Nationstar Mortgage — A company to be wary of?


About Nationstar Mortgage

Nationstar Mortgage, LLC is a mortgage servicing company headquartered in Lewisville, TX.  A “mortgage servicer” is a debt collector by another name.  Nationstar recently acquired numerous Bank of America home loans.  Bank of America N.A. transferred the servicing of thousands of loans to Nationstar Mortgage LLC effective January 31st, 2013.

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    • molly

      We NEED a class action lawsuit to join. When BOA (and they always stated they acted as a debt collector) insisted we agreed to higher payment when we refused their modification offer, they then proceeded to state we were not making payments though they were cashing them—they were the original payment, not the higher payment they wanted. When they transferred it to Nationstar, Nationstar is refusing to speak to us because they are intentionally refusing to remove lawyer code from file though we have provided the court order many many times. They keep saying it is being researched but still refuse to communicate with us or provide documents in our file and keeps adding amount to past due amount.
      Who helps someone like us?

    • ijust gave an interview to a reporter, who did some investigation on his own, he came up with a law suit from the state of West virginia, everyone should read. i guess i really opened up a kettle of worms, at this point, everyone wronged by nationstar, should hollar and loud, too, if enough people voice these crooked actions, maybe we can get something done,. i hate to be in a boat all by myself.

      • Debbie

        You are not alone Dorothy…we all will work together in our own states but that will help each other.

      • you would be surprised to learm of all the cases in court facing nationstar. i really do not see how they have gone on this long, unless every time they get over whelmed they change their name. i guess that is one way to hide their miis deeds i even thought about puting a piece in the newpaper., but a newspaper here cost so much, no boby buy them they check things out on the computer or t.v.but right now everyone needs to voice their problems with nationstar

      • Debbie

        I believe they are trained to turn a deaf ear & pretend to investigate the situation. Then when you do find someone who you think remedied the situation, someone else comes along and screws you…Maybe it’s upper management & the customer reps are being used as scapegoats.. I don’t care one way or another…this company is the worse & when my bank lost it’s mortgage division, it was given to NY Community & they sold it to Nationstar. I just can’t understand why the Government allows this unless ?????

      • i feel so ashamed that this has happened to me. i have always worked and made my own way. this is my first home of my own, i rented and paid for someone else s mortgage for 28 yrs, saved abd decided i wanted my own home for my time left, where do i go what do i do. i don t know

      • I no longer care about what Nationstar has up their sleeve & am BEYOND thankful to own a second home but my heart goes out to all the rest of you who have paid and paid on their homes and are in danger of losing them & ultimately a place to live. I keep the comments coming into my email because I care…I will try to help in any way I can…ya’ll just let me know…<3

      • molly

        Dixiejet, I tried contacting the tv stations and newspapers here in Nashville Tn area and got one response—THAT IS MESSED UP. DO YOU KNOW ANYONE THAT IS HAPPENING TO? I responded that it was happening to us and never heard another word.

      • rc

        there are some in whitehouse who are aware, untwisting the banks from the government is tricky business…the media is complicit

      • molly

        The white house and all government knows what the banks are doing. The
        banks are who is running the country. They are in every lobbyists head and pocket and that trickles to the politicians.. No one will ever do anything against the big banks. Their criminal activities will continue forever. We need an Elliot Ness to break down thei banks doors and throw the scum in the street.

    • found out there are hundreds of thousands people like us in same spot wonder what would happen if we marched on them in our own states. the goverment seem to be turning a blind eye and ear to the problem

      • molly

        That is what I suggested but on the white house. But the states–on the same day–would deffinitely get the attention. How do we get started and how do we proceed?

      • start at the editor of the local newspaper and if you don t get results, call the the t.v stations we need to stop letting them kick us in the teeth,

      • hey everyone, i found that the reporter for charlotte observer telephone, 704 358-5000, or 704 661=3923 will return a call about nationstar, they have a web site also Charlotte call him the operator will take your name number, so he can call you

    • i filed an appeall on an lawful detainer, costing $1900.00 plus another $134.00 now i am informed they are going into court and have me put out of my home. i gave a interview. which caused a uproar with no results with no place to go or anyone to turn to what do i do. i fought back but there is no one to help, the goverment just sets there and take our money for their style of living, now the doctors tell me i must have a wheel chair, becasuse my health is getting worst, all i want is for them to set a loan modication amount and let me live in peace.

      • molly

        Sweetie, the government just does not care. That is because the big banks and mortgage companies are running the country. And we all know they don’t care. It’s a crying shame but it is the truth.

      • Debbie

        Did you try to go to another bank and get an equity loan or some kind of personal loan until you’re in a position to refinance. don’t give up…try another place & another & another until someone helps? I’m not sure where you are but isn’t there St. Vincent De Paul Society down south and out west?

      • molly

        We had no reason to find another bank or take out an equity loan. We were NOT behind. BOA caused all of our problem when they began lying about our loan being modified. They lied about us agreeing to a higher payment. They lied about removing escrow they added at their whim. They lied about having signed documents in our file. They refused to return calls. When an attorney requested copies of documents, they said “we’re not sending you anything” Which they could not because no such documents existed. They reported to credit bureaus they were not receiving payments while they cashed our checks. They caused our credit score to drop from over 700 to under 600. They sold the loan with the statement that it had been modified.
        They reported to credit bureaus that we had gotten the loan from them the same year we had gotten it from someone else. This showed we had 2 mortgages at the same time with payments totaling almost 3000. And of course the crooked credit burea would not correct it (This was done on a segment of well known TV show) because they don’t have to. They can’t be held accountable just as the big banks. The big banks got laws passed preventing people from holding them accountable for their actions. (FACT)
        With all the big lawsuits ruling against BOA, they continue their crime spree. Knowing NO ONE will stop them and continuing counting their gold.
        After 2 years of lying, BOA’s attorney stated “You never did a modification” but they still will not be held accountable.

      • Debbie

        I’m sorry if I offended you in any way…You’re angry and I would be damn pissed off too. I was only suggesting that you try to get another loan somewhere and get out of BOA…Nationstar is pulling the same stuff on the escrows and etc. I had a loan sold to them for servicing too and was never late or anything until they started screwing around .. If we can’t get in the front door, go through a window., which means if you had to refinance with another bank, or even private money at a higher rate, wouldn’t it be better in the meantime than losing your homes to this Greedmongers….

      • molly

        Oh sorry, you didn’t make me angry. After over two years, I thought I was resigned but sometimes, the more horror you hear the anger comes back to the service. We actually did speak to a bank about refinancing but BOA would not give an amount they claimed we owed at that time. When we finally got something, it was about16,000 more than true amount. It just boggles the mind that Nationstar is doing exactly as BOA did and the government is not doing a thing to stop them. How many homes will be stolen before the government files a lawsuit and then pats themselves on the back while saying LOOK WHAT WE DID. ARENT YOU PROUD OF US.

      • Debbi O'Malley

        Dorothy a…….I’m struggling not to feel along and i’m constantly feeling like no one cares, they just want me to shut up and go away. started this mess with BofA who drug it out over 4 years. They started by telling me “not” to make payments. They even sent payments back to me. Said they couldn’t find my mortgage in their system. Way to much to tell but after getting the AG and Congressman involved they finally said they would do my modification. Surprise- the next day I got a letter that mortgage transferred to Nationstar. Ugliness started all over again.. They promptly told me they didn’t have to comply with of the guidelines BofA had to. They offered me a mod of 2 yrs interest only and then the terms of variable for the life of the loan. I am speechless. To top it off while I was in the hospital in November, which they knew about because I talk to them on average 3 times week, they had their trolls destroy my steel door and screen door, put lock boxes on my house, and their trolls helped themselves to my belongings. Nationstar said it appeared I had abandoned my home! I asked if my home was in foreclosure, they said “no”, I asked has it ever be foreclosure, they said “no”. When I questioned why they did that when I wad talked to them several times ( phone records to prove it), they act like I’m speaking another language. They just seem to have a license to steal and take whatever they want. I’m sick. And it appears out government has no ability to control them!

        PS Bank of America issued a “legal document” in 2011 stating they had been quoting an incorrect amount of my mortgage balance. It should be $80,000. They never corrected it in their computer system and insist I owe $180,000. I’m sick! Owned this house since 1989. Almost paid off. Just wanted to pull some equity out to help my son, an disabled vet. Now I’m the one needing help.

  1. John Amend

    Nationstar needs a class action lawsuit and complete investigation. I’m one of the loans they acquired from Ocwen, with whom I’d arranged a modification. Nationstar said the modification would be honored, now they’re back-pedalling and placed my payment in “suspension.” If anyone is organizing a class action lawsuit, I want in.

    • Danial

      Same here, sign me up!

    • Patricia Whitney

      I want to join, I am a homeowner who has been denied HAMP and so many other injustice actions by Nationstar

      • Clinton Bridges

        Hello My name is Clinton, and come to find out Nationstar has an account on my deceased grandfather from GMAC that is now Ocwen, and the rep from Ocwen said there is no record of my grandfathers name, even though they gave him a bad loan. The amount of the Loan was 46,000 on a home that is barely worth 20,000. The account is past due, and they only want full amount of past due no arrangements. There needs to be a class action lawsuit. Count me in. It is ashame these mortgage companies is getting over on the elderly.

    • Colleen Butell

      I want to join as well, BOA sold our mortgage while I am in the middle of a refi with new leader. As of June 10th after I was able to access my mortgage account to get a payoff for closing, we are being stone walled every day. Nationstar won’t give payoff over the phone or fax, my new lender had to send/fax request with my authorization on 3 way conference call twice. We were hoping to get in on Friday June 14th closing date, still no payoff amount, keeping being told 24-48 hrs over and over w/excuses why we don’t have it!

    • Christina Haneline

      Please help me I also want to join a class action law suit against Nationstar.
      Nationstar is giving me the run around, and sent me three HAMP applications for the payments and each time it was a different amount now they want to say they wont help me because of excessive forbearance? not sure what that meant? Had three appointments for the so called conference each time they were not ready I had to take off work. The last time at the conference I did not get to hear anything that was being said? the legal aid attorney and Nationstar spoke to each other I did not hear anything how can that be a legal conference under the HAMP rules? Also I made 6 payments to Nationstar for 6 months and they have no record of the money? My attorney said that is conversion and is against the law?
      I have been trying to get this resolved for so long, did have legal aid but now they are not going to help me because it has taken so long?

    • James Hudson


      In March, 2013 the law firm EDELSON MCGUIRE, LLP filed a class action lawsuit against Nationstar.

      The complaint ([PDF]) was brought on on behalf of a class of homeowners across the nation to challenge Nationstar Mortgage, LLC’s allegedly intentional and systematic failure to provide permanent loan modifications to borrowers who signed Permanent Modification Agreements (“PMAs”) under the Home Affordable Modification Program (“HAMP”).

    • C. Lombardo

      Me too! I came from BOA and would like to work something out as well. I am completely afraid to give them my phone #, for some reason BOA didn’t give it to them. ( Thank God above for that) I have read so many nightmare posts on their calling practices and the run around you get when you call in. I just want out and away from this company and to work out a new deal with a legit company. I am two months behind and am scared to death by the stories I have read about what will happen. Banks can’t even get proper pay off information if you try to sell your house. When I figured out I was sold to the Mortgage Servicing Mafia, I considered putting my house on the market. Let us know if you hear anything that can be done 🙂

    • Natalie Dominguez

      Count me in!!! Bank of America, who was in middle of processing my loan modification, transferred my loan servicing to Nationstar in Sept 2013. I can’t believe all the horror stories I am reading.

      • Heather Hilleary

        Wow, the same thing happened to us and at the same time. We were in the process of trying to get a loan modification through BOA and they kept delaying an answer asking for more information and then poof, we found out this past September that our loan was transferred to Nationstar. Already, we are having issues with Nationstar. This is scary and sickening and both BOA and Nationstar need action brought against them!

      • molly

        Yea we all thought BOA was a nightmare but Nationstar has them beat. The CEO of Nationstar learned his ways while employed by BOA for over 6 years. What baffles us is why Nationstar is being allowed to get away with their actions. The government keeps suing BOA (and these lawsuits mean nothing to BOA) but just looks the other way as to Nationstars actions. WHY? WHY? WHY?

