Victims of Green Tree Servicing and Bank of America




Green Tree Servicing Allegedly Deceived Homeowners, Many of Whom Were Already in Financial Distress

A national mortgage servicing company will pay $63 million to resolve Federal Trade Commissionand Consumer Financial Protection Bureau charges that it harmed homeowners with illegal loan servicing and debt collection practices.

The FTC and CFPB allege that Green Tree Servicing LLC made illegal and abusive debt collection calls to consumers, misrepresented the amounts people owed, and failed to honor loan modification agreements between consumers and their prior servicers, among other charges.

Under the proposed settlement, Green Tree will pay $48 million to affected consumers and a $15 million civil penalty. The company also will stop its alleged illegal practices, create a home preservation plan for some distressed homeowners, and take rigorous steps to ensure that it collects the correct amounts from consumers.

“It’s against the law for a loan servicer to lie about the debts people owe, or threaten and harass people about their debts,” said Jessica Rich, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “Working together, the FTC and CFPB are holding Green Tree responsible for mistreating homeowners, including people in financial distress.”

Green Tree has become the servicer for a substantial number of consumers who were behind on their mortgage payments at the time their loans were transferred to Green Tree. Because homeowners cannot choose their servicer, they are locked into a relationship with the company for as long as it services their loans.

Illegal Debt Collection Practices

According to the FTC and the CFPB, Green Tree’s collectors called consumers who were late on mortgage payments many times per day, including at 5 a.m. or 11 p.m., or at their workplace, every day, week after week, and left many voicemails on the same day. They also unlawfully threatened consumers with arrest or imprisonment, seizure of property, garnishment of wages, and foreclosure, and used loud and abusive language, including calling consumers “deadbeats,” mocking their illnesses and other struggles, and yelling and cursing at them. The company also allegedly revealed debts to consumers’ employers, co-workers, neighbors, and family members, and encouraged them to tell the consumers to pay the debt or help them pay it. The complaint also alleges that Green Tree took payments from some consumers’ bank accounts without their consent.

The agencies also allege that Green Tree pressured consumers to make payments via Speedpay, a third-party service that charges a $12 “convenience” fee per transaction, claiming it was the only way to pay, or that consumers had to use the service to avoid a late fee.

Mishandled Loan Modifications and Delayed Short Sale Requests

According to the complaint, in many instances, Green Tree failed to honor loan modifications that were in the process of being finalized when consumers’ loans were transferred from other servicers to Green Tree. This resulted in consumers making higher monthly payments, receiving collection calls, and even losing their homes to foreclosure.  Green Tree also allegedly misled consumers about their loss mitigation options. The company told some consumers who were behind on their mortgages that they needed to make a payment to be considered for a loan modification, even for programs that prohibited the company from requiring up-front payments. In addition, Green Tree took up to six months to respond to consumers’ short sale requests despite telling them it would respond much more quickly. These delays caused consumers to lose potential buyers, miss other loss mitigation options, and face foreclosures they could have avoided.

Misrepresented Account Status to Consumers and Credit Reporting Agencies

According to the complaint, Green Tree misrepresented the amounts consumers owed or the terms of their loans. This included telling consumers they owed fees they did not owe, or that they had to make higher monthly payments than their mortgage contracts required. The company often knew or had reason to believe that specific portfolios of loans it acquired from other servicers contained unreliable or missing information. In many instances, it should have known that consumers had loan modifications from prior servicers and therefore owed lower amounts. And when consumers disputed the amounts owed or terms of their loans, Green Tree failed to investigate the disputes before continuing collections.

Green Tree also allegedly furnished consumers’ credit information to consumer reporting agencies when it knew, or had reasonable cause to believe, that the information was inaccurate, and failed to correct the information after determining that it was incomplete or inaccurate – often when consumers told Green Tree about it.

Proposed Settlement Order

In addition to the $63 million in monetary payments, the proposed settlement order includes provisions that require Green Tree to:

  • establish and maintain a comprehensive data integrity program to ensure the accuracy and completeness of data and other information about consumers’ accounts, before servicing them;
  • cease collection of amounts disputed by consumers until Green Tree investigates the dispute and provides consumers with verification of the amounts owed;
  • meet certain loan servicing requirements to ensure that whenever Green Tree is involved in the sale or transfer of servicing rights, the buyer or transferee will honor loss mitigation agreements and properly review outstanding loss mitigation requests;
  • ensure that it has enough personnel and the technical capacity to handle loss mitigation requests and respond to consumer inquiries in a timely fashion, and make its loss mitigation application available to consumers at no cost and on its website;
  • implement a “Home Preservation Requirement” to provide loss mitigation options to consumers whose loans were transferred to Green Tree during the time period covered by the complaint; and
  • obtain substantiation for any amounts collected when consumers have in-process loan modifications, and for purported amounts due when there is reason to believe a newly transferred loan portfolio is seriously flawed.

The proposed order also prohibits Green Tree from making material misrepresentations about loans, processing procedures, payment methods, and fees, from taking unauthorized withdrawals from consumer accounts, and from violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act.

The Commission vote authorizing the staff to file the complaint and proposed stipulated order was 5-0. The FTC filed the complaint and proposed stipulated order in the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota.

NOTE: The Commission files a complaint when it has “reason to believe” that the law has been or is being violated and it appears to the Commission that a proceeding is in the public interest. Stipulated orders have the force of law when approved and signed by the District Court judge.

To learn more, read Making Payments to Your Mortgage Servicer and Debt Collection.




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I. About Green Tree Servicing

Green Tree Servicing  is one of the biggest servicers of home loans in the United States. It specializes in “servicing” (debt-collecting) subprime residential mortgages.  The company’s  unusually aggressive collection methods and other business practices are in question. Green Tree Servicing, LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the publicly traded company Walter Investment Management Corp. (NYSE: WAC).  Walter Investment Management is based in Tampa, Florida. Green Tree Servicing is led by Ms. Cheryl A. Collins, who has been Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of the company since January 2006.  Other key executives include Keith Anderson (President), Gregory D. Aplin (Executive Vice President), Jerry W. Britton (Executive Vice President), Mr. Richard G. Evans (Executive Vice President and Director).

Green Tree Servicing is based in St. Paul, Minnesota, and operates twenty-nine offices for its debt recovery operations.  In recent months, Green Tree has acquired hundreds of thousands of at-risk loans.  In January 2013, Bank of America (BOA) sold mortgage servicing rights (MSRs) on roughly 650,000 residential mortgage loans (worth $93 Billion) to Green Tree’s parent, Walter Investment Management Corp.  Bank of America was recently sued for allegedly preventing loan and paying  bonuses to foreclose on homeowners.

For many consumers who have had their mortgages transferred to Green Tree Servicing, it is the final unpleasant chapter in the mortgage meltdown.  People whose mortgages have been passed along from lenders like Wells Fargo, Countrywide, Bank of America, and GMAC, are now stuck with Green Tree Servicing, LLC.

If recent calls are any measure, being introduced to Green Tree Servicing has not been a positive experience.  In the past few months, upset Americans from Arizona to Vermont have voiced their opinions about Green Tree Servicing, such as “Green Tree is an evil company,” and “Green Tree employs mafia tactics.”  One issue that remains to be seen is how consumers who were in the process of undergoing loan modifications during the time of the transfers will be affected.  So far, the results have not been promising.

