Efax – A Company to be Wary of?

Some consumers have complained that efax makes it difficult to cancel after signing up for the efax free trial, and have been billed for monthly efax service, despite cancelling, or attempting to cancel.

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Questions About Efax

Does efax intentionally make it difficult to cancel their service? Does efax continue to charge consumers and small businesses even though they have requested that the service and billing be discontinued?  Is the efax free trial essentially a scam that results in overbilling or bogus charges to credit cards?

efax free trial

efax free trial

Why is it so Hard to Cancel an efax Free 30 Day Trial?

Failed Efax Cancellation Attempt

Failed Efax Cancellation Attempt

Complaints About efax

The Internet is littered with complaints about efax billing practices:

Ripoffreport (92 complaints)

Complaints.com (37 complaints)

…specifically – directly and without any equivocation – asked her to confirm for me that if I did nothing further with efax, the account would expire on its own and I would no longer be billed. She confirmed that. Just today, December 17, 2004, I checked my online bank statement to find a $12.95 charge from efax.”



Information about efax

eFax is a registered trademark of j2 Global Communications, Inc. The headquarters and contact information for efax is:

efax, Inc.
6922 Hollywood Boulevard
5th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Phone: (323 )817-3207, (323) 817-3205, (800) 287-3499

According to a Bloomberg Businessweek company profile,  efax is led by Mr. Todd Kenck, and “provides Internet messaging solutions, and offers Internet faxing and voicemail services, which enable members to send and receive their faxes and voicemail through emails.”

Competitor Complaints about efax

One competitor shared the following complaint about efax:

“The parent company of eFax, j2, dominates and all but monopolizes the online fax industry. They have come to do so mostly through acquisition of competing companies, as well as through aggressive lawsuits against newcomers in the Online Fax industry. The result is a seemingly flagrant violation of Google Adwords‘ double-serving policy that has been going on for years, and this coupled with intense litigiousness has made it extremely difficult for new competition in this space.

j2 is creating an incredibly difficult barrier to entry to all newcomers to the industry with:

  •  aggressive legal action
  • monopolization of the Adwords landscape, creating immensely high cost per click with their multiple web properties, reducing the ability to compete with them

From the consumer standpoint, there is a major case of ‘Illusion of Choice’ in the Online Fax marketplace. So far, Google has not taken action against what appears to be a clear violation of their double-serving guideline.

It should be unacceptable to have 8 websites appearing for the same keyword providing the same service to the end user, when in fact they all end up in the same back-end customer support team owned by the same parent company. So far Google has not taken action on this violation of their double-serving policy, even though all these facts (and more) have been brought to their attention.


All these sites have a banner at the bottom referencing j2 which is the owner of all these companies. Users are supported by the same customer support/sales team.”

Illusion of choice?

Competitors have complained that Google is perpetuating a monopoly in the online fax marketplace through a so-called “illusion of choice,” whereby all of the top results are allegedly occupied by Efax-controlled entities, and by allowing Efax to have the lion’s share of online fax adwords.  See for yourself and “Google” the term “online faxing.”



Efax Wants Your Business

Below is a marketing email recently received from Efax:

j2 Cloud Services for Business
Dear [     ],Please join us Thursday for an exciting “TweetChat” featuring small biz expert Mike Michalowicz – aka The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. Mike will host an online chat on Twitter covering best practices for millennial small business owners and how to leverage the cloud to build a business fast without spending a lot of time or money.To join the TweetChat, follow @MikeMichalowicz and login to Twitter:
Date: Thursday, September 19, 2013
Time: 9:00 am Pacific Time / 12 noon Eastern TimeYou may also follow @eFax and @eVoice to get retweets of the TweetChat throughout the day. We also invite you to explore these essential business tools from j2 Global®Click here to request your trials and connect to the cloud today.
Free Trial
eFax® lets you sign, send and receive faxes online — and now, even send large files anywhere by email. Paperless and private faxing solution saves you money by eliminating costs of fax machines, dedicated phone lines and supplies. Learn More →
Free Trial
eVoice® lets small businesses leverage the features and functions of a world-class phone system without the associated expense. eVoice can be accessed via the Internet, telephone or email and provides a communications solution that enables you to work from anywhere while making a big business impression. Learn More →
Free Trial
Campaigner® offers email marketing services that help you build business relationships and drive sales by connecting to customers quickly, simply and affordably. Features include professional-email templates, list management tools, integration with CRM and real-time campaign reporting. Learn More →
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KeepItSafe provides powerful, affordable, and secure data backup and actively manages, monitors, and configures business data according to globally recognized ISO standards. Our continuous data backup reduces recovery time in the event of data loss and instills precious peace of mind. Learn More →
Free Trial
Onebox® provides a full-featured suite of unified communications services, including voicemail, email, fax and more. Choose from a wide selection of local or toll-free numbers, and enjoy a host of business-class tools, including Web conferencing, Faxing, Call Recording, and over sixty features to help streamline communications.Learn More →
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FuseMail® provides reliable and efficient hosted email, including Microsoft Exchange. With an award-winning integrated email security suite, FuseMail offers everything from email archiving, to email continuity, to desktop-to-desktop email encryption. FuseMail offers a robust email platform and an affordable alternative to in-house or Exchange hosted solutions. Learn More →
Go to j2.com or call (855) 492-5683 to claim your free trials on the cloud services mentioned in this email*.
j2 eFax eVoice" Fusemail Campaigner KeepItSafe Onebox
© 2013. All rights reserved. eFax®, eVoice®, Campaigner®, FuseMail®, KeepItSafe, Onebox are registered trademarks ®of j2 Global, Inc. and its affiliates. *Free trial offers are subject to change without notice and are available to new service customers only. See sites for details.j2 Global , Inc. 6922 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028.
You received this message based on your prior eFax number [    ]in accordance to our Customer Agreement and Privacy Policy.To opt out of receiving marketing messages from eFax click here.”

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7 responses to “Efax – A Company to be Wary of?

  1. valhalla

    those charges on my credit card appear every month. Try to cancel and it wont’ work. I am wanting to do a class action lawsuit against efax. free trial? they have my credit card and charge me over and over. wish i’d never signed up

  2. Murr

    Those motherf******s at efax keep taking my money every month

  3. Eric

    trying to cancel now (and for the last few months) the live chat person is trying too up sell me

  4. Chris

    16 months of $9 charges for service never used. No way to close acct or remove credit card. Closed acct over phone, pursuing refund with Visa.

  5. Jens Jacobsen

    They’ve been charging me for 7 months now even though I cancelled the 30-days free trial immediately. My cancellation was received by them and I was asked to call a service number, which is constantly busy during business hours. I now blocked my credit card to stop them being able to charge it.
    I am located in Berlin, Germany, so not elegible for a class action against J2 Global, but just wanted to share that when they say “Global” they really mean “Global fraud”.

  6. They purchased the company that I used for online faxing and now they will not let me cancel or port out my number. I cannot fax my primary contacts because efax has been put on the do no call list due to excessive spamming.

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