      • myrna allem

        The same thing happened to me! Bank of America transferred my loa to Nationstar right in the middle of a HAMP process in Sept 2013 amd they declined me a HAMP on Nov 5 2013! I filed a complaint with the Colorado Office of Attorney General MHA Help Team.

    • i want in 2!
      they pretend to support gov modification policy, but refuse to answer the phone, raise rates and escrow at will, plenty of ghost calls, and nasty letters

      • Everyone needs to file a complaint at the Federal Trade Commission .. The more people who do the faster they will take action to stop the illegal and unfair business practices … Bet about now you’d all be pretty interested to know who is stealing your money … Lets find out who owns this company and file class action suit if not criminal charges for fraud

      • Lets all write a president Obama and demand he investigate Nationstar and put an end to their illegal and fraudulent activities

      • Debbie

        Good thinking, NOT! I did write Obama at the White House and his staff sent an application for the HAMP program and said that should suffice. I think we have to go to more than the White House….the FTC seems to be a start since NYS Banking just laughed and said they can’t help. What about if we barrage our Governors with this information and the Attorney Generals of our state. Apparently Obama’s staff is not aware or they don’t want to be aware. Maybe this is part of Government take over too….ya think?

      • Yes … File complaint with FTC, and write to you Senators and Governors … Forward them copies of complaints with your message:

        Nationstar Mortgage LLC is raping American homeowners … Why do you turn a blind eye? Why is our government paying them to steal our homes for the profit of a few? I respectfully request that you as my representative take action to ensure Nationstar’s illegal business practices are stopped and they are prosecuted for their fraudulent activities.

        (Your name and contact info)

      • Debbie

        The same exact thing happened to me on the modification. Then they finally adjusted the policy after paying 1/2 my taxes and homeowners even though they were paid. Suddenly they cannot find the money when I proved them wrong and paid them over $600 more a month for over a year . This bank is the worst. I’m in on the Class Action too….

    • Pam Sparks

      Same here in NC. I am seeking legal representation.

    • Same here.. This company is impossible to work with… It’s like talking to a wall… I haven’t spoke to them in 8 months. All they did was transfer me to a different person weekly and lost my paperwork. I realized after 5 months of putting up with their bullshit that they are very unprofessional and don’t have the educated workers to help with all the loans that they acquired. They never call you back or answer E-mails .. You just can’t communicate with them. They are unorganized and don’t give a rat’s ass about any of us! Count me in if there is ever a class action lawsuit. They need to fall under the regulation’s that the 5 big banks fell under that caused them to sell our loans to these blood suckers… In fact I still don’t understand how Bank of America was allowed to sell our loans to avoid the lawsuit that would have made them help the homeowners in distress and the victims of hurricane Sandy.. They just sold the loans instead and got away with it… I am lucky in the regards that they only hold my second mortgage and are totally underwater as well as the first mortgage. I do not foresee the property to go up to what is owed on it for probably 15 yrs or more.. They can’t foreclose and even if they did, I don’t care as I have not seen the property since 2009 and pay others to care for it.. It is not in my home state and was bought and financed by Countrywide in 2006 while my husband had to work out of the area for 3 yrs. We had rented it upon another transfer back to Nevada and had to take a $700.00 loss every month, plus some. Trying to be the good guys and paying our bills for 4 yrs we took that loss. Looking back I wish we had let it go then. The market never went up in that area and while other area’s went up our property went down. Nationstar sabotaged our DIL that the first was offering based on Nationstar excepting 10% to release their lien but they dicked around until it was too late… I am beyond irritated with this company and give them the same respect that they gave us by ignoring our desperate pleas for help….We did demand the note and they could not produce it. I’m beginning to think that this is part of the problem with them. I read a story about a couple trying to buy a foreclosure that Nationstar supposedly owned and it never went through because Nationstar could not release something they didn’t own. Sorry I went on and on but I really hate this company and can’t help myself… Thanks for reading…I can only hope and pray that we all get the help we deserve and that God takes care of Nationstar, if you get my drift…..

  2. Anel

    Welcome to the new ponzi scheme.

    I am very offended by the factor that my mortgage was transferred to a debt collector. Low risk, never late, never refinanced, and paid on time – always down on a 30-1-arm fixed mortgage — at two years over annual payments. I have a chronic illness, requiring daily treatment with medical instruments in my home. I do not use phone and am prevented from using computers due to risk of machine interference. When telephoning Nationstar, after taking hours and constant automatic hang-ups, the reps started out by noting this was a debt, and the communication was being recorded. If I want to make payment, send in mail or via Western Union. What a disgrace. I am a home-owner, where BOA gives me full access to its Banks, even when I required assistance. I feel consumers have no say-so in how they are treated. We are like blood and can be put into a lottery of investors to pick and choose amongst us as if we are non-human. We need to protest these types of businesses and hold the federal government accountable. This is painful, distracting, and could very much jeopardize our good credit rating. We all need to DO SOMETHING – all of us – as lenders are holding on to all the cash – classifying responsible consumers as risk if they cannot make money off them through late fees and high Annual Percentage Rates. When the laws changes to protect consumers, the creditors and lenders got greedy and nasty and began to find ways to keep consumers from progressing in any way shape or form.

    • Dee

      Anel, I am feeling your pain. I do understand their loan modification is a sham. Please anyone let me know about any class action suits . I’m down.

      • P.W.

        I am in too, we need to start grouping together and start this law suit against Nationstar, my story is part of all I have been reading. If I can get another people to agree, I will find a Lawyer to stop them.

  3. E.C.

    I sent in an email explaining my whole situation. I went from CountryWide to BOA to NationStar all getting INCREASINGLY worse. I have filed complaints and tried to go every possible avenue available to me to no avail.

    • Jan Mayen

      E.C., I went down that same road. And to those who think it ends after foreclosure, nope. Countrywide was purchased by BOA.

      BOA was the servicer when my house was foreclosed. Then BOA transferred the loan, after foreclosure, to NationStar – fours year later !!!!
      Now, they are chasing me.

      • molly

        When you think you have heard it all, and you think it can’t get any worse!!!
        Such evil.

      • Daniel

        I went down the same road as well and learned a few things in the process. I tried a mod and they told me I need to be late a few times. I did and than was told I don’t qualify. I went into foreclosure. The courts made me and the BOA go to a mediation. We came to an agreement and they never followed through. They never contacted me again and the courts called the foreclosure case in to court. I showed up and they didn’t case dismissed. BOA sends me a letter a few years later saying we lost your promissory note. The same week I get a letter from Nationstar who says welcome we are your new mortgage company call us. I call Nationstar and ask why they insist they own my mortgage when I have letters stating they don’t. No answer. I have stopped communicating with them as I do not recognize this company Nationstar as the “Boss” of my note. These companies are not to big to fail. They need to produce the correct paperwork to prove ownership. They have tried to screw me and caused grief over the last few years until recently. They have performed illegal acts by filing with the state as owner without the proper documents and reporting on my credit as owner when they are clearly not. Never give up never stop fighting and always show up to court. Doesn’t matter what they say make them prove it. I expect to be one of the few that follow this to the end and I will make sure the home stays mine and my families. I never wanted to cheat a system. I only wanted to modify and the system has tried to cheat me and put me and my family in the street. Not going to happen. Its now been 5Years without a mortgage payment/Taxes/Home owners Insurance because they wont take a payment and the laws require them to make that payment now. This mortgage was bailed out by the government and paid…than MI paid…how many times do these companies get paid on a home with 1 mortgage? All I know is my state has a 5 year statue of limitations on foreclosure…that time has passed. House bill 80 passed last year requires an entity filing a foreclosure must do so with both the promissory note and the mortgage together or they can not file at all. I don’t expect anything from these people at this point as Nationstar has claimed owner ship for the last 1yr and 8 months and nothing but a yellow door tag saying call NStar with an 800 number. Well Nationstar….you’ve got nothing. I wish you all luck except the greedy pig bankers 🙂

  4. Hussein

    I would also recommend calling the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau their website is, I had a dispute with Nationstar after I called CFPB Nationstar’s tone was dramatically different. Plus if CFPB receives enough complaints Nationstar will be scutinized.

    • iinez2013

      I want to get i on the class action. My mortgage were sold to Nationstar back in 2010. I went to citi bank to pay on my loan and find my Loan had been sold to Citi-Bank, one of the bank manager had to call Nationstar and asked where can I mail my payment. Nationstar mortgage is one of the worst bank to have my loan. They will not up dat my payments, they have other call me to help me get a loan and they all are no more them people out of jail trying to make a scam me out of money Nationstar call 24/7.
      my loan is up to date but Nationstar have me owning over $5,000.
      They are trying to take my home I have tried to get the HAMP loan several times and they told me I did not quality for before of my late payments.

  5. Click to access Nationstar-3-19-13.pdf

    Call this attorney. Class action filed in March 2013

  6. Zenobia Hampton-Mitchell

    Nationstar foreclose on our house couple years ago.Me and my daughters lost jobs didn’t know what to do. They gave us some kind of government plan and kept changing the dates on paper and claiming they didn’t get some of the paper work we sent and changing the amount on the papers.
    They did not offer us the short sale.I ask about the short sale, they told us if we clean the house and move out quickly they would give us money but the did not the lied. We moved out the foreclose but we are still paying 100.00 a month,they want 24,000 dollors. They really just lied and stole the house from us.We could not afford a lawyer.We had to live in the worst places after that.Why are they getting money from anybody they are liars.They don’t have Foreclose on our credit report,they have it like we are still paying for a house but behind,They sold the house.Please can someone help us and tell us what we can do to sue them or not have to pay them.

    • James Hudson

      We are also going thru foreclosure we don’t know what to do we are though going to put it on news and newspapers but other than that I greatly thank you for your information because we are trying to fight this so we can keep our home.

      • myyrofjubilee

        This approach worked for us:
        1. Send RESPA Qualified Written Request – copy letter verbatim from Operation Restoration (follow instruction to copy RESPA) sent via Certified Mail Return Receipt. Follow through with Complaint – CFPB for non-response. Send every month until they respond. They have $penalties; also, you can use it to sue them if they do not respond.
        For California Homeowners – you have the right to request documents — see Department of Corporations for details on newly enacted California Homeowners Bill of Rights.
        2. Send UCC-based letter copy verbatim Chapter 10, Exhibit E – Fighting the Foreclosure Marchine, Robert Janes.
        3. Check Public Records of recordation of Assignment of DOT. Get a copy then go back to Operation Restoration – Criminal Lesson. If notarized in Pinellas County, Nationwide Title Clearing – could be robosigned/fraud. Report to Attorney General.

        4. Send emails to your Nationstar representative to follow up on your RESPA QWR – copy their CEO — check OperationRestoration for info.

        Also a Must Read: Fighting the Foreclosure Machine, Shellgame MERS by Robert Janes.

      • Tammy

        Contact JP Sutton Google his name and it will all be expained why I said to contact him

      • christina

        I googled JP Sutton and got nothing? but a fighter? is he an attorney? advocate I also need help with my mortgage with Nationstar.

      • dixiejet

        I thank God that I have since moved to La where my house down here is paid for ! We’re just gonna let Nationstar do their dirty work. THEY CAN HAVE IT. It needs a new roof and a new heating/ac unit plus a myriad of other repairs. PLUS, I recently found out it’s still in my FATHER IN LAW and MOTHER IN LAW’s names at the DMV….know why the DMV ??? COS it USED to be a double wide till my husband took it down to the frame and rebuilt it. BoA had it appraised at 105,000.00 cos they thought it was a Jim Walter home !! We tried and tried to keep it and called them NUMEROUS times…if they are so darn set on forclosing then let them try to sell it !!

    • James Hudson

      Burton v. Nationstar

      In March, 2013 the law firm EDELSON MCGUIRE, LLP filed a class action lawsuit against Nationstar.