III.  Bank of America and Green Tree Servicing – A Match Made in Hell? 

DOES GREEN TREE CHARGE UNFAIR FEES?  Does GTS impose unfair fees to process payments of any kind (late fees, delayed accepted of payments, telephone payments, Internet payments, etc)?

DOES GREEN TREE PROCESS PAYMENTS IN A TIMELY AND ACCURATE MANNER? Many have complained that Green Tree does not process mailed payments on time.

DOES GREEN TREE HARASS PEOPLE? Does Green Tree call account holders before 8:00 AM, after 9:00 PM, after being hung up on, or after being told to stop calling in writing? Do calls contain abusive or profane language, or outrageous threats? Does Green Tree contact third parties (i.e. co-workers, relatives, neighbors) and tell them about debts?

DOES GREEN TREE INTERFERE WITH LOAN MODIFICATIONS OR SHORT SALES?  Several consumers have claimed they were unable to complete short sales because of Green Tree’s business practices.

There is a Facebook Group called “Victims of Green Tree Servicing. An anonymous insider from Bank of American (BAC)  mailed this office an untraceable packet of information in a plain manila envelope.

The documents [PDF] blame Bank of America leadership for the way servicing of hundreds of thousands of mortgages was passed off to companies such as Green Tree Servicing.  The anonymous insider specifically criticizes Tony Meola, Brian Moynihan, and Ron Sturzeneggar. According to Bloomberg, Brian T. Moynihan has been CEO and President of Bank of America since January 1, 2010. His total calculated compensation for 2012 was $8,321,300. Other key executives (with total calculated 2012 compensation: Bruce R. Thompson (CFO, $4.9M), Gary G. Lynch (Head of Compliance & Regulatory Relations, $3.3M), Thomas K. Montag (Co-COO, $6.3M), David C. Darnell (Co-COO, $4.3M).

The insider wrote:

“In order to sell the mortgage servicing rights (MSRs) for half of the 800k loans in the BAC book, they had to include approx. 1.5MM current loans. Successor servicers can then solicit HARP refis and get incentive from the govt.

These entities haven’t been under any scrutiny regarding TCPA and other consumer protection acts. They do not screen prior to making outbound calls. No one has cared, but now that numerous “good” borrowers are being sent their way, the right people are finally taking notice. Not many reputable servicers want the bad loans, so BAC is selling to Nationstar, Greentree and M&T. These entities are NOT regulated by the OCC and do not have to abide by the OCC consent order which outlines strict guidelines on dual tracking (can’t foreclose while a modification is in process), payment processing and single point of contact (SOPC) to assist the borrower. This also includes special treatment of borrowers impacted by the hurricane Sandy. It may mean that any modification currently in process with BAC will not be recognized and the borrower will proceed into foreclosure.

These entities haven’t been under any scrutiny regarding TCPA and other consumer protection acts. They do not screen prior to making outbound calls. No one has cared, but now that numerous “good” borrowers are being sent their way, the right people are finally taking notice.

Tony Meola joined BAC from Saxon mortgage early in 2011. Research the execs at Nationstar – many are buddies of Tony’s. Nationstar did not BAC due diligence for subservicing, but the connections allowed them to be approved (subservicing – you pay someone to service the loans, but keep the MSR).

Brian Moynihan, Ron Sturzeneggar and Tony Meola are well aware of the horrible reputation of these servicers. Brian received an email from client/friend who just learned his mortgage had been transferred. He was not pleased and shared a link to a consumer affairs website tracking Nationstar complaints. Brian did nothing buy forward to Ron, who did the same.

The deal was signed in January 2013. They should have thought of that prior to selling the MSRs to these entities; however, the were primarily concerned with getting the bad loans off their books, not with customer experience.

Under Tony’s leadership, BAC has failed at processing default loans. Ron is a dealmaker, not an operations guy. He was brought in to sell stuff. Any they both receive large bonuses.”

Left Hanging

IV. What are the Terms of the Bank of American Consent Order with OCC?

It is one thing to accuse Bank of America of violating an agreement with a federal regulatory agency.  It is quite another to prove such a charge. Anyone who has questions about the bulk transfer of Bank of America mortgages to third party servicers should read the OCC consent order is [PDF]. One of the terms of the order required Bank of America to assess third party servicers:

“…processes to perform appropriate due diligence on potential and current ThirdParty Provider qualifications, expertise, capacity, reputation, complaints, information security, document custody practices, business continuity, and financial viability, and to ensure adequacy of Third-Party Provider staffing levels, training, work quality, and workload balance;…” Article IV (d), page 11

V. Press about the Insider’s Revelations

Some weeks before the publication of his article BofA Solves Liquidity Problem By Circumventing National Mortgage Settlement – BofA Is Selling Servicing Rights To Unregulated Servicer, the leaked documents were presented for evaluation by the Leonard Law Office to Steve Dibert, mortgage fraud investigator.  For a variety of reasons, we agreed that Mr. Dibert should use the material to write a story.

Excerpts from his June 21, 2013 article:

“Are you aware of the fact that your bank is turning its customers over to a processor that based on the complaints posted appears to not only lack basic competency but also poor customer service? Many of the complaints are former BofA customers, is this how you want your bank to be remembered?”  -Charles Giannotti email to Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan

“Greentree Servicing is so abusive that Class action lawyer Preston W. Leonard told me, “I’ve never received so many calls and emails complaining about a publicly-held U.S. company. It is astounding.” His Boston consumer protection law firm Leonard Law Office, is representing plaintiffs in a nationwide TCPA class action against Green Tree Servicing  for allegedly placing as many as 100 robo calls to an account holder’s relative.  You can read about his lawsuit here as well as the many complaints he has received from consumers about Green Tree.”

On Friday, June 28, 2013, Salon published an article entitled, New Bank of America whistle-blower emerges: More customer abuse secrets.  Reporter David Dayen mentioned Leonard Law Office twice:

“All of this has come to a head in a class-action lawsuit filed by Leonard Law Office in Massachusetts against Green Tree Servicing…”

“Among the charges Leonard Law Office made against Green Tree were claims that the servicer imposed illegal fees to process any kind of payment; failed to process mailed payments on time; harassed borrowers by calling them at all hours of the night and using abusive language to try to collect on debts; and delayed or denied timely modifications.”

Several comments/points of clarification about Mr. Dayen’s article: (1) our class action complaint [PDF] is strictly at TCPA case; (2) We posed questions within this article/blog post about Green Tree (guided by complaints received by the office), but have made not “charges” against Green Tree regarding fees, payment processing, etc.


UPDATE: Bank Of America Found Liable For Fraud

  • “Any penalty would add to the more than $40 billion Bank of America has spent on disputes stemming from the 2008 financial crisis.”(Huffington Post, 10/23/13)


Help for Victims of Green Tree Servicing

Asking the Government for Help

There are numerous agencies to complain to should you wish to share negative experiences with Green Tree Servicing.

1. Complain to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) here.

2. Complain to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) here.

3. Complain to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) here.

4. Complaint to your local Attorney General

Self Help Section – Standing up for Your Rights

A. Ending Collection Calls from Green Tree Servicing

Federal law requires collection calls to cease upon written request. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 U.S.C § 1692 et. seq (“FDCPA”). After effective written notice of request for telephone contact to cease has been received by a debt collector, financial penalties of $500 – $1,500 can be awarded per violation.

