Is National Union Fire Insurance Company / AIG A Company To Be Wary Of?

American International Group, Inc. (

American International Group, Inc. (“AIG”)

Complaints about National Union Fire Insurance Company

Some consumers have complained about fees imposed by this company in a way they perceive as unfair and deceptive.

Rippoff Report (37 Complaints)

Information about National Union Fire Insurance Company and AIG

The National Union Fire Insurance Company sells and provides insurance products to consumers and businesses. It operates as a subsidiary of American International Group, Inc. (“AIG“) (formerly Chartis U.S., Inc.). The CEO of NUFIC is Mr. John Q. Doyle.  NUFIC’s primary place of business is located at 70 Pine St., New York, NY 10270. Their phone number is (212) 770-7000.  AIG is led by Mr. Robert H. Benmosche, whose yearly compensation is $10,573,900.  According to documents filed with the SEC, “In March 2012, the National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pa. (NUFI), an AIG Property Casualty company, became a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) of Pittsburgh.”


American International Group, Inc.


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9 responses to “Is National Union Fire Insurance Company / AIG A Company To Be Wary Of?

  1. Linda Draper Marillo

    I just receive a bill in the mail for a lapsed policy. Like others have described , I have never heard of this company nor done business with them. I don’t have any idea what this is about. What am I supposed to do with this?

  2. I have tried to find out what i am being charged for they are billing me thru fingerhut which is thru webb bank no one has an anwsers for me I finnally found out that they canceled aug. 11 2011 but we are still to pay this for no service cant get anyone to help.I have tried email response no address. can some one help?

  3. Angela Banner

    I Bank with regions Financial institute. They made an error on my account this year. I immediately looked into the problem only to discover $9.95 was coming out of my account-and on a monthly basis. I phoned customer service and they gave me the merchants name and phone number. National Union Fire Insurance Company said I had Group accident coverage since 03/10/2010. I told them I had a personal injury and Did not know I had this coverage-“john Customer service representative said they would mail me a claim form”. They denied benefits-send information to the Financial controller in Tallahassee, and they did nothing. that they would not reimburse me they said I had to file within 90 days of injury…Well my question is if I was not aware of having this type coverage how could I have filed? Its a recession-I don’t know a sole living that would not want reimbursement 1500.00 a day for inpatient stay. I have files several appeals. now they have stopped taking money out of my account.

  4. Sharon McCone

    Looks like we are victims of the same practice … ours appears as two separate charges each month. My husband thought I had signed up and I thought he had. In fact, neither of us has ever desired this insurance. What are next steps. We have notified our Credit Card company to stop payment and dispute charges.

    • Angela Banner

      The next thing should be to demand that your money be refunded. By your credit card company first….


      against National Union fire Insurance company that has been taking money out of my account and not wanting to pay benefits for inpatient hospital stay.  My name is Angela Banner@4603 Jammes Road in Jacksonville,FL  32210 Thank you

  5. Jim

    I am sending you an email. These guys are good.

  6. Angela

    I recently spoke with Lori Rodek with AIG, which never acknowledge that AIG took the funds out of my account without authorization. This company is better known at LOTS solution

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