      The complaint ([PDF]) was brought on on behalf of a class of homeowners across the nation to challenge Nationstar Mortgage, LLC’s allegedly intentional and systematic failure to provide permanent loan modifications to borrowers who signed Permanent Modification Agreements (“PMAs”) under the Home Affordable Modification Program (“HAMP”).

    • dixiejet

      You don’t HAVE to pay them….just don’t send them the money !! If you can barely get hold of them, do you think they are going to come after you for any money they say you owe but refuse to pay ? We tried and tried to get BoA to modify/ refi our home loan. Then we found out NS was acquiring it so I called them. They assured us it would be no problem. After the deadline, I called again and never got anyone who could get help or I got disconnected. We’ve tried and tried to do the right thing but now we are just going to LET them foreclose because after reading all these horror stories, that is obviously their ultimate goal anyway. I thank God the house I LIVE in is paid for as are both my cars so we can afford the hit on our credit My daughter lives in the house in question but is at the bank as I write this trying to qualify for a home loan so she can get the heck out ! The house needs about 10k worth of work down to it so GOOD LUCK, NATIONSTAR !!!!! BWAHAHAHA !!

      • Debbie

        Seriously sounds like you don’t care…sorry but why would you not fight to get another loan if your credit is good. I wish you daughter luck in her pursuit and I hope she sticks it to them…..It would by any standards take approximately 1 – 2 years before the foreclosure process can go forward….OBW there’s a thing also call a short sale so there’s another option not to lose everything and still be obligated to pay the money for the foreclosure…You’d better think twice before you let it go since you have things paid off….The Bank can attach the possessions you now own to recoup their foreclosed mortgage…I’m not a lawyer but I’m in Real Estate and have seen too many people gone through this thinking they’d be better off and has bit them in the ass! Don’t give up…and I applaud your daughter for trying.

      • Answering Debbie in below comment, We HAD been trying to fight to get another loan ! But, Nationstar won’t give us or the other banks the info we/they need ! I know about the short sale as well but NATIONSTAR won’t give us the time of day on that either. I recently filed bankruptcy and own a home in Louisiana so I am exempt from the house in NC that Nationstar seems to be enamoured over.

      • i went to court yeterday, i was told to vacate my home, within ten days, where am i going , no place and no one to help me.since this prblem started i have been in the hospital and now they tell me a nurse will be checking on me, at home. what have i got to look forward to. i have begged for a loan modication, because i am 75 and employment, they forclosed and sold my home without notifing me. when is someone going to do something about nationstar

      • molly

        You could come live with us but we will probably be in the same boat. My husband has had 2 back surgeries and needs a third so if we have to move, I will have to beg people to help us. We just don’t understand, in our case, that BOA has finally, after court order, given us the UNSIGNED documents showing we NEVER agreed to mod and a higher payment and yet keep claiming the loan was modified. But then turn around and say THEY declined us 3 months after we turned their offer down. Black and white.

      • Debbie

        They just nailed JP MORGAN CHASE FOR PACKAGING FORECLOSURES & SELLING THEM OFF even though the mortgages were not being foreclosed on…There’s a whole big thing with the Attorney General in NY about what’s happening…since the state is now getting part of the penalties for unfair & unethical business practices. OBAMA has a special investigation going on…If you can find out who maybe it would help….Otherwise my advice to you is “don’t leave”…worse comes to worse make them prove it. Try going to a local district court & getting a stay. I don’t know if it will work but perhaps it can help. There’s such a thing as notification & if that were the case,where you weren’t notified what was happending, you should have been notified of the amount of what was received to pay off your mortgage so they could remove that portion from your debt….I would call the attorney general’s office & biggest newspapers or tv news and tell them your story..It’s worth a shot. Good Luck

      • Dorothy, i cannot TELL you how sorry I am for your circumstances…I will be praying for you. Where are you accessing the Internet from ? Are you still set up at home ?

      • right now, i am still home, but i am disbaled,, all i ask for was a reduced loan modication payment , i did not want them to give me anything, just some peace for my rmaining time. i do wish, i knew how to get this out on t.v. or the newspapers because i have found out that there are quite a lot folks having the same problem with nationstar.

      • molly

        Dorothy, what state are you in? Maybe EVERYONE reading this can write letters to your states governor and representatives. And we can all forward your story to all the TV stations and newspapers in your area.

      • i live in virginia, the roanoke area, i have tried to get assitance from state oiices, but they seem to have the election and the shut down on the top of their lists. dorothy

      • molly

        Dorothy, I have been in contact with every politician here in TN trying to help us also and you are right—they are just too busy. I am looking up on internet all the politicians and newspapers and TV stations in your area starting today. Just MAYBE one of us can be helped. Just a thought–have you looked into legal aid in your area or pro-bono attorneys? We couldn’t get any help but maybe you can. This country is in a sad state.

      • the attorney, i thought would help, just knuckled under to the high power attorney from nationstar.i will talk to anyone about this, someone has to stop them. if t.v. or reporters will help i will talk to them.

      • if only icould release a statement to the newspaper i have one that the judge would not take time to listen to and the lawyers were too busy, being nice to each other, i have found out that nationstar is facing a multa million dollar class action law suit, in calif. , did you all know that until 2009 nationstar was Centex Home Equity, they changed their name fired a lot of the ir emplyees, and became nationstar.if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

      • Debbie

        Ok, so now we know the CEO from BOA has taken over & that Nationstar was Centex Home Equity that has a lawsuit against them…Who do we contact who now has the lawsuit in California & maybe they can direct us to the proper place or start a new Class Action…The problem is that each lawyer has certain places where they are licensed but we simply have to start there in Cali & then proceed with Caution. It seems like someone (Nationstar) or reps. are reading this blog also & putting the screws to us. Maybe this is a trap for unsuspecting homeowners to post their situations so they can play their unethical games????

      • class action suit in calif, telephone # 310-736-1753 another in Maine obtain phone later

      • check out BBB of texas. they have no accredited rating. check web, for RIPOFF REPOT, i may have stuck my foot in it, i talked with the newspaper

      • Debbie

        Think positive Dorothy….it’s a start. and if no one takes action, nothing gets done.

      • the reporter talked with the CEO, and he lied as i expected, how can do this, i never received or singed for a letter about the sale, yet he claims that i did i do not have the money to file an appeall., .

      • jude

        Nationwide keeps sendind our mortgage payments back to us, they cash our checks then cut us one of thiers saying they wont accept our money. WTF

      • molly

        Jude, that is just what BOA and Nationstar has done to us. BOA did that for over 7 months with the checks being different amounts than what we sent them. We never cashed the checks so they still had possession of the money. Nationstar has returned 3 of the 6 checks we have mailed them, one they claim to have not gotten, and the other two are in limbo. I think by cashing the checks, they feel they have your money regardless of what happens.

      • molly

        Lying comes first nature to big bankers. CEO perfected his ways when working for BOA. BOA will still not admit we never agreed to a higher payment even with proof in their files. May the ghosts of Christmas past,
        present, and future visit them. Ah, they would just lie to them as well.

  7. C.S.

    mememe. Been trying to get the HAMP going for four years and nothing. Paperwork gets lost, they wait and say deadline has been missed. All sorts of excuses.

  8. ML

    Count me in too….My loan with originally with Countrywide, then BOA and then sold to Nationstar. I requested a modification in Feb and STILL trying to get it. Last phone call said that my Modification Application had EXPIRED and I needed to fill everything out AGAIN!!! This is absolutle CRAZINESS!!! These people do NOT have their ACT together and I am afraid I am going to lose my house in the process….

  9. Rodney

    Count me in.

  10. D.C.

    Bank of America sold my mortgage to nation star in April, I have been having trouble ever since,I called in to make a payment I had to go through giant and charged for paying it, and then they tried to auto take out without me knowing it for June and July ,my bank charged for funds not available ,told me to call Nationstar, I faxed in my bank statement to them ,they said they would pay it but have not ,they lie ,76 dollars worth, now my county gave me a credit for my taxs,which Nationstar is to pay every year,and Nationstar is holding on to that credit in escrow and not releasing it after I called them, many times they are giving me the run around.,they still have not paid my taxs,or returned any money’s they promised I am a widow on a fixed income ,I am getting stressed out from all of this run around, I need help.

  11. Heather

    Bank of America sold our loan to NationStar in April. We recieved a letter saying that we could refinance with them for a better interest rate. Everything was great until June. At first they told us it would only take 6 weeks, ignore any statements you get until the refinance goes through and our first payment wouldnt be due until June. We had to ignore the statements, we didnt get any until we were a month behind on our mortgage. In May, we were told we had to catch up the house payment before our refinance could continue. We told them that we hadnt even recieved a statement yet, and that we were told we didnt have to make a payment. Long story short, 3 months later we finally have every payement caught up, Nationstar keeps transferring my phone calls, and I was told it could take up to 6 months to refinance. Really?! I just called today and was told our loan got transferred to another person, the lady who was working on our loan no longer works there. When I got transferred to the refiance department, I was told that it is still with the original person, that the person I got told is working on our loan now doesn’t exsist, and if I want to find out about my loan I need to call the original person. She hasnt answered my calls in 2 weeks! I was then told I had to call her RIGHT now or she wont talk to me about my loan. I just think its funny how they will talk to you while you are behind, trying to make it seem like they are working with you, and then once your loan is current you get ignored. Unfortunatly, we can’t refinance with our credit union until the spring. I just hope nothing goes wrong between now and then.

  12. Leslie

    So is there a Class Action to join or not?

    • In March, 2013 the law firm EDELSON MCGUIRE, LLP filed a mortgage modification class action lawsuit against Nationstar.

      • Christina Haneline

        The class action is for people who have been under the HAMP program and have paid the three payments. It does not help me even though I was just approved for the temporary payments, so here I am again a single mom with no help? That is really sad when I work and am trying to support my family and the mortgage company can just keep dragging their feet so they get government money plus the money from selling your home. I am not going to give up someone out there can help me?

  13. Randy

    I want to join the Class action law suit as well, I Live in Colorado please let me know how i can take part in this

  14. yrofjubilee

    We aree homeowners in California and targetted for foreclosure by Nationstar first week of June 2013 —via their deceptive and fraudulent schemes.
    They offered to modify loan – Agreement shows LENDER standing. When required to provide material evidence to support their claim, they turn around and say they are only a SERVICER.. So far we have stalled them from proceeding the foreclosure—via loan modification application. which we will decline. THE BIG HELP that uncovered their LIE is the following:
    1. RESPA QWR Letter — google OPERATION RESTORATION for template
    2. Uniform Commercial Code -based Letter — see Fighting the Foreclosure Machine by Robert Janes – Exhibit E .

    Hope you will find this info helpful. We also would like to join the Class action lawsuit.

  15. FY

    Subsidiary of Nationstar . 100% disapproval rating in 18 ratings .

  16. B.B.T

    count us in also. we just got a welcome letter from nationstar and we found out our mortgage was sold by boa which is nothing but a piece of crap. we went thru a loan medication and it raised out payments by 200.00 a month, hello that didn’t help. then we got a bill from nationstar for 1300.00 dollars and we are not behind and you cant get a straight answer from them or on the phone.. I have been fighting to save this house for 8 years and all the money we have paid our balance goes up instead of down and we owe more than what we ever did and cant get any answers. ask for a payment history from day one and no one can or will do it and my figures don’t match theirs at all. im tired of being screwed by these crooks and somehow we all need to get the help we need and put a stop to this times are ruff as is and this stress is bull

  17. For Rose

    Count Rose in as well. She had a B of A mortgage and doing the loan mod. with B of a, and they just sold her mortgage to nationstar this July, and nationstar immediately within weeks sent her a collections notice demanding full past payment etc. and preparing for foreclosure. what a scam that being pulled on people. The gov. sets up these programs to help, but instead causes people to fall into traps which causes them to lose their home. She never was even late on a payment…just needed help while she fights a brain tumor and she is scared now to go into surgery to have treatment as her home may be gone when she in surgery. Now she may lose her home if I can’t help fast enough. Is there any way to stall them until I can come up with the amount that she needs? Please let me know as soon as possible if there is a way. She won’t have her brain tumor surgery unless she knows she will have a home to come home to after the surgery..