Elements of an effective collection call termination strategy:

  1. In the letter, specify the name and address of the account holder/recipient of phone calls.
  2. Specify telephone numbers that you do not want called.
  3. Clearly request that future communication be in writing only.
  4. Send the letter by United States Postal Service Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested to either the address indicated on correspondence from Green Tree, or to Green Tree’s registered agent in the account holder/call recipient’s home state.
  5. Finding the registered agent takes a little work. For example, to find Green Tree’s agent in Arizona, Google search  “Arizona Secretary of State entity lookup”, and then type in “Green Tree Servicing.”
  6. Retain proof of delivery and return receipt. If the green signature card doesn’t come back, look up the tracking number on the USPS website and print out a record of delivery.
  7. Keep a telephone contact log and phone records to prove unpermitted calls received going forward. Calls on cell phones that are not picked up are harder to prove.
  8. If the calls continue, contact a local consumer protection attorney to bring a Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and/or state law fair debt collection claim. Here is a resource for finding a local lawyer who specializes in consumer law: National Association of Consumer Advocates.

B. Sample Cease and Desist Letter


Green Tree Servicing, LLC
300 Landmark Towers
345 St. Peter Street
Saint Paul, MN 55102
          (tel.: (651) 293-4800 – fax: (651) 293-5818)

From: [Name]

Address: [    ]

Re: Account Number — [    ]

Date: [    ]

Dear Green Tree Servicing:

Pursuant to my rights under federal laws, I am requesting that you cease and desist telephonic communication with me or about me to third parties (i.e. family, friends, neighbors, employers, etc) in relation to this account, including, but not limited to this list of phone numbers: [       ].

Please direct future contact to me in writing only, addressed to my residential mailing address, which is listed above.



Making a lender prove the debt is often a useful exercise. Here is a helpful tool from Service Employees International Union (SEIU) called, “Where’s the Note? — Did the big banks lose your mortage? —  Demand to see your mortgage note.

According to the site: “Whether you are facing foreclosure, have an underwater mortgage, or are just a concerned homeowner, it’s important that you contact your bank and demand to see the original note on your mortgage. It only takes a few minutes using our free online tool.”

E. How to demand a copy of your note from Bank of America:

Sample Letter – Source: SEIU

Qualified Written Requests
PO Box 942019
Simi Valley, CA 93094-2019

[your name, address]

Bank of America:

This is a qualified written request under Section 6 of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA). I own the property at the address listed above, and your bank services my mortgage.

Over the last several weeks there have been many stories documenting the problem that banks are foreclosing on homes without proof that they own the loan. I have learned that in many cases, banks like yours do not even know who owns the loans you service. Employees at several leading banks have admitted to rubber stamping tens of thousands of foreclosures every month, without even checking to make sure that the bank had a legal right to proceed with foreclosure. In some cases, banks allegedly falsified mortgage documents to cover up their mistakes. There have been reports of two banks trying to foreclose on the same home, banks foreclosing on homeowners who were current on their payments, and even of a bank foreclosing on a home where the homeowner had never taken out a mortgage to begin with. This is not merely a “technical problem”–it is the difference between having a warm bed at night and being out on the street.

As a homeowner and a customer of your bank, I am horrified. I had always believed that if I played by the rules, I would be protected, but now I know that banks like yours think the rules don’t apply to them.

To protect myself and my family, I need to know who owns my mortgage. Within sixty days, I would like to know the name, address, and phone number of the bank or investor that owns my mortgage. Furthermore, in light of the recent allegations of foreclosure fraud, I demand to see the original mortgage note proving ownership over my home loan. If you fail to produce a mortgage note proving that you have a right to collect my mortgage payments, I will be forced to consider all options available to me to ensure that my family and my home are protected.

I ask that I receive my response in writing. I understand that under Section 6 of RESPA you are legally required to acknowledge my request within twenty business days and must try to resolve the issue within sixty days.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

D. Finding a Local Consumer Protection Lawyer to Represent You:

To find a local lawyer for issues like foreclosure defense, here is a resource from the National Association of Consumer Advocates:

Complaints about Green Tree Servicing

A lawsuit by a Florida widow alleges that Green Tree Servicing debt collectors “hounded her husband to death with as many as nine caustic calls per day.” Read the the McLeod v. Green Tree Servicing Complaint (here).


“The Defendant intentionally abused and harassed…”

Information exists on the Internet about Green Tree Servicing detailing potentially unlawful conduct. There are 83 pages of consumer complaints about Green Tree here.

Complaints about Green Tree Page 1 of 82

“Consumer Complaints about Green Tree Page 1 of 82”


There is even a Facebook page dedicated to complaints about Green Tree here.

Victims of Green Tree on Facebook

Victims of Green Tree on Facebook

Comment on this Post 

We also ask that if you comment to this post below you, please follow these rules:

  • Do not use your full name on comments. Either use initials or a pseudonym. Do not leave any personally identifiable information on the post.
  • Do not write anything that is not factually accurate. In other words, if it isn’t 100% true, don’t put it in a comment. Statements of pure opinion are fine.
  • Do not make threats of violence to Green Tree employees or office locations.





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220 responses to “Victims of Green Tree Servicing and Bank of America

  1. My husband and I had our home ILLEGALLY foreclosed by Green Tree Servicing in 2012. Prior to the ILLEGAL trustee sale, we filed a lawsuit to prevent the sale from occurring. Green Tree, as well as the other defendants named in the lawsuit, went ahead with the illegal sale BEFORE the court had ruled. We are still in court fighting the matter. Our complaint has been amended to now include Wrongful Foreclosure as a cause of action. You can read more of our story on our Facebook page.

    You can also read some of our court documents here:

    • Thank you for providing a comment about Green Tree Servicing.

      • B.G. [Name Redacted]

        GreenTree Complaint:
        GreenTree Services LLC purchased our Mortgage in early 2000 from Canseco and immediately began the speed dial of threats, rants and condescending dialect.
        I entered upon a conversation where my wife was in tears. I grabbed the phone and the GreenTree Customer Service Rep was ending his diatribe, I asked him what his name was and requested to speak to the Supervisor. When the Supervisor returned after a 18 minute wait, she explained that our Mortgage payment was lacking $75.00. I sent my wife to Money Express the $75.00 to GreenTree while I stayed on the phone with the GreenTree Supervisor.
        After 10 min. I asked if she had received the $75.00 and why it was necessary for the Customer Service Representative to frighten my wife to the point of tears to which she had no response(?) The calls became so frequent we changed our number. They even called our neighbors!
        To put an end all of this, I had an opportunity to purchase the Contract (Deed) for $120,000.00 prior to GreenTree Services LLC., putting me in Foreclosure, ruining my credit and smearing my name all over the County newsmedia, I called the Customer Service Representative, as the GreenTree Servicing LLC., website recommends and asked for the Pay-Off mortgage information. The GreenTree Customer Service Representative with a touch of sarcasm, made the comment: “Yah Right, you have $120,000.00!”
        After I received enough humiliation from this Customer Service Representative I once again called GreenTree Services LLC. & again requested to speak to a Supervisor. I explained that I wanted to Pay-Off my loan with GreenTree Services LLC and get the Deed to my home. After several minutes she came back on the phone and told me that the loan had already been tagged for a public sale. I explained that my Mortgage Contract allowed me to Pay-Off the Loan At Any Time. I was refused the Pay-Off by GreenTree Services LLC
        I suggest a combined effort with all of those who have similar experiences to unite and let these Customer Service Representatives of the GreenTree Services LLC Company let our message be told….

