Zbiddy.com – a company to be wary of?

About Zbiddy.com

Zbiddy is an internet auction site. Unlike Ebay, the site charges users money to place bids (“Purchase your bids Bids cost $0.60 each and come in packs of all sizes starting as little as $13.50!.”)

Complaints about Zbiddy.com

Ripoff Report (79 Complaints)




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8 responses to “Zbiddy.com – a company to be wary of?

  1. I have ben a zBiddy user since Dec. 2012. The first thing that brought my attention to the possible shady side of the site was the first time I looked at my bank statement. With every item paid for was also a foreign currency exchange fee posted to my account. For a business that says it is US based, I asked why I was seeing this charge on my account. I was told they use a payment processing center in the UK. All or most of the charges listed on my bank statement are listed as POS charges in Delaware (last I knew … Delaware was in the US). I see since that time they have reported to the BBB that they no longer have a physical location in the US.
    The current problem is with their change in policy regarding bid pack auctions. The R&R for the site under the how it works section states that all auctions start at $0.00 and increase with each bid placed. They have now initiated starting prices on the bid pack auctions, thus violating their own site rules. When I questioned this change in policy, I was simply told they were having trouble with the web site and I should take advantage of the free to bid auctions in the meantime. Well it is now a week later and the “issue” has not been resolved with the starting prices nor have they offered an explanation for the change in policy. They have not updated the site R&R’s to indicate that some auctions would have starting prices….Thanks for looking into this…hope you find something to stop this site……..Paula

  2. Ronald Zykowski

    I was ripped off by Zbiddy to the tune of $843.28, I purchased an Ipad and Kindle Fire, never received either, the rest were unknown charges to my CC.
    I’ve made numerous phone calls to zbiddy (877-924-3390) all I get is a run around.

  3. Rosemary Popek

    I also was taken by them. They never indicate that you will be charged for providing information – they say it’s registering. I still have $200 outstanding in gift cards that I never received since 7-11-13 but on the site for that item it says it will be e-mailed ot you in 3-5 days.

  4. I was scammed as well. Offered me free gas vouchers and restaurant vouchers I have not received since July! I hope the class action law suit goes through!

  5. Brittany

    I never made an account, sombody had used my information. I contacted Zbiddy only for them to hang up on me once I told them what happened. I messaged them once again and after a lot of arguing was promised a full $99 refund.I am not sure if this is helpful or not but I was told I would receive a refund and they gave it to me only to recharge me hours later. I took a picture of their message saying they would fully refund me in case I need to take it to court.

  6. Liz Leonard

    I WAS SCAMMED…they said they are refunding me the $99…but not he $3.96….and I NEVER APPROVED anything
    Calling everyone I know….CIA, FBI, class action – these people are THIEVES

  7. seems as if this has been going on for sometime now why is there not some type of class action lawsuit filed.or this site have not been shut down for these type of illegal practices.there are more than just a few people that this has happened to.maybe filing a lawsuit just may stop these practices.

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