    • yrofjubilee

      Sorry I just got this message. Yes, THERE IS A Way to effectively stall NATIONSTAR. Do this:
      1. Google up Operation Restoration – Send them the RESPA Q.W.R. via Certified Mail Return Receipt. Then send an email to the SPOC, copy their CEO –

      2. Get a copy of the Fighting the Foreclosure Machine, Robert Janes. Download e-copy. Send Nationstar the sample letter on Chapter 10 – page 267. Copy letter verbatim. Send letter same as item 1 (CMRR). Then one copy via email – to SPOC, copy their CEO.

      3. Check your County Public Records for a recorded Assignment of Deed of Trust on behalf of Nationstar. If done in Pinellas County, Florida -by Nationwide Title Clearing — notorious for robosigning —send a letter to your Attorney General (report potential fraud), and then the OCC and Department of Corporations.

      4. If I were you, I will not send “any money to Nationstar”! Stand and fight for your rights — read the Fighting the Foreclosure Machine —get an attorney. Not sure where you are — check out Jeff Barnes, esquire. Norman Sirak – Ohio. Check out (Neil Garfield).

      You got nothing to lose if you fight —everything to gain! I am fighting them right now!

      • good comment. can you please post this information for Green Tree / BOA people too?

      • For Rose

        Thanks. I will tell her about this. She is in California..and told me that she just got a notice that Nationstar sent her a registered letter that she has to sign for…but hasn’t picked the letter up yet. B of A just sold her mortgage to Nation Star ..I guess effective July 1..while she was doing the loan modification with B of A since she is in cancer treatment…her welcome letter from NationStar was not a very welcoming one if you know what I mean…pretty much just after taking her home from her..

  18. Pingback: Now I am Worried Even More for Rose… | Rosa's Brain Cancer Tumor Fundraising Help For Rose

    • yrofjubilee

      California — in addition to my Aug4 posting, download:
      “Passive Attack in California” by Mr. Robert Janes, author of:
      Fighting the Foreclosure Machine — A MUST READ..

      The RESPA QWR Letter and UCC-based letter (mention California Homeowners Bill of Rights –Nationstar has an obligation to produce documents, if requested by the homeowner!)—go to Department of Corporations website for details. If non-responsive, send letter of complaint to Attorney General’s Office, and Department of Corporations (that issue their license), also Consumer Protection. Attach documents/evidence of their “deceptive and fraudulent” practice.
      If we can get enough complaints to Dept of Corporations, I am hoping to see their license to do business in CA revoked!

      Check Public Records online – if they have an Assignment of DOT, it is more likely a robosigned document —again, submit to Attorney General’s office – they have a Mortgage Fraud Task Force.

      Hope this helps.

  19. B.

    The Government has set aside fund to help homeowners, the banks ar not making these funds available. They should be fined and called to task! If a class action law suit will stop their scams, and pass these funds and help on to the homeowners, then one should be started! Sounds like there is plenty of evidence against the practices of Nationstar for someone to sue this LLC
    Corp! I’d love to see them called accountable for their unlawful practices!
    Count me in!
    Bette & Kelley Mann July 31, 2013

  20. yrofjubilee

    YES — count me in. Folks — google up Operation Restoration for their foreclosure Defense. Also a must read: Fighting the Foreclosure Machine, ShellGame: MERS, and California Passive Attack by Robert Janes -downloadable ebook on

    And do not forget to report or file complaint against any suspected “fraud” to your Attorney General and OCC, and Consumer Protection Bureau and the Department of Corporations that issue their license in your area of jurisdiction. They need to have their license revoked!

    • Christina Haneline

      Hi, just wanting to know if this procedure helps fight foreclosure in Indiana? Does this allow you to keep your home or just prolong the foreclosure?

  21. Sandi

    The problem I have with Nationstar is harassing phone calls. I am not late on my payments. Sometimes it’s a day or 2 before the 1st, sometimes a day or 2 after the 1st, depending on where the 1st falls in my payday cycle. If the payment is not there by the 2nd they start slamming my home, office and cell phone. Again, the payment is not technically “late” (eligible for late fees) until the 10th of the month, and I have NOT been late ever, so every time they call I tell them they are harassing me and to stop. They will even call when the payment gets there early.

  22. Connie Wood

    We are harrassed daily with automated phone calls from Nathionstar saying our account is past due and they are attempting to collect a debt. Our account is NOT past due and won’t be for 2 weeks! This happens every month. We want to be a part of the class action law suit to try and stop these calls. Tell us how.

  23. J.H.

    In 2009 I was in a Major car accident that after about a year put me onto disability. I call the mortgage company in 2010 and they put me onto a two year modified mortgage payment program that would bring my account current when completed it was to include $220 a month for escrow.Then last May I applied for the HAMP program and they stopped my Modified program and put me onto a Unemployed program that would end in July and then they would put me back onto the Modified program until December to give them time to finish the HAMP packet. Everything in November of 2012 was going fine, their Bankruptcy Department even stated that I have made all the payments and only need to pay around $500-600 more by December and my account would be brought current, but when I received my December statement I found that what they wanted as a payment increased by the amount I paid in November ($2000). Every month since then I have watched the payment amount increase by the amount I pay and the people I was dealing with can not explain what was happening because it was being done by the Foreclosure Department. I then called their Foreclosure Department and they tell me that I have NO payment applied to my account since May of 2012 then changed their story three times and sent a completely different story to the Making Homes Affordable when I tell them that I have records showing that I have been paying and their Foreclosure Department even stated that I have. So, since November I have paid the following amounts: Nov $2000 and $900 at the end of month, Dec $1100, Jan $1000, Feb $1000, March $1000, Apr $1000 and watched my payment amount increase as follows: Nov $2988, Dec $4988, Jan $5888, Feb $6988, March $7988, Apr $8988 and May to around $10300. I have talked to two different persons and after speaking to them they would not call me back. The last person I spoke to was Carol Morrison who told me to hold of sending any more payments until she got back to me, NOT to worry about the foreclosure she would postpone it and she was going to research what was going on because my account should have been brought current as of Jan of 2013. I waited for 3-4 weeks and received no call from her, so I call her and left a message but still received no call. I have been calling every two weeks but no one will answer the phone nor call me back.
    As of right now they want a payment of $13,316 which is what I have already paid plus another $7,316. Plus there is money missing from escrow because my yearly amount to go out would be around $2200 and the amount the mortgage received was around $2600-$2700, But the mortgage company keeps telling me that my Escrow Account is short and can not explain where the excess Escrow money went.
    Please helpI would like to have my account adjusted to reflect they payments paid, my account brought current like their Loss Mitigation and their Foreclosure Department stated that it was suppose to have been back in Jan 2013 and to have the Foreclosure Sale STOPPED. I would also like to have someone who will call me back get in contact with me so we can get my Mortgage modified to a fixed rate.
    The amount that needs to be adjusted is the $6000-7000 already paid and the amount that was added to what needed to be paid which is about $5000-6000.

  24. lencan

    So i received a letter today about my mortgage from BOA is going to be transfer to Nationstar, right away I knew it was because my question about “modification of loan” i did in prior weeks to BOA. I have another two mortgages and I am expecting BOA send the letters for the other two houses becuase they are having a conclusion that I wil not pay the mortgage. I am so upset that I just ask a question and the guy from BOA said that i just need to open an application so someone from BOA will contact me, when BOA explained me that it was going to affect my credit report I said “no” it is ok. I can afford to paid my monthly mortgages payments, but i had this surprise now. I research about this new mortgage company after I did my big complain on the phone to BOA today and i found that this Nationstar has a horrible customer service, and they charge fee for everything. The only way to avoid any fee it is paid your mortgage online in the first 10 days after that they will charge $9.00. I am really not happy at all with all these, I just made a phone call to ask about modified loan and be advice of one of these employees to open an account.

  25. B fo A sold my loan to Nationstar Mortgage sometime in late June 2013, I went to BofA to pay my mortgage and the loan number was no longer in the system, that’s how I found out! I paid Nationstar on time with my BofA loan number, as I knew how corrupt, and fraudulent they are I did not want to be charged late fees. I paid August on time, still I am receiving letters from Nationstrar claiming I owe late fees, penalties, attorneys fees, letter fees, I call them “garbage” fees; and Nationstar is threatening to accelerate on the loan, which means, attempt to foreclose if I don’t pay what they claim I owe!! I do not owe any of these fees, and I paid the payments July and August ahead of the due dates. Nationstar just got the loan! My loan with Bof A has a perfect loan history! I have a very low outstandning loan balance, I believe Nationstar wants to foreclose because of the equity! I have written QWR requests to Nationstar, I have filed a complaint with the consumer protection Bureau, I am going to call my Senator, CA. We need an attorney!! I read other complaints just like mine. We can’t stop Nationstar, I just paid off my impound acct for the year, so my payments should no longer include an impound account but Nationstar has not removed the impound amt in my mortgage even though I sent the total to pay off the impound. This is fraud they will not stop, until an attorney helps us and files a class action law suit anyone out have an attorney?? I live in Califonria, Woodland HIlls open for suggestion

  26. Debbie

    Nationstar was given my mtg. in 2009 and it’s been hell ever since…They are despicable with their business practice. I was told I was ok’d for a HAMP and then after they put me in forbearance for one month & paid my taxes for 1/2 the year, they denied me. After I turned around the taxes and paid them off they tried to and did overcharge me..I still don’t have a resolution. My mtg. then adjustedin 2013 and the payment should’ve been 1285 but was still at 1525 they will not reduce it even though the % rate went down by 3 pts. Then they decided to pay my homeowners and each time it was corrected i didn’t receive a refund even though and now they paid my taxes and escrowed new tax and whatever else…They wanted to raise my payment 2500 bucks…I managed to talk them down to 1000 more a month . This mortgage is a mess and I’m running out of patience and they are putting a hurt to me financially. It’s almost as though they don’t want to give me HAAARP even though i qualify & have never been late and have good credit…i believe they want me to lose my house and are trying every which way to do so….Where can I go to get help…I called NYS banking and the guy just laughed….and said oh them, they’ve ruined many people and we pretty much can’t do much to help…WELL WHO CAN!!!!!

    • christina

      I feel your pain I have had legal aid helping me since 2008 and have gotten no where he just keeps saying hand over keys? That Nationstar can just do what they want….. some how this has to change.

  27. Maria Julia Garcia

    How does the goverment allows Nationstar to stay in business??? I’m one of those who was dumped by Bank of America. I’ve been waiting for an answer since May 30, 2013 when I was told my application went to the underwriting department and would receive an answer in 4-6 weeks. What I’ve been receiving instead are statement with remarkably increasing amounts loaded with misterious charges.
    Can anyone tell me how I can join a class suit??? Lets do this.

    • molly

      Maria, there is no class action suits for people like us. We have been trying to find one and they just do not exist. We have received many many dates of resolution. Look up RESPA. You can file complaint with them. I plan to. Nationstar is just continuing boas crime spree and NOONE is stopping them. Just as no one stopped boa. They know no one will stop them. They are just so arrogant they feel they are above the law.

  28. Page

    I,too, was receiving harassing calls everyday. Since I had an allotment to BoA, and the renters were depositing the rent check to an BoA account, I had to stop it all, set up new accounts and allotments. They say you have a 60 day grace period but the still call everyday. The new account number with Nationstar was not set up until the 6th and a week later, the daily calls were coming in. My account was paid up to date (prior to the end of the grace period) on the 20th and today, I get a letter from the State of Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation about a Notice of Intent to Foreclose from the mortgage company. Why was a debt collection company allowed to be in the mortgage business. This is crazy and something definitely needs to be done. And by the way, I have two loans on my house. They only bought one. According to one of the agents, it’s because Nationstar knows many people are upside down in their mortgage and the second loan really has no value.