    • Sandra

      This very thing happened to me. I went to the first foreclosure hearing and they postponed it because I showed up and they didn’t have all their paperwork. I missed the second hearing because I was out of town. 2 weeks later I got a notice that I had 30 days to leave.

  2. F.R. [Name Redacted]

    My husband lost his job in 2010 and up until recently we were on time with our mortgage payment. We are receiving harassing phone calls constantly all day long. They go from my cell phone, to my work phone (even though they were asked to contact me at work), to my husband’s cell phone. We receive up to 15 calls a day from them and we are only a month behind. They have contacted my supervisor, my neighbors, and my husband’s ex-wife. In the state of NC, these practices are against the law. They do not want to help us in any way and we do not know what else to do to stop them.

    • Dr. Trina Seitz


      Can you provide the name, or at least the initials, of the person who’s calling you? Male or female? And, do you have a phone number to call this person? My “phone attacker” gave me a 1-800 number, with an extension directly to his line.

      I’m a NC resident as well. Per my longer post on here a few days ago, I even informed the Green Tree “debt collector” during his unbelievable rants that his unprofessional conduct, abusive language, threats, and humiliating accusations toward me were in clear violation of North Carolina General Statute Ch. 75, s. 51-56, which prohibits such behavior by financial companies, creditors, debt collectors, and collections agencies in general. He told me that my comment regarding our State’s law was, “an absolute lie”, was, “100% false”, and that he was, “quite frankly not interested in what I thought I knew about the law.” He’s calling from some location nowhere near NC, so he’s in no position to tell me my knowledge of NC law is a “lie”, “false”, or anything else.

      Then he tells me he needs to collect the “late” $207 from me, because his phone was, “on a timer, which will automatically terminate the call”… I’m thinking, here’s a guy that’s acting like he owns the corporation, when in fact he’s just a collections “account manager” sitting at a desk with a headset, confined to whatever allowable number of minutes his “timer” is set for. It makes me laugh.

      My payments are due between the 1st and 15th of the month — if my payment hasn’t posted or been received by the 15th, you can count on Green Tree to call bright and early on the 16th. It’s pathetic and desperate conduct that infuriates me.

      I’ve even received phone calls whose caller ID information appeared as “Police Benevolent Society”, NC Police Fund”, etc., and when I answered, it was Green Tree! Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but this is clearly an illegal method of “tricking” homeowners into answering their phones. Wouldn’t this constitute an effort to collect a debt under false pretense? I’m a former law enforcement officer, and find it offensive and deplorable that a company would stoop to these levels, using fake police fundraising organizations, as a ruse to get citizens to pick up the phone. I’m sure there’s an FCC regulation against this practice — can anyone add to this, or provide a law or information to support my assumption?

      These people need to be stopped. And today, my plan is to print off the NC statute I mentioned to the collections creature, along with a letter citing the law prohibiting calls once the loan holder has asked for all calls to cease.


      • Fran

        The person that was calling us constantly was a guy named Jeremy and he calls from a 615 area code which is TN.

      • amie

        The guy that harrassed me threatened me and came to my house all the time was Steven Rorke i live in Tn too

      • P.S. of Illinois

        Unfortunately our elected leaders (hah!) in Congress have repeatedly failed to pass the Truth in Caller ID act. So ‘spoofing’ the caller ID information is a common practice.

      • lisa

        Green Tree plays dirty! My payment is due in the first and I legally start getting harassing phone calls and messages non stop. When i tell Dereck (((monthly))) that I don’t get paid until xxxx he said ok then I will have to transfer this call to my supervisor so they can file a claim that you are refusing to pay!!!!! I told him to bite me and I hung up. What a jerk! I have now had to ignore my phone ringing because I don’t know what my rights or the laws are in Washington state. Green tree is the worst company I have ever been in contact with.

  3. L.N.

    I have been with Green Tree for quite sometime now since 1999
    I just received a Foreclosure notice because I do not make my Payments by the 1st of every month.
    I have been receiving phone calls, to the point they filled my machine so I stopped answering my phone.
    They stopped applying my payments that have cleared from my bank.
    They paid current and back taxes without my knowledge and did not send receipts or documents that they were doing so, and added payments into the mortgage payment in the sum
    of [redacted] after calling the tax office I found out they paid [redacted] in Dec of 2012 and [redacted] in Jan. totaling [redacted] that doesn’t justify [redacted]
    They have called my neighbors,
    Sent people out to my house,
    I called today to get a pay off amount and I was told I would have to wait until all attorney fees are applied.

    • Pamela

      I filed bk to keep my property they’ve added on all sorts of advancements and fees into my monthly mortgage payments that is making it unaffordable and unfair. I’m going to see an attorney about but I’m afraid I’m going to loss my home that I’ve had for 18yrs……Discouraged!

  4. E.P.

    I have had them to call me several times back to back. Anywhere from ten times a day. THEY WILL CALL AND HANG UP AND CALL RIGHT BACK FROM SEVERAL NUMBERS. They somehow got my cell phone number, leaving an automated message. I hate this company with a passion. They are the rudest professional people I have ever done business with. They will call family members and tell all your business. When i do talk to them I talk to them like they talk to me. I usually wire my payments through quick collect and before I can get home they want to know when they can expect next payment. THIS COMPANY IS A CLASS ACT ALL BY THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. S.K.

    Green Tree frequently sends me threatening letters, as well as having called my cell number. I actually ended up giving them a Google Voice number to avoid having them call my cell phone after changing numbers. They would call me several times a day. I have them logged into my GVoice now. They are rude. Their call tactics are robocalls. And they keep screwing up my monthly bills.

  6. H.I.

    I live in CA, and purchased my first home in 2005. The second mortgage was originally with Countrywide, then BofA, and BofA “transferred” to Green Tree in May 2011. I experienced financial hardship, divorce and a family illness, and the lender for my first mortgage, Citi, was able to work with me on a modification. Green Tree was always unreasonable when I requested modification assistance, despite me sending all of the financial information and documentation they requested multiple times. Their representatives would call and harass and insult me, and they would call almost daily. They even called my roommate who had no financial obligation on the mortgage. One representative would say that there was a chance we could settle and she was sending me a fax and then then when I followed up as to why I never received their fax, the next representative would say he had no idea who I talked to. My file moved from person to person so that I had about 7 different people calling me over the year. I complained to the “supervisor” and it was more of the same. They called my work, my cell and finally after multiple requests in writing to communicate with me only in writing, via certified mail citing the Rosenthal Act, they stopped calling, but continue to ruin my credit profile for the last year, plus. I complained in writing to BofA, and they say that they cannot do anything about Green Tree. Green Tree is using different addresses when reporting to each of the the top 3 credit reporting agencies, 1 in South Dakota, 1 in Minnesota, and 1 in Arizona. I would like to settle this debt but they have no ability to negotiate. And since it was originally a Countrywide loan, my guess is they bought it for pennies on the dollar. They need to be investigated and/or sued. It is the worst organization I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

    • Your situation matches mine almost to the letter. One thing that I would like to add applies to BAC & Greentree debt collectors. They have challenged me with failure to do everything in my power to pay them with the following questions:

      1) Have you considered renting a room in your home? (Like expecting a total stanger to come in, live here and help pay the bills) Oh yeah, that would work out I’m sure. GREAT IDEA!

