Does Behr Paint & Primer In One Perform as Advertised?

Some consumers have questioned the efficacy of “all in one” primer/paint products.

Traditionally, primer is used on bare wood, sheetrock, metal, or plaster before finish paint is applied.

Behr Paint & Primer In One claims to fulfill both roles.

If the primer layer in a painting project fails,  it is necessary to start all over again – after the unpleasant task of scraping off all the paint that did not adhere properly. No one likes to waste labor and material costs.

When an atttempted shortcut fails, the saying “do it right, or do it again” comes to mind.

Does Behr Paint & Primer In One actually work?

Have you used this product and found that it failed to live up to the claims it makes? If so, you are encouraged to contact this office.

Information about the BEHR paint company

The full name of the company behind Behr paint is “Behr Process Corporation.” It is based in California.

Behr is sold at Home Depot


The display above is located at the Home Depot in Dorchester. Here, 5 gallon containers of paint and primer combo cost $108.00 (as of August 9, 2016).

The combination primer & paint Behr product is sold in numerous variations:


The idea is that you can apply the Behr dual-purpose product when painting new walls, ceilings, and woodwork – and save the separate step of applying primer as a base coat. Some consumers have indicated that this product is a waste of money due to total coating failure.



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2 responses to “Does Behr Paint & Primer In One Perform as Advertised?

  1. Dale Fairbanks

    Behr paint is crap. Used 35 gal. to paint my house and its now three different colors and in places the paint totally failed. Estimate to repair and replace is over 5K.

  2. Eliane Allenger

    Bought 5 gallons of outdoor marquee, worst paint ever, had to repaint my client house with another product, this shouldn’t be on the market! Very unhappy, waste of time and MONEY

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