    • Candida Samek

      Nationstar is the WORST bank I’ve ever dealt with. My husband and I are trying to do a short sale with them and they tell us everytime we contact them that we are “missing documents.” These are the same documents I have sent time and time again and have collected transmissions stating they’ve received these and confirmations from their own people confirming they have received them!! On 5 September, 6 September, and today, I have spoke to Phillip (5 Sept at 330 PM), Sharon (5 Sept at 332 PM), Ernest (6 Sept at 1037 AM) and Eric (TODAY-12 Sept at 1034 AM)—-They ALL TELL ME THAT THEY CANNOT HEAR ME!! This is because they want the home to foreclose, they will LOSE money if they grant a short sale. Anyways, I wish I knew a lawyer that could take this case. They also charged us $210.00 to preserve the property (which they never did and is illegal to do since the property is currently for sale and NOT abandoned). I have dates, times, fax confirmations, documents, and people I have spoken to at Nationstar if anyone has any idea what I can do about this. We cannot afford to pay a lawyer, hence the reason for a short sale. My husband & I are veterans from the US Army and served in Baghdad, Iraq in 2007-2008

      • M J García

        The only way you are going to get somewhere is by speaking to a supervisor. The people that answer phones regularly are only there to provide robotic answers. You also have to show documentation, write what you need to accomplish, back it with required documents and fax it all together. Don’t give up. Be persistent and polite. Supervisors are a lot more helpful. Always ask to keep in touch with the person that helps you. Good luck.

      • with letter head…. nationstar mortgage llc is a debt collector from countrywide 6 yrs ago still on arm and adding charges

      • molly

        Candida, We have been trying to get an attorney for over 2 years. The one we did get at the start wasted a year by not knowing what he was doing, missing deadlines, not filing responses. Since then no one has wanted to step in. We are not asking for free or bluelight legal help–just help we can afford. But yes we speak to a different person every attempt and now even the loss & mitigation department refuse to speak to us. They DO plan to foreclose—Look up about their investers suing them for foreclosing instead of servicing. If you find an attorney willing to help, pass it along.

      • Candida Samek

        MJ Garcia–

        Yeah that was tried NUMEROUS times….they gave us numbers to “supervisors” that never once answered the telephone and after speaking to probably close to every department there, we continue to receive the run around from numerous individuals-one after another, but never did we ever get a correct number for a supervisor or a supervisor ever on the line. I even WROTE the customer relations department about our entire situation–No solution to the problem was offered and a general statement came in the mail with an additional “missing documents” letter. Yeah, they are all full of it there–I would have loved to have flown down there and went straight in and talked to them…however, working for a mortgage company prior to joining the military, we had secure badges…so I doubt that I could have even stepped foot inside their building. Either way…they are foreclosing the home now and we don’t give a shit because we have another home we are living in that is 200K + and will continue to live here for the rest of our lives, raising our children and having grandchildren here…so fortunate for us, we don’t need credit and will probably file bankrupt on the amount we owe for foreclosure. Too bad, they will not receive the amount of monetary gain from foreclosing like they think they will. The home that is foreclosing was a home we purchased at Ft Riley on active duty that we no longer need or want–nor do we have the time or capabilities of driving 9+ hours to maintain the property. SCREW Nationstar! Terrible service, terrible bank.

        They can try to collect debt, but it won’t happen, we will file bankrupt once we receive the judgment owed.

        Right, I’ve seen what they’ve been doing to people. I even have a case I was given by the realtor that was trying to sell our home due to Nationstar’s negligence….The only thing was the lawyer was a class action lawyer….They can’t get a class together for my specific situation…..

  29. Dave

    We were almost finished with a re-mod with BOA, then they sold us to Nationstar. (We had missed 90 days of payments with BOA and re-started making payments.) When our loan was sold to Nationstar, they wouldn’t take our payments because we had missed payments with BOA(they returned our checks). Now Nationstar is telling us that we need to double our payments for three months to catch up or they will short sale our home. They are attacking my credit which was almost perfect. Its affecting my business credit and now now my credit lenders are pulling back.

    We have been on the phone with Nationstar asking if they can work with us on the amount of payment (so we can catch up on the 90 days lost). They are refusing.

  30. My loan recently transferred to Nationstar Mortgage LLC from Bank of America while our loan modification in progress. After Reading all the horror stories of Nationsstar’s business practices I am very worried about the handling of our loan as we were several months behind. Bank of America told us that Nationstar would honor modification application in progress and complete the modification However I’m not so sure that may be the case now. Bank of America never notified us in writing that our modification was being rejected just that loan servicing was being transferred to Nationstar. Need help to get nation star to complete this process please contact me as soon as possible

  31. nation star need to be stop . help, help

  32. jude martin

    Nationstar is a fraud company~ Taking our money, losing our money, holding payments for late fees, no one knows anything there, raising mortgage payments for no reason, escrow goes “Poof” from BOA when sold.
    This is a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In 10 years, we have never missed a mortgage payment, or been late, now with Nationstar, they say we havent paid, our checks have bounced, escrow is gone, etc.
    Our credit it ruined by these people and NO ONE WILL HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Theses people need to be stopped!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Debbie

      I have had similiar circumstances happen with me. My mtg. adjusted & they added more money to the new payment saying there was a shortage & then when I asked to prove it out, no one could. They also informed me that if I didn’t pay the full amount they would have to put the loan in forbearance until I caught up. That would’ve been the 2nd time since they took over that they pulled that. The first time I didn’t know, even though the check was for the full payment, they decided to pay 1/2 my taxes for one year & insist that they paid the full amount. And there is no way to prove this because the check they mailed to the Town where I live was a blanket check for several properties according to the Clerk but they did refund 1/2 of what my taxes were as an overpayment to Nationstar but Nationstar still made me pay $500 more to make it up for over a year. Then if that isn’t bad enough. I show they proof of paid homeowners and they get forced insurance & pay it through escrow instead of refunding the escrow, it somehow disappears but again if you don’t pay the new amount even though you’ve proved your coverage they will put you in forbearance and then foreclosure. Someone has to take notice or do something. NYS Banking just laughed when I told them who the bank was and said they’ve ruined alot of people and there’s really nothing they can do….Well WHO THE HELL CAN!….It seems that they want us to lose our homes and have been doing everything possible to make this happen. I am now paying an additional 1000 per month because again they paid taxes without my knowledge and escrowed the new taxes for the upcoming year plus a small balance they said they were short. HELP!!

      • Maria

        After hours on the phone with numerous robotic Nationstar representatives and numerous faxes with proof that I was current in my property taxes quarterly payments, after 4 weeks torture Nationstar finally confirmed that escrow would be detached from retroactive amount due with a made up amount of $10,000.

      • molly

        We have been fighting for over two years to save our home. First BOA and now nationstar. Just a thought—mail your payments priority. It takes 2 days, you have a definite date and time it is delivered, and it costs $5.05 if done on line. For about $2.50 you can add signature required. It’s worth that much to have that knowledge.

    • Ashley

      Ashley Butterfield , Please add my name to the list

  33. mal

    my loan has been transfer from bank of america to nation star. this is company is so terrible because they keep calling me on my sell phone and ask me when i can able pay my mortgage payment. i always paid my mortgage on time with bank of america and no one keep calling on my cell phone when i can able make mortgage payment. another issue i have issue with escrow account that they do not want correct amount my property taxes and home insurance payment. customer service are so terrible. they do not want help. i think this fraud place.

    • Maria

      Go to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) They are the supervising loan services like Nationstar. I succeeded because the complaint I filed with them. I received a response in less than 3 weeks. Have supporting documents ready at the time to enter your complaint as you will not have a chance to add them later.

  34. Mal

    I think nationstar should stop fraud and abuse people life. It is serious because it is real fraud that need to be stop. People should create complains to all government agency and state. Nationstar can not abuse. Remember we had recession 5 years ago with mortgage issue. We can not afford fraud and abuse and create another recession. I am worry that I have mortgage with this company. Why we should get bad service to process mortgage payment? Why nationstar create abuse system?

  35. Johnny Dillard

    We are dealing with this corrupt company as we write. They are being sued already and we plan to let our attorney handle this company. We plan to write consumer affairs, the BBB and the attorney General. Consumer Real Estate mortgage company sold our mortgage to them saying they didn’t know the company was holding over 500 resident mortgage without explanation as to why they refuse to turn them over to this company in NY and is being sued. The Attorney General needs hear about this. We are being forced to pay 1500 a month rent while they tell one lie after the other.

    • Debbie

      Of course they’ll turn a profit when they force people out of their homes. They’ve collected once from the government on the bailouts and instead of writing people new loans under the HAMP or HARP program they play games with their mortgages until they end up in foreclosure. Then they sell the homes and collect again after they get possession of homes families have been forced out of. Then they receive more money when the property is sold. Three times the money for the same house. What a Scam! Where is Uncle Sam or is this something that is orchestrated by the government?>>

  36. Ashley

    They are just likd Westgate Time shares and no one will help us nor stop them from their dirty games. They are both nothing but scams and they think they can get away with it and so far they have.. I will die trying to put them out of business. We all need an Attorney to stand up and fight for us…

    • molly

      Yep, Ashley, they are criminals on a crime spree that no one–not even the government will stop. We thought Scum of america was bad but when nastyrat bought it, we knew they were the bottomfeeders that feed on the scumsuckers. Our loan was in litigation with boa when they bought it and they have now joined the lawsuit when we sent a letter to the ceo of nationstar–after many many requests. But then jay bray ceo of nationstar worked for boa for over 6 years so they are actually one and the same. Our checks have been returned to us for over a year, unsigned documents in our file, and dates have been changed. Yet when it comes down to it, they will steal our home out from under us. And no one will stop them.

  37. john

    Nationstar is fraud and abuse place who are stilling money from escrow account. I keep calling please resolve issue with my escrow with my property taxes and insurance they keep transfer from one department to another to avoid any correction.
    I think people should wake up who holds escrow account from nationstar. This is should be stop ASAP.

  38. Anna

    I started doing a short sale 1 year ago. They said my condo was worth 50,000.00. We got someone willing to pay that amount. Then Nationstar said NO we want 60,000.00. We got someone interested and offered the 60,000.00. Now Nationstar wants 75,000.00. They want more than what is left on the loan. Is that legal? I could have sold it myself and made some money. Other condos in the neiborhood aren’t going for that much. I am now 3 months behind on the mortgage and I feel like they are pushing it into Foreclosure on purpose. No one is going to buy it if other condos are going for less. I’m so done with all this. Done paying. It’s time for them to pay Something has to be done……this is crazy. All of these blogs and websites facebook page also, and there still in business?

    • Debbie

      You are absolutely right…they are trying to push you into foreclosure…They make more money that way. Try to list the condo with a licensed Realtor even if it is for a short sale. Don’t let the Bank dictate what you should have in your power. If it does go into the short sale without a Realtor that knows what they are doing…then you have a problem. If the house, by law is listed for say 65,000 and you get a full price offer it must be sold for that price per NYS law if the property is listed. This is only on a full price offer. You really need to give more circumstances like how much is the mortgage and how much is left??? By listing it, with a 3rd party approval making you that approval it takes a bit of power out the the Banks hands….they can get an offer, but you have final approval not them….Good Luck…

  39. Chelley

    Nationstar Mortgage, took 1,487.76 out of my checking account.The problem is it was for another customer…so to sum it up, I paid someone else mortgage. This is unacceptable on so many levels.

  40. Deborah

    That’s why I will not give these crooks my bank information. They have tried to get me to do automatic withdrawal ,no way.

  41. Nancy Cupp

    I would like in as well. My loan fell deliquent b/c my husband was out of work. I am ready & able to bring my loan current but NationsStar cannot give the same figure 2x plus when I called today to speak with my representative, it says the company is closed. I am not going to send a $5k check reeling thru the US Mail to have Nationstar not credit my acct or to tell me I have sent the wrong amt. I have been in communication with them for the 5 motnhs I was delinquent, NEVER receiving the same infromation twice. This company is TERRIBLE. I receive phone calls, attempt to return the call and the phone line is inoperative, like they havent paid their bill. Please advise!

    • Chelley

      That’s what they do!!! They pulled another nationstar customer out of my acct. Five supervisors told me 5 different things! SMH they don’t need to be retrained the company just needs to CLOSE!!

    • myyrofjubilee

      Nancy – please see my Oct 9, 2013 comment…it worked for will work for you…the Lord bless you and keep you in your home..