      2) Don’t you have any family members that could give us money?

      3) You should go to a church and see if they can assist with giving us some money.

      These recommendations are their way of saying; LOOSER!

      Truth is I am a Looser because my mortgage was bought by BAC and then transferred to Greentree. Oh except for the second mortgage with the 8.25% interest rate that was originally with Countrywide. BAC kept that one. Uh huh.

      Very nasty business. I’m done. Lost my job and end of story. Hope everything will come to light eventually, but I won’t have an address to receive the good news if it does transpire.

  7. med

    I had a notice that if I did not pay a specific sum, that was indeed late, by a specified date,Greentree would foreclose. I made 4 payments all via Moneygram or Western Union prior to the date and in total the full payment from the demand letter was made, in advance of the date. Greentree said they do not accept partial payments, kept two and left them sitting in unapplied funds, and eventually returned the other two. Again, this was before the deadline and it was the full total of the demand letter. Of course, this means more fees, more interest and more threats of foreclosure by them. In the meantime other monies was due and owing and it just snowballed into a nightmare. Finally someone helped and I paid the full balance within days of them foreclosing on my home. My issue is that they reported me as months late with paying when I was not, they had returned the payment to me. I just cannot get a straight answer as to why. One agent said that the amount did not bring me current, but it was the full demand amount prior to the date they asked for it and it was done via western union/moneygram so that these were instant payments. I remain puzzled as to why a mortgage servicing company will not accept a bank wire as payment. Our bank knows of no other company that would do this

    Also, our first three payments to them when BOA sold them our mortgage (which we had never, ever missed a payment on or been late with) all had to be mailed to different addresses, all three were lost, all three had to be redone by phone for a ridiculous $12 fee and now because of all of this mess with them I am unsure as to how to even pay them and have them accept it. This company is a nightmare….countrywide was our original lender, never had an issue with them, then we were with BOA and other than them upping our escrow needlessly they were fine to deal with…this is awful with GT servicing.

  8. DTH

    We have tried since November 2011 for a mortgage modification, up to that point they called our home phone leaving threats on the voice mail, they called my cell phone and left nasty messages. We finally filled complaints with the NC Dept. Of Justice Consumer Protection, all the fed agencies, and the parent company of Green Tree, Walter Investment Management Corp. After filing a complaint with Fannie Mae, we were informed that Fannie Mae would file the paperwork for the Mortgage Modification. This doesn’t mean it will clear, it just means we didn’t have to put up with the harassing, rude and intimidating language from the Green Tree employee’s. Fannie Mae doesn’t handle every mortgage but they do handle a bunch. Find out if your mortgage is backed by Fannie Mae at the Fannie Mae web site. This is the kind of stuff Senator Elizabeth Warren has been grilling big banks about, illegal foreclosures and excessive fee’s placed on mortgage customers.

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  10. M.

    just transferred by boa to greentree stated difference between principal balasnce between boa records and gt favors greentree by $985. so far impossible to reach them for details on this. i have sent one payment. it was cashed by my bank and not recorded in their current bill. thanks for the info. i want to know what recourse i have to accurately clarify the remaining balance and get out from under this group. i thought boa was a prob! this sounds really terrible. sorry for you who are so shockingly harrassed! what an outrage!

  11. T.

    Our home was built by these jerks….Jim Walter Homes build our house, mortgage came from Walter Mortgage, which is now Walter Investments and now I guess they own Green Tree from what I’ve read. So I’ve been dealing with the Walters bunch since 2008. Although I do have to say, before Green Tree came into the picture (12/2011) they were easier to work with. Just bad home builders. Last year in April we sent them a letter to cease calling our employer and to remove their number from our records. they were calling them continuously one month it was only the 6th of the month. We got a letter back stating that they had removed their number and would not be calling them in the future. Well, a few months ago they started calling our employer again. Just this week they called our employer 3 days in a row, at least 3 times per day. Monday I received 6 calls on my cell phone (which I’ve never given them the #) and 5 calls on my home phone. The calls are one right after the other over and over again. Thursday, their rep Lyn Alexander called my cell phone from their Arlington, TX office (817) 524-0107, 1x @ 2:50, 2x @ 2:57, then she called from a “blocked” number 1x @ 2:49, 2x @ 2:50, 2x @ 2:51, 1x @ 2:59 & 3:00, 2x @ 3:10, 1x @ 3:11, 2x @ 3:12 and 1x @ 3:14 (16 calls) and she was calling my phone home in between the calls to my cell phone. I know the blocked number was her because she was leaving messages yelling at me to call her because according to her records we hadn’t made a payment since Feb. 7th (we had) She said she knew we got paid the next day and she wanted a payment or she was going to foreclose. My phone saves the messages by the caller so I know all the blocked calls were her. I cannot handle dealing with this woman, she is extremely rude and hateful, she literally makes me start shaking when I have to talk to her. She lectures you on how you should pay your bills and is very humiliating. Anyway, our March payment had been a little late, but it had already cleared my bank on 4/9, but 9 days later still had not been credited to my account. I had also sent the April payment by registered mail and they had received it the day before. I called her later that night and left a message for her about these two payments, The next morning she called back 2x in a row, I answered the 2nd time, she said that the March payment had been short $55 due to the escrow payment changing and that’s why they hadn’t credited the March payment yet. I explained that I thought that started in April and did include it on my April payment. She said I needed $181 now to bring the account current with the late fees. When we got our tax papers from them this year, we had paid double the interest than we had the year before. I believe it was more interest than we’ve paid in any year since 2008. So, I’m not clear how they’re applying our payments. I had to actually write them last year when they had over $800 in unapplied funds that there were showing on our statement for several months. They sent a lady to our house to collect on a payment they already had, but had not credited to our account yet. I’ve also had Ms. Alexander force us to pay 3 payments through a bank draft that they charged me $12 each for. She said if we didn’t agree to having those payments that way, they would forclose. I would be very interested in joining a class action suit against them. These people need to be shut down.

  12. T.S.

    On 4/16/13, a Green Tree Gestapo Death Squad Operative (probably clothed in full SS apparel hiding in a tree in my back yard) called my house to inform me my payment was “30 days behind.” I asked the guy that my April payment cleared the bank on 4-1, in the amount of $207, so in my opinion he needed to seek life elsewhere. Here’s where the condescension and outright humiliation begins… His next comment, verbatim, was, “Look, lady, what you don’t seem to get is that your account has been 30 days behind since September, 2012. You haven’t paid the delinquent amount to bring you current.” ….

    Just as another person posted above, I told this guy to go ahead and set me up on a 4-month span of auto-draft payments, just as I’ve done in the past. He then tells me, “We can’t set you up with a delinquent payment on your account. Pay that, and then we can set up the payments.” Once again, I told this guy that if a payment posted to the order of “GREEN TREE” on April 1st, how in the h*** could it be late at the same time?? He says, “No. That payment is for March. You’re behind 30 days, and you need to fix this. We’re [Green Tree] not going to continue to do this!” I asked what he meant by that, and he says, “Giving people like you breaks. This is why BoA and Countrywide handed these loans over to Green Tree. They got sick of people not paying their bills, like you!”

