Ocwen – A Company To Be Wary Of?


Ocwen is a mortgage servicing company headquartered in Florida.  A “mortgage servicer” is a debt collector by another name. Ocwen’s phone number is (561) 682-8000. Ocwen (Ocwen Financial Corporation) is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol OCN.


Complaints about Ocwen

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15 responses to “Ocwen – A Company To Be Wary Of?

  1. Debra Martin

    I was a Mtg. Broker as a career for almost 20yrs. We had to stop sending our loans to them, due to continuing problems occuring. At that time I was with Allied Home Mtg. I was one of these unfortunate customers that GMAC, had to settle with. And then sent to Ocwen. They are calling, harrassing, even threatening to call the loans due. When we have not missed payments, have tried to make sure double Mtg. pmts don’t occur, & confimed that they have to stopped Auto Debits when Loan Services was transferred to the Collection Side of the business.They are collecting from outside of the US. The Auto Debits are continuing on the Loan Servicing side & Ocwen Mtg. Even after several calls, that has not stopped. They are making us prove everything to them, but they refuse to send us confirmation, that these conversations have & are are being handled. Today I am on the phone with them for over 2hrs at this point, after my calling them, to get some resolutions to MY problems. My next call is back to the Dept. Of Justice/Inspector Generals office. They are continuing to commit Fraud, & violations on both sides of the business. Is there a Class Action Lawsuit in the works? How can I become part if there is? I have aquired documentation from all levels that I can, within Loan Servicing & Ocwen Mtg Co. And can now do no more due to what they are doing. There is no protection for me, & I’m sure many more fall into this catagory. Especially, when we can not refinance the loans, due to our circumstances. And they know this, that is why they can & will continue on with all these practices.

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    • sure you can….. I just did using a recorder by putting my phone on speaker. In my case, I’m glad I did because of all the false information they provided their callers only to deny they ever said it.

  3. john

    im a former gmac mortgage holder for over 15 years entered a equity builder program with gmac in 2007 have been paying bi weekely since then and ocwen says they cannot find paperwork and will not honor the new payoff date of mortgage which is quaanteed in writting from gmac to be 5 years 9 months sooner I have all paperwork what do I due !!!!

  4. michael o

    every time I make a payment and I check my balance im being charged a suspense fee among other fees and an evaluation fee. this only happened when Litton transferred my loan to ocwen how can I get ahead when im being posed all these fees. I usually pay my taxes at the end of the year myself ocwen took it among themselves paid it with notifying me and increased my mortgage payments from 1045.11 to 2094.00. when I called them I spoke to someone in india and they told me to different fees and that I had to come up with 11000.00 this company is one of the worst.

  5. anita

    My story with them is just too long to explain now. Need a glass of chardonnay to do this

  6. Louise P. Lemon

    We’ve had similar problems regarding being up to date on our taxes and having the loan servicing entities go in and pay our taxes after we paid them and be told their payment was accepted in preference of ours. thereby allowing them to impose an escrow account and apply late fees. All unaffordable. The phone calls, counseling, modification attempts went nowhere. All the time we believed they were going to work with us, they were trading our loan back and forth between their investors. If you are interested, Our home is being sold Jan 17, 2014. All as a result of us trying to work with dishonest carpetbaggers. GMAC, OCWEN & LITTON took me and my husband for a ride through hell. Now, we’ve given up, and are letting go. We’re starting 2014 forced possibly into Bankruptcy because we wanted a home. SOME AMERICAN DREAM.

  7. greg

    is there a recourse if you qualified for a HAMP modification yet were denied because they wanted my percentage to be higher (higher payments) ?
    as said above, they lose everything you send them and don’t speak ENGLISH–what a scam

  8. jim

    I never got my feb statement or my 1099 for my 2013 taxes
    Ocwen said I needed to go online and down load them
    I was onthe phone over 2hours and got no where with them
    We refi 5 years ago at the cost of over $5,000. We paid so we did not have to deal with ocwen.
    And now ocwen has are load what or where canwe get help at.
    Need help in california

  9. Rodney williams

    Im want to join class action, against Ocwen Loan Servicing because they have a history of giving false and misleading information , This time they tried to defraud me out of my home, please contact me about details Im sure you will agree. Thanks Rodney Williams

  10. Karin

    Please contact me I have all documents that prove they are crooks!!!! I am losing my house because of OCWEN… E mail me please… they need to be stopped NOW!!!!!

  11. Randi Weeks

    Ive lost my Home of 20 years from these people and have all my paper work to prove they are Crooks They threw a Handicapped mam and grandchildren along with myself out on the streets with no place to go, and we are still displaced, ive even gone to The higher ups still waiting on help? Please someone who knows whar to do or where to turn let me know. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. redinger@yahoo.com

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