  42. We want in as well !
    Our daughter lives in the house and she can no longer AFFORD to make the entire payment which is 939.00 a month. WE can no longer afford it as well since my hours were cut to part time. We live in Louisiana and the house in question is in North Carolina . Our mortgage was turned over to Nationstar from Bank of America and we have been trying since LAST DECEMBER to get a modification/refi & because we were trying to do the right thing. Our biggest problem is the fact that (EVEN THO it has been EXTENSIVELY remodeled & is NO LONGER a double wide mobile home but is an immovable structure.) they keep telling us they don’t finance mobile homes. HELLO !! YOU OWN THE MORTGAGE !!!! All we wanna do is refinance it ! Anyway, since Nationstar took it over, we can’t get thru to ANYONE and if by chance we DO , they tell us they are going to transfer us to someone else who knows more…then the call gets dropped. I don’t even know WHO our mortgage is with anymore because Nationstar isn’t even a bank ! They are a go-between aka loan “servicer” !!!! And NOBODY returns our calls as well ! I have found out online that Nationstar will pretend they are doing a loan modification with a customer when in reality they are foreclosing ! Okay, then let THEM try to sell a house they deem as a mobile home. We have been trying to “do the right thing for a year” but to no avail.

  43. dixiejet

    Our daughter lives in the house and we CANNOT get ANYONE to refi it so we can AFFORD to make the entire payment which is 939.00 a month. WE can no longer afford it as well since my hours were cut to part time. We live in Louisiana and the house in question is in North Carolina. Our mortgage was turned over to Nationstar from Bank of America and we have been trying since LAST DECEMBER to get a modification/refi because we were trying to do the right thing. Our biggest problem is the fact that (EVEN THO it has been EXTENSIVELY remodeled & is NO LONGER a double wide mobile home but is an immovable structure.) they keep telling us they don’t finance mobile homes. HELLO !! YOU OWN THE MORTGAGE !!!! All we wanna do is refinance it ! Anyway, since Nationstar took it over, we can’t get
    thru to ANYONE and if by chance we DO , they tell us they are going to transfer us to someone else who knows more…then the call gets dropped. I don’t even know WHO our mortgage is with anymore because Nationstar isn’t even a bank ! They are a go-between aka “loan servicer” !!!! And NOBODY returns our calls as well ! I have found out online that Nationstar will pretend they are doing a loan modification with a customer when in reality they are foreclosing ! Okay, then let THEM try to sell a house they deem as a mobile home on which they ALREADY OWN the LOAN !!! We have been trying to “do the right thing for a year” but to no avail. We are DONE !

    • dixiejet

      I should clarify that our daughter can no longer afford the house as well so she is moving out which is why we have been trying to refi/modify.

      • molly

        Well dixiejet, ours was sold to nationstar by boa also. Ours was in a lawsuit when they bought it. They have the nerve to claim it was snuck in by boa! They have refused to speak to us from day one and have refused to remove lawyer code from file despite receiving court document showing lawyers withdrawal. We have sent them records, bank statements, returned checks. They ignore it all. We have requested from both boa and nationstar the records showing the modification boa claims we did–which we did not–and the documents showing we agreed to a higher payment. They will not send them. We have requested the same of nationstar. Once we sent a letter to their ceo–jay bray–they hired boas attorney. So essentially they have joined the lawsuit with boa against us. They have from day one, we feel, planned to foreclose. You know about them being sued by their investors for foreclosing on loans instead of servicing them? Look it up–it’s interesting. You know the worst part of how they are doing? They are repeating boa–their ceo worked for boa for over 6 years–crime spree and though it is well publicized, no one is watching them and down the road some one will say Well gee maybe we should do something. After they stole how many homes. And yes, we have tried to do the RIGHT thing also. We mailed our payments and they were refused for over a year.
        Send a QUALIFIED WRITTEN REQUEST to JAY BRAY CEO & PRESIDENT OF NATIONSTAR. Their lawyer in our case is Colby Stevenson with McGuire Woods LLP, Charlotte NC. Once the ceo receives a letter, they will probably tell you to contact them anyway.
        We had thought nothing was lower than boa but nationstar has definitely dug a cellar out below them.

      • dixiejet

        Aside from sending a written request.. do we have no recourse but to let em foreclose on the house ????

  44. Clinton Bridges

    Hello My name is Clinton, and come to find out Nationstar has an account on my deceased grandfather from GMAC that is now Ocwen, and the rep from Ocwen said there is no record of my grandfathers name, even though they gave him a bad loan. The amount of the Loan was 46,000 on a home that is barely worth 20,000. The account is past due, and they only want full amount of past due no arrangements. There needs to be a class action lawsuit. Count me in. It is a shame these mortgage companies is getting over on the elderly. It seems Nationstar looks to foreclose on homes more than helping people stay in them.

    • molly

      Clinton, you are right. In fact look up Nationstar sued by investors for foreclosing instead of servicing mortgages. It’s all a shame they are following in boa’s footsteps without blinking and nothing is being done.

  45. molly

    dixiejet, writing the QUALIFIED WRITTEN REQUEST (and it is important we found to write these and follow up and resend and resend them) By RESPA they have to respond or face fines. But we have at least a dozen with different dates but lawyer keeps saying to keep resending them cause it will be basis for lawsuit. We also feel like they are going to foreclose cause BOA will not want to admit they lied and changed dates and everytrhing else. And Nationstar can then say “Well this is the only info we have to go by” though we have sent them and resent them records. We finally got a lawyer to actually say he would take us on. He is in NC while we are in TN! Jason McGrath. If he cannot help us we are just out of luck and out of a home. It is inhumane these banks can drive people to the brink and not be held accountable.

    • myyrofjubilee

      Fighting The Foreclosure Machine, Robert M. Janes – a must read…
      See letter exhibit D Ch.10 –it works! RESPA QWR based on Operations Restoration – it works too! File complaints with you AG office, CFPB – copy them on your letters and the institutions responses..and Department of Business Oversight in your area of jurisdiction. Check your online – Public Records and determine if there is a recorded Assignment of Deed of Trust on behalf of this entity making demands on payments. If any – scrutinize the document based on sample lesson from Operation Restoration –any questionable info – include in your complaints.
      You can do this! Fight for what is rightfully yours — the bank may not even be in a position to make demands for money


    October 9, 2013 nationstar mortgage set my self in a notice of default has been filed whith,nationstart they don take my payment then sinse they take 3 payments trial perior end take one regular payment then they don want to take no more payment april 2013,then if they don’t take the peyments thet defoulten to take the payment I don’t defolted.att severo REPLY POMONA CA 91768



  48. trysha

    I cannot believe that noone is helping us americans!!!! This company is by far the worse company ever. We are struggling as it is and the games they play can really put someone over the edge!

    • Debbie

      The Saga continues. Not only did they negotiate a 60 month pay off on an escrow shortage they created. They supposedly escrowed for the upcoming taxes but instead of just paying the 325.00/per month and putting it towards the shortage, they decided to take the additional $700 that was earmarked for the new taxes off the back amount creating a new shortage for the new taxes that are coming up. They make agreements and do not honor them they are as crooked as they come and in addition, I recently found out that Nationstar now owns a home in the same Town that I live in and is dumping that house since they foreclosed on it. It looks like they pick out specific houses in specific Towns to screw with until they create a situation that NO ONE can get out of. Their tactics are perfectly planned to make people lose homes and the government should be taking care of it since this company has been assigned the servicing of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Loans which are under the Federal Convenant.

      • molly

        Debbie, you are right we think. They decide from day one if they want to foreclose on a house and no matter what you do, they will not act ethically and by the law—which they (as BOA) think they are above. And the fact that no one will stop them just reaffirms that belief. They have changed numbers on ours WHEN they will send us anything so many times there will be no straightening it out. They have broken the law by not speaking to us. They have broken the RESPA laws by not giving us a resolution or explanation. They have been in contempt of court by not recognizing court order. Yet they just continue on with their crime spree. And as with BOA, NO ONE is going to stop them.

      • Debbie

        Much to our dismay, we have to find an attorney that is willing to go after them in a class action suit. I know I’ve worked my ass off to keep this home and have no intentions of losing it. Every time they come up with something new, with the grace of God I find a way to rise to the occasion but eventually it will takes it toll. I don’t know if we send this to OBAMA or the White House would he take a look or one of his Staff …It seems that there is more to the problems which he has and which are being created to the public than we know. Could it be a behind the scenes effort to discredit the government…we should take a closer look at whose pulling the strings. Maybe its a way terrorism is perpetuating itself and they think no one is smart enough to put 2 and 2 together. Let’s try to get an attorney or someone to listen….I’ll go down fighting but I will fight!!! Afterall, I’m an American through and through!

      • molly

        Our thoughts exactly. We have fought this for 2 years and it is on my last nerve. Criminal A (known as BOA) will respond to our motions with out and out lies causing us to file a response to their lies. Criminal B (known as Nationstar) uses the lawsuit with criminal A as an excuse to not speak with us and not give us documents that will prove Criminal A is lieing . I have tried contacting the white house. They will hand your complaint over to someone else.The president will not even see it. Have you filed complaints with any of the “watchdogs”?
        Department of Commerce and Insurance / Consumer Affairs
        Department of Financial Institutions
        Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
        File complaint with every one of them–on line. Everytime you send something to servicer address it as Qualified Written Request. I am not saying any of these can help you because every time one contacts them Criminal B states to them that it is in litigation (though NOT with them) but it gets the complaint in public and it shows your record of trying. The white house will hand it off to one of these. The last one I sent said that “as long as they could sleep good at night and pat them themselves on the back for handing it off to someone else, then they are proud of themselves” They answered it would be given to the appropriate department—-I guess the “we don’t care about these people needing help but I’ve done my part” department. Haven’t heard from that department as of yet.
        It does not help but all we have is that if they steal our home, we did go down fighting. We did not make it easy for the criminals.

  49. Natty

    I call nationstar to fix my monthly escrow. Almost 2 month error has not fix on my escrow. Escrow department inform me by phone they hire customer service to make sure we lie and customer loose homes. They train to lied and abuse practice. She told me stay away if you can just refinance with other company. By I told her I have 2% interest if I refinance I get 4.5% and payment not affordable. Also they keep calling on my cell phone harass me payment not received even I did my mortgage payments 2 month advance. Another issue they hire a lot employee who can not speak English and have no idea how correct issue. When my mortgage was transfer from boa to nationstar I though I will get the same service like boa now I getting fraud service with this company. This company illegal practice affect consumers. Abuse and fraud should can someone stop.

  50. Liz

    I had the same experience as Lana, Molly, and Debbbie, only in OH.

    Hours of calling, being on hold, etc. with the low-level apparent-schmucks working for the company could not explain any of the charges on my account–most of them would end up just speculating, wrongly, about what was going on–as though they had no part in it and it were just some mysterious natural phenomenon. You can call them 3X inside of the same day and get 3 different figures of what you owe and why (wildly different figures and theories each time). Even after paying their unfair charges, I got no peace: they created crisis after crisis, ruined my credit, adding unknown charges that cannot (should not??) be legal in each manufactured crisis. Throughout it all, they used aggressive collections methods and tried to scare/force me into taking high-interest “emergency” loans to pay for the false debts/problems THEY were creating! But…apparently that’s all legal?

  51. molly

    Class action lawsuits have to be approved by a judge. And they can and do turn them down. And no matter how many people are in it, it can take years. I think all us victims need to do a protest march in front of the white house. Is there enough room for all of us?

  52. found out that nationstar aquired Greenlight Financial Services mortgage asso.. for $75.million in cash. this year. everyone can contact Dan Casey, through Roanoke times in roanoke va. telphone #540 981 3423

  53. Thess

    Count on me. I filed the home loan modification since September of 2013 and last Saturday I received a letter from Nationstar that they are unable to contact me and they claimed that they never receive the initial response from me. I have save all my correspondents including certified mail, faxes and emails. In their letter dated 11/19/13, they only give me 14 days and will foreclose my property. I am a single mother with 3 children and I have some families in the Philippines who is affected with the recent typhoon and Nationstar will throw in the street and my children. Something has to be done!!!!