    When he said that, I completely blew a fuse. First, he was speaking to me as if he OWNED Green Tree; second, he made the humiliating assumption that I don’t take care of my finances, which is absolutely false. Finally, his conduct changed to one of making threats, calling me names, and referring to me as “LADY” (which, when said loudly and firmly, resembles the tone used when obedience training a female Collie). I tell him for the 4TH TIME to set up an instant payment to take care of this mysterious “30-day delinquent payment”, and then to please arrange 4 more months of auto drafts. Instead of storing his overinflated testicles back into his ill-fitting SS pants, he just can’t manage to put his personal attitude problem aside and do his job as a collections representative, hired to leave his personal feelings at the door, and professionally address the general public.

    What happened next is what’s now prompted me to seek legal action against Green Tree, and the “agent” himself. Instead of just taking care of the “late payment” , he says, “Now, I’m required by law to ask the reason for your failing to maintain your account, and why this payment is late.” I instantly said, “You might, or might not be, required by law to ask why my payment hasn’t been sent, but I am NOT required by law to tell you. Those are personal and sensitive matters, of which I’m not comfortable spewing off to some agent I’ve never met.” His voice level increases to that of a low-flying jetliner, and he ANGRILY says, “Lady, you ABSOLUTELY ARE required to tell me if you want any help from me. Now I need to know WHAT YOUR PROBLEM IS, and why you can’t seem be be responsible and pay your bills!!” Once more, I told him hat under no uncertain terms, was I “required by law” to tell ANYONE my confidential matters (protected under HIPPA.. medical info).

    He then continues with, Look, let me tell you something right now. You have NO power or control in this situation anymore! I have the leverage here, not you. You have NO rights at this particular moment. Furthermore, I’m not in the business of customer service…I’m in the business of collecting a debt from you. If you want any help from me, you’ll tell me why you can’t seem to pay your bills. So if you want to continue being disrespectful to me and being difficult, I’ll just send this collections case right over to an external agency, and you can deal with THEM.”

    At this point, I’d endured more of this man’s verbal abuse, condescending demeanor, and outright indignant language. I asked that he be quiet for 30 seconds, so I could inform him of his clear violation of North Carolina General Statute Ch. 75, Sections 50-56, which prohibits ANY abusive conduct, threats, harassment, and/or verbal disparagement by financial or other similar solicitors and collections agents. Of course, his comment was, “Lady, that is absolutely, 100% false, and I’m not real interested in hearing about what you think you know about the law.”

    Ok folks. I’ll end this. It continued for 10 more minutes. I paid him $207.93 for the mysterious “delinquent amount”, and of course, as others have attested to, was told at the LAST MINUTE of the $12.00 “convenience fee”, apparently to offset the harsh conditions endured by collections agents as they’re forced to carry our flaming payment invoices in their bare hands 60 miles away to the payment Gulag, while simultaneously trudging through knee-deep snowpack wearing only their tiny SS monogrammed ankle socks. I now have this a**hat’s supervisor’s name, and WILL commence my own legal onslaught (or illusion thereof) to counter this undeserved, unacceptable conduct that is apparently virulent throughout the Green Tree Servicing entity. This needs to stop, but it’ll continue unless folks like us retaliate with the law in hand.

    • nunya

      Exact same thing has been happening to me since April when they took over my first mortgage from BOA. EXACTLY the same.

      • NRB

        Me too. When they received our loan from BOA in May they changed the due date we had with BOA for years and accused of being late on our payments (we hadn’t been notified prior). We got our payments current (and were even paying a month ahead of time) in June.

        In July we moved. Apparently, they sent us an annual “mortage adjustment” to reflect changes in our monthly payments due to property taxes. It went to our prior address. There was an increase of $30.00.

        In August (after making September’s payment) I get a phone call on my way home from work. They told me I was late on my payments. I stated there had to be some confusion because I was actually a month ahead. I was told about the $30.00 increase and responded by stating I had never received any such notice.

        We figured out that it was because I had changed addresses. I was told I was being transferred to someone to make sure the address was changed appropriately.

        The person I was transferred to had nothing to say about the address. Instead, she proceeded to harass me over the missing $30.00, demanding that I pull over and pay her immediately.

        I told her I wasn’t pulling over in rush hour traffic to pay and that I would have my bank transfer the money that evening. She lost it.

        I told her to go to hell and hung up.

    • I have witness the same behavior from Green Tree Servicing and BOA. The abuse you endured is insane and I hope you are successful in legal action against this group. Be careful though, the legal system can be painful and corrupt so pick your attorney wisely. Green Tree has the resources to pay off those lawyers. What happened to the days when these type of companies treated people like people?

    • doug

      wow the guy you taold to must have been named mat a scum sucking pond dweller from hell i have just had the pleasure to speak to this inbread throw back and got the same treament first they want to know whatthe hell i was thinking in 07 when i got the morg and now they want to forclose on me casue im 17 days late . and all this time i thought hell was just a word turns out it is just short for green tree

  13. A.

    my mortgage was trassfered to matrix from chase which i found out was owned buywalter mortgage that was in april 2011 then i went to deeds office and found that an attorney assigned my mortgage to walter mortgaget then it was assigned to walter mortgage invesment company but was told keep paying matrix then i got divorced in oct2011 so i asked for a modification she said when the papers come fill them out send them in .but the next day a sales rep called said i did not qulify my situation had not changed i said i just lost 1000 out of my house i five kids how did it not change.I paid oct then in Nov he came to my door said i had not paid oct that he wanted the cash a check or go cancel my online payment and western union it now or he was forclosing on my home he took pics of my house then started calling me everyday up to six times a day even on weekends and on christmas eve. He kept coming to my home threatening me and yelling at my kids scaring them . they still would not leave me alone then they bought greetree and it got worse they tried to forclose in july 2012 but they used walter investment to forclose and i found that that part of the company had been dissolved and there was no licence for them in TN it ran out march of 2012 so did walter mortgage theres was gone too. now i had to file bankruptcyto stop them im 5 mth into it and they send me a packet that says NEW YORK bank of Mellon has my title and my payoff goes to Bank of America and there charging me for a title search when they started the forcloser my title was with knox title then went to there lawyer as a trustee so if you had why are you charging me to look for it. I need help i pay a 1000 for bankruptcy for a company that has robo signed false documents changed thing during a bankruptcy and a trustee a bankruptcy lawyer who refuse to look and see what there doing they are rude, harrassing threating and abusing peoples rightsPLEASE HELP STOP THIS COMPANY BEFORE ANY ONE ELSE LOOSES EVERYTHING>

    • amie paveglio

      update my attorney for my banckruptsy is very sick have no idea if he will live have a trustee who says dont write me or call even after i found out that bank of america is now my so called mortgage company but my bankruptsy says im paying greentree servicing with the invester walter investments. my title is no longer with knox title wow .so who owns my note and deed where is it really who is suppose to get the money more questions then answers. Why are they still charging late fees while im in bankruptsy and going up on my mortgage payments to. this is just unreal how can a trustee allow this? as i seen on facebook there is a wavier but it was through MERS who was the holder of the note the security insturment my ref was with first franklin in 2007. when i tried to modify with greentree they wants me to sign a wavier that stated i had to wave all rights to any legal action concerning my mortgage i said no so i got no modification based on those terms along with others .making homes affordable want deal with them because they are rude they hang up or they send you from one rep to another if we dont do something they will ruin everyone they killed my credit they would pull mine and report bad things even when they were wrong just so i could not ref away from them so now im stuck 5 kids 1000 to bankruptsy and i live on a fixed income and the worse part is they know it.

