the collective group members wound up having to pay “out-of-pocket” about $12.96 per hour to provide, operate and maintain their vehicles. Since Plaintiff and the collective group members experiences a net loss of $0.31 each hour they worked “on-the-road”, Defendants’ wage system for this work presents a clear FLSA violation.”

This means that by the time the Pizza Hut employees in this case finished their shifts as drivers, the job may actually cost more than they made! In other words, after paying for gas, factoring in vehicle depreciation, insurance, and other expenses, these pizza hut delivery drivers were not even making the legally required minimum wage.  This is obviously not fair to these pizza delivery drivers. Everyone knows that not paying minimum wage is a violation of state and federal labor laws, and these laws are supposed to protect all workers, including those who work as pizza delivery drivers for Pizza Hut.

Does Pizza Hut makes enough money to pay their drivers a living wage?

Yes. The infuriating truth is that many businesses make extra money by intentionally short-changing their workers.  In the pizza business, not reimbursing drivers appropriately is a widespread form of wage theft. Many Pizza Hut franchisees (businesspeople who run Pizza Hut locations) have yearly profits in excess of $500,000.  There is really no explanation, other than greed, for not paying drivers fairly.

According to the class action complaint filed in the Pizza Hut delivery driver class action filed by our colleagues in New York:

  • “Defendants continue to under-reimburse Plaintiff’s colleagues, preferring to selfishly pocket excess profits rather than fairly pay their employees.”

How can you do something about it?

Right now, Pizza Hut delivery driver class action cases are already in progress in California, New York, and Florida. We are currently interviewing potential Massachusetts clients and class representatives to expand the ongoing Pizza Hut delivery driver class action into Massachusetts. An ideal class representative is someone who worked or currently works as a delivery driver for a Pizza Hut in Massachusetts. He or she used (or is currently using) a personal vehicle to drive pizza takeout orders to Pizza Hut customers. Some have worked for Pizza Hut as delivery drivers in addition to working inside of Pizza Hut store locations doing cooking, cleaning, and other work.

Contact an attorney to see if you can lead a Massachusetts Pizza Hut delivery driver class action

Call or text experienced wage theft and class action attorney Preston W. Leonard at 617-329-1295 or email him at to start the process. Attorney Leonard can answer questions you may have about what a class action is, and whether you can be a part of a Massachusetts Pizza Hut delivery driver class action. He was nominated a “Super Lawyer” in 2015 and 2016. Your potential case will be evaluated free of charge. If you qualify, you may be able to serve as a class representative. This will enable you and your fellow Massachusetts Pizza Hut delivery drivers to recover the correct amount of wages that should have been paid to you in the first place.

Links to additional information about the hidden costs for pizza delivery drivers

Where is Pizza Hut in Boston, Massachusetts?

Pizza Hut
950 Hyde Park Ave
Hyde Park, MA 02136
(617) 910-2101

Pizza Hut
5BEverett St.
Revere, MA 02151
(781) 325-8537

Pizza Hut
7 Sycamore St.
Everett, MA 02149
(781) 321-3335

Pizza Hut
39 State St
Lynn, MA 01901
(781) 592-0066

Where is Pizza Hut in Worcester, Massachusetts?

Pizza Hut
349 Grafton St
Worcester, MA 01604
(508) 755-5840

What is personal pizza hut delivery vehicle?

Obviously, it is a car owned not by Pizza Hut – but by the individual delivery driver, who has to pay for the gas, insurance, oil, and maintenance to keep it running.  The vehicle in the photograph below was not used to deliver pizza hut pizza in Massachusetts – was yours?

Photo Credit: Tracy Hunter from USA (Flickr) [CC By 2.0 (

Listen to Pizza Hut delivery drivers talk about the job

Here is a Youtube video made by a Pizza Hut delivery driver. She describes what it is like to be Pizza Hut delivery driver. She says she gets $7.25/hr, plus tips. She says that when you don’t have orders, you fold boxes, make dough, do dishes, mop the floor.

Here is another Youtube video made by a former Pizza Hut delivery driver. He said that the tips were fairly good, but the mileage and wear and tear on his car were not good.  He  was forced to share his tip with the cook and a manager. He finally quit working as a Pizza Hut delivery driver after the transmission in his car failed.

In this Youtube video, the Pizza Hut delivery drivers describes the job as dangerous and putting a lot of wear and tear on his vehicle. He talks about the fact that not everyone pays tips and stiffs the driver.


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