  54. Mel

    I completed a short sale with BofA years ago and have full documentation of everything. Found out they still transferred my loan to Nationstar and they told me it takes a while for the paperwork to update my file reflecting the short sale completion and not to worry. Today, I get a collections notice! Of course it’s New Year’s Eve and there’s no one available to speak to…

  55. Symiller

    Nationstar mortgage is one of the horrible company with business morals at all. They don’t care and each department is no on the same page as another. Their only intention is to get your home and not help. I tried for months to get into Making Home Affordable and was given the complete run-a- round. Then I hired a mediator and he was given the same treatment. They come up with whatever excuses not to help. I got my sale notice on December 9 and they sold my home on Dec 17. Paperwork was send in on Dec 10 for modification and that did not help. However after complaints and phone calls. They called on Friday and said they were going to do the modification and I get my house back, Now on Monday no one called so I called just to learned that some one had made a mistake by calling me and because I complaint to Consumer Affair they don’t know what to do with my case yet. I am so confused. All they had to do was give me a modification..but they choose not to. Now they owned the property. I live in VA and my foreclosure was non- judicial. Is there anything I can do about this.

  56. Amber

    I would also be interested in starting a class action suit against Nationstar. Currently they are refusing to approve the removal of our PMI (our LTV is currently 76% (under the legal 78%)). We also changed our homeowners insurance (saving us $1500 a year), and gave Nationstar proof of that change back in March 2013. They have not adjusted our payments. We are currently overpaying over $200 a month, and they are not making the needed changes!!!

  57. Amber

    We were also denied the Making Home Affordable modification for over a year, although we met the requirements. They finally did give us the refinance, but in that time we really struggled…and who knows how kosher our refinance actually was.

  58. at 76 i decided to fight nationstar for selling my home without piro notice, it is going be heard in circuit court on feb. 6, 2014, the attorney for nationstar, laughs when i try to tell of all the complaints against nationstar, is there anyone out there who would fax or email their complaint to the clerk of circuit court for for the city of salem,. it would sure be a great help, that email address is jatkins@salem or fax number 540-375-4055. i found out that nationstar is multillaeral with so many different lawyers spread across the country so that they can ,lie and cheat i m not sure how they the goverment lets them get by with it. please help me. .

  59. Amanda

    I am sorry to inform you, but a short sale or a foreclosure will not end your nightmare with Nationstar. Let me tell you my story… In December of 2008 we sold our home via an approved short sale with Nationstar Mortgage. As a part of the short sale we agreed to open and pay a “Note” of $6,000. As a part of the short sale Nationstar agreed to approve the short sale and close the file as of the date the agreed upon funds were received, only report one 30 day late on the credit report, and show the file as settled and paid. Funds were received December 16th, 2008 and the file was closed in January 2009. As agreed, we have paid on the Note every month, we have never been late and we have never skipped a payment.

    Sounds good right? It was… up until 2010 (2 years later). Our credit report as of 4/8/2010 showed accurate reporting of the Nationstar account as per our agreement with them. However, we noticed that Nationstar was still reporting on us every month which made the account appear as though it were still open and active.

    In 2011 we were shopping to purchase a home, and the bank we were working with told us that while the inaccuracies would not prevent us from obtaining a loan with them, it was inaccurate and could cause us issues down the road. We initiated a dispute with Nationstar to get them to stop reporting on the CLOSED account. The dispute must have pissed them off because sure enough the “issues down the road” came… and we have been fighting with Nationstar ever since! They changed the way they were reporting to the credit bureaus to show that we were late 120+ days late twice (not true) and that we went to collections (not true) and they reported that we were pre-foreclosure (not true), and then after my 3rd dispute they changed it to settled (true, but against the original agreement when we agreed to pay the note), AND they continued to report that we were 120+ days late twice (still not true) and they were still reporting on us through 2013 (which was the reason for my initial dispute).

    Nationstar’s revised, and inaccurate, reporting to the bureaus (2 years later) trashed our scores (took us from 700-750 range to 600 to 650 range) and because they continued reporting on us, we have been denied for refinancing twice, a loan for solar power, and our interest rates are significantly higher than they should be on credit cards and autos.

    I have initiated disputes repeatedly via online and certified mail, I have called all the credit bureaus and Nationstar numerous times, and I have filed complaints on all three bureaus AND Nationstar with CFPB (FTC site sends me there when I try to file a complaint with them). All to no avail. Technically, since my loan closed as of 1/2009, I should only have to deal with the negative reporting for one more year; however, since Nationstar continued to report on me through November 2013, it looks as though I will have to wait until 7 years from 11/2013. I have called lawyers and a credit repair guy with a radio show in Las Vegas (I am in Arizona), but they all tell me to keep doing what I have been doing. I don’t really know what else I can do… but I will keep fighting.

    • Amanda

      I should add that at one point during one of my phone calls with Carmella at Nationstar, a supposed “supervisor”, Carmella was looking at the details of my file and saw that someone had gone into my account, multiple times, and reversed the funding from the short sale, only to reapply the monies a few days later. This occurred multiple times throughout the year 2009. She eventually stopped reading the notes out loud (I’m sure she realized that they had done something very wrong and she was basically admitting it to me) and she asked me to hold so she could see what was going on and why. In the end, she had no explanation for the reversals and reapplied funding and asked for 30 days to investigate the situation. When I attempted to contact her again 30 days later for an update, no one could find a supervisor named “Carmella” in the phone list and they had no idea what I was talking about. If nothing else, this proves that something funny was going on in the accounting department with regards to my file.

      • molly

        Amanda, It is amazing isn’t it. Even when someone speaks to you and gives you an extension to call them back, and you call and ask to be connected to that extension, you are either told they are busy or Can I help you. They won’t give you their last name and then you are told ,when trying to call back that they have several people with that name. Even the name they give you for your SPOC is “not heard of” and of course they will not return your calls. And nothing that is said in one call is ever found on any computer in the next call. We were even told many many times that “The legal dept. is the only dept. that can tell you anything” But they could not connect us to the legal dept, could not give us a phone number or an extension to the legal dept. They could send an email to the legal dept. But the legal dept will never call you. I for one thought we had heard the epitomy of foolishness with BOA but Nationstar has them beat. But, since CEO of Nationstar got his training at BOA for over 6 years, you can see why they are copies and worse. Do you have a little tape recorder and two handsets with speakers? Whenever you call Nationstar, record call. They will still deny and you will have to recall and recall until you get someone else to admit but that is the only proof you can get from them.

      • Amanda

        Molly… I have given up calling Nationstar. I can’t take the 2 hours of being on hold and being transferred around to multiple people… all of whom you have to repeat all of your personal information to and repeat a detailed description of the situation to, only to be told that the only thing they can do is submit a notice of investigation. Of course the investigation department “does not have an extension and can not speak to consumers”. Twice I called and was “very insistent” on speaking to a supervisor and was actually transferred to one (supposedly)… not that it did any good. Luckily, I have kept very detailed notes, that I have even typed up (12 typed pages, single spaced, including email correspondences… you wouldn’t believe what it took for someone to finally give me an email address… she stopped replying to my emails about 8 months ago though), of every conversation and email correspondence. Nationstar’s corruption, denial, and refusal to correct their mistakes and help their consumers is complete insanity!

      • molly

        Yep, just as we have gone through to a T. And what makes it worse—I have said this sooo many times—is the government and all those supposed watchdogs that are supposed to be protecting the people, know exactly what is going on and they continue to let it go on. Banks run the politicians and the country. We have fought our lawsuit with BOA to the end. We proved all the lies and they are getting away with it. Nationstar will get away with whatever they want also. They know they can do as they please. And there isn’t an attorney in the whole state of TN that will go up against the banks and the banks know it.

      • First, stop calling Nationstar and start communicating only in writing and request a written response to your communications. If your loan was sold to Nationstar they will have assigned a specific person to your loan and find out who that is and direct your communications to that person. If you don’t qualify for a HARP refi ask for a HAMP loan modification. If you do talk with Nationstar via phone document date, time, who you spoke to and don’t be afraid to ask them to repeat what they are saying so you can write it down. Most of all, EVERYONE needs to file a written complaint with the federal trade commission detailing what Nationstar is doing to your loan and their failure/refusal to clearly communicate with you and if you are being threatened be sure to detail conversations in a log – I started only taking their calls on my cellphone on speaker phone and advised them that I was also recording the call! Boom! The bullying stopped!!!! Also if you are a California resident contact the attorney reference earlier in this string and get signed up as a participant in the class action lawsuit.

      • molly

        I agree with everything you say. The SPOC (person of contact) is useless. In the first five months, they were changed 3 times. Not once was a call returned or a communication acknowledged. After six months the third one called us and knew nothing about our file. Claimed she knew nothing about anything mailed to them (certified), anything faxed to them, anything about phone calls, anything about payments received and returned by Nationstar. And that is exactly as BOA operated—every 30 days they changed the SPOC./ We filed written complaints with everyone we could. One way Nationstar gets around everything is by everybody you speak to says they will send an email to their legal department and they will contact you. But of course they don’t and it just seems so suspicious that no one has a phone number or fax number for their legal department. Even a certified letter to Jay Bray, CEO, gets only the same response as everything else—“We received your correspondence and will be looking into it”
        But thanks for your input.

      • Have you filed complaint with the FTC? Are you in a bankruptcy status? By now credit is already crap, file chapter 13 or 7 will help eliminate other debts or make manageable and put home in protected status if you declare your intent to keep property as your primary residence. Banks delayed processing of HAMPs banking on discontinued tax break — this tax has been extended. We fax all communications, reference loan # on all docs and request to receive a written response within 30 days. They have placed loan on trial modification and declared will finalize after the 3rd payment made on time … Good thing about this is that the bankruptcy attorney is copied on all communications so they can’t say they did not receive correspondence and they reply via the attorney … Get yourself signed on to the class action mentioned in this string

  60. Brian Henderson

    If you can help I’d sure like to know. Nation Star has ran me in circle, after both parents passing, I’m the co signer and they will not work with me at all, my loan modification was denied and the house is not worth what their saying is owed. Please help…. thanks

    • emma dixon

      Look up Operation Restoration website (Anne Batte) – follow their template for RESPA QWR then file complaint with CFPB, and Attorney General’s Office (if there is a suspected fraud: check your county records – any assignment of deed of trust in their name? if so, you have the right to request material evidence to support such assignment under California Homeowners Bill of Rights; it fhey cannot provide or refuse to – this is a violation – report to Attorney Gneral’s office). Also, if no response to your RESPA QWR and your communication with Nationstar (copy their CEO – info on Restoration Operation), report to Department of Business Oversight that issues their license. I sure would like to see the license of this company revoked in California for their “massive activities” in illegally taking homes of people – with no evidence of legal rights to do so! Also – check out “Fighting the Foreclosure Machine” by Robert Janes – very simple and straightforward approach to fighting this foreclosure machine…

  61. Angel Manring

    Nationstar has contacted family member added so much money to my loan in fees I have a predatory loan they changed the terms of the loan 30 minutes before signing and much more

    • i have fought nationstar, and at this point in time, i have lost. i expect papers any time giving me a few days to move. and at this point i have five applications for senior communities, the auction people will be here on the 7th and moving and packers soon after, i have been informed that nationstar halted all forecloures in 22 states because they admitted to faurd in filing forecloures, but there is not an attorney in the area that will touch it with a ten foot pole. when i tried to tell the juge these things he just said he was sorry.for my problem. believe me when i say i may end up in jail, because i am going to put a bumper sticker on my car stating Nationstar stole my home, a 76 yr.old granny. i don t believe in the goverment system any longer, one officer told me to contact the home shelter in my area. is this what we look forward to when we get old, the insurance co. just called and informed me that my hoverround will be here in 5 days.. is that not a crock. i have begged for help and no one will buck nationstar i don t think i can make it

      • molly

        Dorothy I am so aorry you are going through this. How in the world this government can allow its people to be cheated and abused by big financial institutions is beyond me. We had thought we had found a lawyer to help us but all he did was rip us off as well. We have presented to judge all the facts proving the fraud acted on us but the bank will get away with it because they have lots of lawyers and–as you said–there is not a lawyer that will go up against them. The big banks got the law passed that prevents them from being held accountable for treating any one they deal with amorally, illegally, and unconscienably. Yes this country needs to worry about the rights of it’s own people instead of some other country but that is not newsworthy.