  14. M.

    My mortgage was sold by BOA in Oct of 2012. I received a letter from BOA in very late Sept saying that the new company would contact me, but any payment after Oct 1st would no longer be accepted through them. So, I held it because Honestly I didn’t have it on the first. I heard nothing from Green Tree until Nov 11. SO I had both payments and sent them a check. Well the check didn’t get posted in their account until after the 16th because I received three different calls on the 16th and 17th from three different states. I work at home watching kids, so I don’t answer numbers I do not know cause I am frankly tired of “Rachel from Credit Card Services and her scams.” And Fundraisers who won’t take no for an answer, so I screen my calls. Well the calls stopped after the 18th so I didn’t think anything about it. In Dec I mailed my payment again before the 16th but I guess not soon enough. And yes I know that’s ‘late’ but I get part of my tuition from clients from the state and they don’t pay me on the first. The calls came again. I finally ‘googled’ the number sure enough Green Tree. That was when I started to see all the complaints from them.
    I have had nothing but issues from them since day one. Calls from multiple numbers, callers calling my husband at work even after they were told if they continue to call his work he will be fired and then they will not have their money. I have never gone 30 days late. Close a few times but never over. They have tried saying my first two payment to them were reported to credit agencies as late…found out they can’t do that, called them on it, and the Manager Eunice, backed off on that one. I may not pay on time, but I am never more than 15-20 days late. They have threatened to call neighbors, family, my husbands work. They have lied saying they will ruin my credit, and lied about being able to call multiple times, saying if we want it to stop pay your bill. They forced me to put a 35$ stop payment on a check, and pay them over the phone including their 12$ online/phone fee, then called harassing me as to why the check I send was cancelled. Even though when I explained to the Eunice, that another manager told me to do this, she hadn’t even opened my account to see the note, cause low and behold as I started my story she sees the note. The last straw was this month, they called at 11 am on the 16th I didn’t answer and they immediately called my husband at work, after being told he will be fired for getting calls at work, looking for my payment. He called me, I called them. I had to give them the check number on the phone saying date mailed etc. Lady says ok will make a note, and if we don’t have it in 10 days we will be calling you again. I reminded her they had better not call him at work, she says yes mame I see the note here. Two days later I get a call and so does he again. I jump back onto the phone looking for the lady who had just called, Eunice, the extension she gave me goes to some other lady and her mail box if full. So I called the switch board. Lady pulls up account, I explain the story about the check number given

    • Dana

      Sign the petition to investigate Green Tree:

      Also, send documentation about your experience with the company (harassment, increased payments, threats, foreclosure, loan modification problems, etc.) to investigative media outlets. If they receive enough correspondence about the same issue, they will take interest. You’ll have to be patient as they receive hundreds of correspondence a day. Give them a few months before expecting contact. MAKE SURE YOU RECORD YOUR CONVERSATIONS. In the state of Georgia, you can record as long as ONE PERSON knows about the recording. The one person is you AND you DO NOT have to announce that you’re doing it.

      Send your correspondence about Green Tree to these media outlets:
      #1. DATELINE NBC Monica Lee Press Manager NBC News Communications (212) 664-2124,;
      Dateline NBC
      30 Rockefeller Plaza
      New York, NY 10112
      #2. 20/20 Network Programming Feedback – ABC News–
      #3. 60 Minutes 524 West 57th St. New York, NY 10019 EMAIL PREFERRED: PHONE: (212) 975-3247

  15. T.

    I commented earlier, but would like to add something. In looking over my statements from Green Tree for the last year, it’s very unclear how much they are charging in late fees and what is happening to “unapplied” funds. One statement will show one time that we have unapplied funds and the next statement will not. But they don’t show where it goes.

    With the late fees, they will show a balance in one section, in another section it says “billed late fees”, but it’s normally the same as the late fee balance. So you have to go through and figure out what they’re charging in late fees.

    On the bottom of the statements that we receive, it shows a breakdown of how they applied your payment. We have paid a little over each time on our payment for a year, but when they break it down, they don’t show that the extra is actually put into the “unapplied funds”, in other words, they don’t post an accurate accounting of our complete payment. They don’t even show that they received the extra. I have made a spread sheet and the figures that I’m showing and what they’re showing on the statements don’t match, so I’m going to be sending a request for a detailed accounting of my account. We’ll see how that goes. I’m not sure how they’re figuring our interest either, but for 2012 we paid almost twice the amount of interest than we did the year before, which doesn’t really sound right. They’re accounting practices really need to be looked in to.

  16. S.

    On 4/18/13 I received written notice from BOA that they no longer had anything to do with my mortgage. Beginning May 1 I am to pay GreenTree. Under the law I am supposed to get 15 days written notice from both companies, correct?

    It’s 4/23/13 and I still haven’t received a letter from GreenTree. On May 1 I was prepared to drive approx 3 miles down the road and pay at the BOA branch. Now I have no idea where to send a check. It definitely won’t be there by the 1st and from what I hear they will now begin to harass me even though my mortgage has been on time for 16 months straight (since Jan 2012).

    I will keep track here, for you. Thank you for this page.

    • SoFo

      I need to add that I have an outstanding “fee” from BOA that mysteriously appeared on the front of my statement one month (they used to print it on the back). It was $88.75 at one point. I believe they said it was from one of those “drive by’s” to see if I still lived there. I was told if I wanted to, I could pay a little at a time but it was not due until the loan was up.

      Suddenly it jumped up to $176.81, then on my March statement it jumped again to $238.60. When I called to find out I spoke with “Dior” and she said that it only showed I owed (approx) $20. Apparently I did not note the exact amount.

      I get April’s statement and it still says $238.60. I’m sure once May arrives it won’t say $20 in GreenTree’s system!

      • SoFo

        Third entry. Sorry for not updating sooner.

        On April 27, 2013 I received a letter (no postmark) from GreenTree stating as of May 1 my loan was transferred from BoA to GT but they would not start posting payments until on or about May 13th. I would also not receive a statement from them until the week of May 20. They did give an address where I was to mail May’s payment, but how I was supposed to get May’s payment to them with less than 3 days was beyond me. Normally I drive two miles down the street and pay my mortgage in person at the BOA branch before the grace period has ended. So anywhere between the 1st and the 15th. I also often pay in cash so it is always on tim and I do not have to wait for checks to post/cash.

        Honestly it slipped my mind to get to the post office right away to get this certified mail, because I am used to dropping my payment off, but on Friday May 10 I sent my payment USPS Priority Mail ($5.60). It reached them on Monday May 13. They didn’t cash the check until May 17. I then received a late payment charge (in the form of a letter) in the amount of $60-something for the month of May. This should not have happened during the first 60 days of a loan transfer.

        Oddly enough I began recieveing calls on my cell phone from a blocked number in May as well. They never left a voice mail and I have never received these kinds of calls on my cell phone before.

    • SoFo

      Wow. My mortgage is 7 days late, it’s Christmas and I’m sucking up the late fee and mailing it late, my choice… My mortgage has not been late in two years!

      Not only have they called me 3 times a day on my cell phone (not leaving any messages, so how am I supposed to know that they are the ones calling) but my neighbor just let me know that she received a call as well. Thanks GreenTree! and Merry f*cking Christmas!!!

