Numerous Lawsuits Filed Against “Upscale” Halfway House to Recover Unpaid Wages

In October, 2015, this office filed several Massachusetts Wage Act cases on behalf of former employees of Hopewell Recovery Services, LLC, for unpaid wages.

Defendants in these lawsuits have included John Coughlin, a/k/a John W. Coughlin III, his father, Steven Coughlin, Hopewell Recovery Services, LLC, Beacon Addiction Advocacy Group, LLC, and Jack Marani.

These former employees of Hopewell are seeking recovery of unpaid wages.

Background Information About Hopewell Recovery Services

Self-described “philanthropist” John W. Coughlin III is the co-founder of Hopewell. On September 20, 2015, John W. Coughlin III was placed on the Office of Inspector General’s exclusion list due to his April 14, 2015 medicaid kickback conviction.

Disgraced former attorney Jack Marani was closely involved in Hopewell Recovery Services and at one point had the lofty title of “Executive Director.”  He opened a competing operation soon after the collapse of the company.

After being disbarred for stealing client funds, Marani sought permission to work as a paralegal at his daughter’s law practice. The SJC denied his petition, mentioning that “full repayment…on the schedule Marani is currently following would take over 100 years.”

PDFIn Re John S. Marani – Memorandum and Order on Motion for Leave to Engage in Employment as a Paralegal

John Coughlin’s Criminal Indictment:

PDFCommonwealth of Massachusetts v. John W. Coughlin III – Indictment – Medicaid Kickback – G.L. ch. §118E Criminal Case Number# SUCR2011-11003

Commonwealth’s Exhibits:


Guilty Verdict:

Verdict Slip

Verdict Slip – “Guilty of Offenses as Charged”


No Jail Time

“Two (2) years – suspended for Two (2) years.”

As of 11/12/15, the websites for both of Coughlin’s recovery-related businesses were down.

On 01/20/16, John Coughlin (John W. Coughlin III) filed a PDF Chapter 7  Bankruptcy Petition. It includes a very long list of people he did not pay — including numerous employees of Hopewell who were not paid wages when the business collapsed in October of 2015.



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