  62. Molly, want to let you know what my bumper sticker is going to read, and i did check and there no law says that i can not do it. NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE STOLE MT HOME> A 76 yrs. old GRANNY i intend on giving them a hard time any where, any time i can.

  63. molly

    Yep, anything to irritate them cause that is about all we can do. Just irritate the heck out of them every chance we get.

  64. Debbi O'Malley

    I live in Mo. is there a class action suit here? I’ve had all the same issues. I was in serious accident in Nov of 2013. I talk with Nationstar almost ever week and sometimes 3 times a week. I immediately called them to tell them if they left any messages on my door that I wasn’t there. I was in hospital 6 days and then in caring facility another 30 days. I have phone records showing my calls. Accident Nov. 24, 2013. In caring facility until Dec. 24, 2014. Over 15 calls to them. 8 were the week I was in the hospital. On Dec 16, 2013 they entered my home by trashing a steel entry door and ruining a storm door. Winterized everything. Knowing I wasn’t going to be home for a few months I had water turned off and power off. Self employed so without income paying for utilities is rediculous. I had told them and they had my number and had called me several times during this period. I could not understand their need to trash a steel door, casing, locks, storm door. And put lock boxex on doors. They said my house looked abandoned! The sleeze balls they sent helped themselves to my personal property inside my home. But guess who’s the bad guy in their eyes? The person whos in the hospital, who did everything right. You think they want to talk about property being stolen? Right- not in this lifetime. So like any other wild woman dealing with thieves, -(wonder how they sleep at night), We entered through a window, removed their lock boxes, put new dead bolts on, and called the police. Had two cars in the driveway, mail always picked up, yard kept up, but thats what abandoned property looks like.

    • molly

      Debbi, I am wishing you a complete recovery from your accident. I have referred to Nationstar as BOA JR because their actions are duplicates of BOA’s. BOA sent a person to a friends house to take pictures because the property “WAS ABANDONED”. He would not show any ID or anything. This was after fighting to get a modification and making every payment. So no doubt, if they had not been home he would have kicked in the doors.
      So did the police do anything?

  65. molly i received the court oder yeterday, telling i had to be out by the 17th of april, where do i go. the senior community apartment will not be ready until, the 30th of april. i tried to talk to their attorney, and she thinks i am suppose to make myself invisible.. i still do not understand how they just get by with all of this faurd. forecloures are halted in 22 states because they lied to the SEC. even the legal aid in my area seems to be protecting them. i have no one or any place to trun to . i can not fight any more.but there is a sticker on my car, that says nationstar stole my home if and when i can get back on my feet health wse and settled i am going to be a thron in their side. and somewhere down the line i hope their attorney has to suffer at aleast part of what we going through,

    • molly

      OH MY GOD Dorothy this country has become a third world shall we say dictatorship? The rich do as they please and the peasants grovel for breadcrumbs. You live in what state? Don’t know if it will do any good but I am going to email the governor and all with your story. Everyone reading this should do the same. Also the organization to protect seniors.

      • molly i live in va. i did ask the governor s office for help, someone from his office advised me to contact my nearest homeless shelter, i will sleep in my car, before i do that. it is horrible to get old.

  66. Go to the media … TV … Share your story we need to expose Nationstar nationwide! Stay there until they force you out and get it on national television!!!! Call your local elected officials … Senators, congressman – you voted them into their jobs now tell them to get to work and stop this madness … Call President Obama too!!!!

    • Well that simply wont work I have done letters to congressmen, senate, attorney general, and wrote the president three time and never received any help. they simply don’t care the rich keep taken money and homes, tried to get help from legal aid they were no help at all. So now me and my kids have to find a new home after living here since 1998.

    • if i knew how to get this on national television, i would,, no one will listen. i hope somewhere down the line that nationstar goes belly up.

      • Debbie

        Please remember that the Banks pretty much dictate what the government does and contributes large somes of money into their Election funds…do you really think they’re going to bite the hand that feeds them? If you can get someone like Help Me Howard or someone like that who goes after big corporations…..on the News maybe we alll have a shot….did you try the Gray Panters (sr. citizens) AARP or anyone else that helps Srs…

      • molly

        Dorothy, I sent an email to a senior protective organization in VA. They did reply with a couple of suggestions. HOME–housing opportunities made equal—-804-354-0641. Legal Aid Office—866-534-5234. Legal Aid may be able to help with housing options along with your case. If I had your email address I could forward to you the one reply about different scenarios. which included you being allowed to stay in home til senior housing is available.
        Call Legal right now if you have not so they may put a stop to throwing you out in the street.

      • a letter to tyhe president ,john boehner speaker of the house, governer of the state of va., attorney general of va. mark warner,senator from va. morgan griffin, congressman from salem va.. if anyone can get this released to the media or newspapers please do so. How would you like to realize that you are Homeless and No one wants you. I have always assumed that the elected officials were suppose to fight for the people who worked for and elected them. Well the past months i have contacted each of you to help fight Nationstar Mortgage LLP of Lewisville, TX, from taking my home by Faurd they have already admitted Faurd. in 22 states and therefore halted forecloures in those states.. i felt sure that at least one of the elected officials would help. but instead they took Nationstar s word , even though i have everything( emails, letters with the correct dates, and fax receipts). the Law enforcement officers will be here on WED. to exvict me. and my furnishings some that has been in my family for four generations.. within hours the scavengers will here taking away parts of my life.. i have tried to find a senior commmunity but they all have waiting lists some s much as two years. the governor of va. s office advised me to contact my homeless shelter in my area. well, at 76 a senior, unemployed, on social security and disabled, i can sleep in my car., parked where i can find a place., my email address is, 540-986-0321, just in case someone wants to vertify this.

      • haneline66

        I am so sorry you are in that situation. I am a single mom with three kids and have wrote to so many people they just don’t care. Even had legal aid helping me and got no where. Now I have lived here since 1998 and am going to be homeless with my kids no one I’ll help because they just let banks do whatever they want good luck I will say prayers for ever one looking their home

      • molly

        It just breaks your heart. We fought for 2 years trying to keep our home. NO ONE will help. NO ONE. The government sits back and watches Nationstar (BOA JR) repeat BOA’s actions and does nothing. Contacting clear up to the white house and the head of HAMP gets no response except “Contact the HOPE line” though they know the HOPE Line can do nothing. It is a moral deficiency the shape our country is in and there seems to be no end in sight.

  67. Have you file bankruptcy? Home will be protected and if you declare your intent is to keep home the court will order them to work with you

  68. How about if we all contact 20/20 with our complaints? They are an investigative news reporting agency that nationally broadcasts. Send your letter or email with the subject: NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE IS STEALING AMERICAN TAX PAYER DOLLARS AND HOMES WITH THE GOVERNMENTS HELP. Tell your story clearly, example: Like many others BofA didn’t finish your loan modification and sold the debt to Nationstar who now uses it’s unfair business practices to force people into foreclosure, if you have copies of your correspondence to Nationstar and their response include them, if you kept a phone log of conversations (and you should be keeping one) date, time, number called, person you spoke to, their identification number, and details of discussion, include as well — this is evidence that you are trying to work with Nationstar. HAMP program provides that persons that can make the payments will not be denied. Shortsale betrothed than foreclosure.

  69. Going to join in and ask everyone to do the same and one better (1) write the letter in memo form to President Obama and include the names of each governor of the 50 US States, listing them by name. In the subject line use HAMP REFORM NEEDED NOW & NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE LLC. Body of letter should read: Why do our government officials continue to turn a blind eye while companies like Nationstar Mortgage LLC are allowed to steal American tax payers homes? This company uses unfair and illegal business practices to force homeowners into foreclosure and rewards it’s employees with bonuses for each foreclosure completed. Nationstar fails to complete processing of HAMP applications according to established guidelines, in a timely manner; fails to communicate with property owners or keep an accurate record of communications; fails to apply payments to accounts; fails to keep an accurate accounting of payment records. Who is profiting from these unfair business practices? The US government? A single company? Private investors?

    As a US citizen, tax payer and homeowner, I respectfully request my government officials take immediate action to implement HAMP reform to require Banks and mortgage service companies, especially Nationstar Mortgage LLC, to work with property owners who have submitted HAMP applications to negotiate and finalize a HAMP program, in a timely manner, that enables the property owner to retain their home at an affordable payment based on the property owners verified income; and to provide an appeal process for denied applications to be settled by an independent arbitrator. I also request an investigation of Nationstar’s fraud and illegal business foreclosure practices and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law possible; and relief for home owners who have been forced out of their homes,

    Need more evidence? Do a simple internet search of Nationstar Mortgage LLC and you can see the millions of complaints by American homeowners.

    The government gave our tax dollars to the banks to help homeowners in trouble through HARP and HAMP, now make those programs work for us.

    Your expedited written response is greatly appreciated.

    (Your name)

    I recommend emailing your letter ($0) and requesting a delivery confirmation and read verification. This makes the letter a public record. Option: email copy of letters to major media: CNN ABC CBS FOX investigative reporter and ask them to follow up.

    One letter from one person will probably get no response, but letters from thousands of people having the same problem with same company and no government response will get some ones attention!!!!

    So let’s get busy folks! Use the letter provided or write your own but be sure to include all government officials names and send to all, including the media.

    United we stand, divided we fall ….

  70. I am thinking someone should fly to Texas and visit them in person…Texas is an “open carry” state…isn’t it?

    • Deborah

      It’s an atrocity against society what these companies are doing. The press won’t report it, Politicians hide from it.
      I do fear that sometimes very bad is going to happen before any changes are made.
      These companies have also made their employees complicit in their lies, deceit and outright illegal activities.

      • I am constantly researching and reading all kinds of complaints against this company. We all have the same complaints. ” YOU CAN’T WORK WITH THEM”.. You may as well call a wrong number and complain to whoever answers because that is as far as you get with Nationstar. They hire people in other countries to take their calls and you can’t understand them when they speak. Their training consist of basic English and how to ask for money. They don’t care if your dying, or out of work or out on the streets. All they care about is collecting money. The more they collect the more bonuses for them.. I use to work as a collector and I know how it works. They are a collection agency more than a home loan company. They do not fall under the regulations the actual banks do, therefore they can get away with being idiots. They do not have the employees to handle the amount of accounts they have acquired so that is why they do not call you back and they do not answer E-mails. They switch you to a different rep every week. Who knows, maybe the employees quit when they find out they are working for Satan. It is a sad sad world we live in and Nationstar just makes it worse…..

  71. Hector Alicea

    count me in too

  72. carole





    I am in the same position as so many others. All was good and I woke up one morning and there was NATION STAR, certainly not the answer to my prayers but my worst nightmare.

    No one is available at Nation Star to help anyone with anything at anytime. All I have gotten is ” fill this out.. sign that (which I won’t do)..send all payments due or else ( yesterday it was $3,000.00– today’s mail says $5000.00)
    I have had so many “Dedicated Loan Specialists” since this all began in Oct.2014 that I don’t know which planet I’m supposed to be on. Dazed and confused I am.
    All I can say is Nation Star is going for a ride, they just don’t know it yet.
    I’m not about to take this crap and it’s just starting. They might end up throwing me (I’m 71 and my husband is disabled) and my husband out in the street but I can guarantee they will remember me and I’m certainly am not afraid of their stupid little” WANNA BE” corporate lawyers They put their drawers on just like anybody else.
    By the who are the attorneys for the class action lawsuit against Nation Star? I’ve looked all over the internet but have had no results. If anyone knows, please reply. I would like to join the cause.
    Keep going strong with the comments. Maybe some day the right person will come along and put a stop to these horrific “business practices”. Too many people are suffering at the hands of a few greedy goons.
    So my question is –where is this right person who is not afraid to stand up for our constitutional rights. We are waiting for you and we will all stand with you.

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