      Is this law office doing anything about these @holes?!?

      • amie

        no call the FBI like i did give them your complaints they are looking for all complaints to investigate them.

  17. keith

    i had green tree for years sence 1997 and been going threw some hard times these people are harsh they tell me to get out of there property when i try to make payment arrangments they call my nephews inlaws that i dont even know where they got there numbers from ! i dont even have there numbers and i ask green tree about this one day and they said they can do what they want to do and it was leagal. how do i get in on this Class Action suit? These people need to learn a lession about how to treat other people. This is 2013 i been paying on this loan from 1997 and they are saying i only payed $385 on the principle . that dont add up to me

  18. Maria

    Our loan was recently sold to GTS from GMAC. The closing attorney and ourselves had to make repeated phone calls to get the payoff statement. The statement (11APR2013) had a payoff on it, and was supposed to be good through 21APR. After closing, the payoff was sent to GTS. The following Monday (15APR2013) we were notified by the closing attorney that the payoff was short and that GTS would not take it out of our escrow and was charging us close to $35 per day in interest and fees.
    I called GTS and was told that the process generally takes 7-10 days and to be patient. The agent would not transfer my call, nor would she tell me what the payoff difference was. I called back and spoke to a different agent, who informed me that she was sending a negotiator, Lacy, an email requesting a call back and info for us.
    I should note that the automated system stated that our “last payment had been applied and that our next payment of negative 196,000+ dollars is due on may 1, 2013.
    A couple of days later, the closing attorney contacted us again in regards to GTS refusing to apply the payoff, and was continuing to charge us a per diem of almost $35. I called again, was told they were working on it and the process can take time.
    Yesterday, 23APR 2013, the closing attorney contacted me again because GTS still had not released the account. I called GTS and was transferred to what believe to be the payoff department. The female agent informed me that our payoff had actually been short by about $300, but if I sent the payment it would be worked out. She also told me that the per diem interest charges would be waived once I wired the difference. She gave me the wire transfer info, I transferred the funds and thought all was well. TODAY, I received anothe call from the closing attorney that GTS still had not posted/released the account. I called GTS again.
    I was told that I needed to pay the interest which had accrued as a result of a short payoff. The agent, John, looked over all of the notes which had been posted in regards to account. He contacted his supervisor, the other agents supervisor, and put a hold on the interest on the account. He also advised that I pay the additional charges, then get reimbursed in order to get the account released, which I wired ($300+). He also said that I will be getting a callback in regards to my account and situation by the agent who advised me to make the first wire transfer, and who said the per diem would be waived. He stated that the company should honor that statement. In the same phone call, we got another per diem charge.
    Interestingly, GTS never contacted us in regards to any of this-our phone number has not changed in years, nor has our email. Each wire transfer is $20, we have had 3 thus far. The first payoff quote was received by the closing attorney on 11April, good through 21APR. The payment was received by GTS on 15APR, who then sent out an additional payoff quote which was only good for the day, it was sent around noon. Apparently, the second quote and ‘good through’ date over-road the first, which allows them to charge us per diem interest because they did not receive the payment.
    We are being charged per diem interest and fees on an account with a negative balance.

    • SoFo

      What a nightmare. I am so sorry. As someone who is thinking about moving (and as of May 1 I need to start sending my mortgage payments to these idiots) I can’t even wrap my head around the incompetence.

      • madge

        amen. ditto.thanks for taking the time to make all of this public.and for the possibility of holding these # accountable.

    • Lisa Schmidt, Glen Burnie, MD

      I am going through the same thing. Did a HARP refi with GT servicing when our loan was transferred from BOA. GT claims there was a misapplid payment on my account when figuring the pay off so now they want $320 a week after recission has expired. Our new mortgage has funded yet they are now insisting instead of the $320, we now owe over $700. LOL Okay, well got news for them. They’ve messed with the wrong one. I used to be in the mortgage business myself. The title company has to follow the instructions of the lender in order to fund the loan. Any deviation from the closing instructions means that the new loan will not fund. Any changes made to the HUD one settlement has occurred, needs to be addressed within the 3 day recission period. A new HUD1 would have to be re-drafted & we would have to agree to re-sign, which would change our recission & funding period. The fact that all went as planned and a new loan funded, on time, GT has to eat their mistake. I am not responsible for their miscalculation errors. GT will start skipping to a new beat now that they are in the “refinancing” business. It’s a whole different ballgame now that they are not just servicing and they will be fined severely for fraudulent lending practices. Still trying to get my issue resolved but it will work out in my favor. I am certain of it.

    • Dana

      Sign the petition to investigate Green Tree:

      Also, send documentation about your experience with the company (harassment, increased payments, threats, foreclosure, loan modification problems, etc.) to investigative media outlets. If they receive enough correspondence about the same issue, they will take interest. You’ll have to be patient as they receive hundreds of correspondence a day. Give them a few months before expecting contact. MAKE SURE YOU RECORD YOUR CONVERSATIONS. In the state of Georgia, you can record as long as ONE PERSON knows about the recording. The one person is you AND you DO NOT have to announce that you’re doing it.

      Send your correspondence about Green Tree to these media outlets:
      #1. DATELINE NBC Monica Lee Press Manager NBC News Communications (212) 664-2124,;
      Dateline NBC
      30 Rockefeller Plaza
      New York, NY 10112
      #2. 20/20 Network Programming Feedback – ABC News–
      #3. 60 Minutes 524 West 57th St. New York, NY 10019 EMAIL PREFERRED: PHONE: (212) 975-3247

  19. Maria

    (In reference to my posting above)
    I realized that I did not note that after our loan was sold to GTS, we sold it. The closing attorney was for the sale of our property, not of our loan to GTS.
    Thank you

  20. T.

    Update to an earlier post, where I was had forgot to add the extra $55 to our payment and the GT rep informed me, I still owed $181. I paid the $55 through bill pay at my bank. Now when I get online at GT’s site and look at our account, it accounts for the $55, however, now in the “past due” section it shows a zero balance. So, I’m not sure what happened with the other $126 they said I was behind on. But now my regular payment due has gone up. According to our last Escrow Account Statement dated 1/4/13 our new payment beginning in March 2013 would be $1555.16 for the next 12 months. On their website it is now showing our regular payment is $1681.24 a difference of $126.08. I’ve received no explanation as to why the payment has gone up. Another escrow analysis shouldn’t be done till January 2014. They did just pay our insurance premium, but that still shouldn’t effect my payments until next year. They still don’t show that I have any unapplied funds, but by my figures there is $145 unaccounted for. I sent certified letters yesterday to their offices in Rapid City, S.D., St. Paul, MN, and Dallas, TX pointing this out and have asked for an accounting of our account. Wish I would have known they were raising the payment, I would have included that in the letter too. Guess we’ll see if they answer. I don’t see how they can change payments, charge late fees, etc, without giving an accounting for what they’re charging and how you’re payments are being applied. The more I read about this company, the more worried I get. Our house was built on our land, which is tied into the loan too. If we lose our house because of their accounting practices, we lose our land too. I hope these crooks can be shut down soon.

    • Dana

      Sign the petition to investigate Green Tree:

      Also, send documentation about your experience with the company (harassment, increased payments, threats, foreclosure, loan modification problems, etc.) to investigative media outlets. If they receive enough correspondence about the same issue, they will take interest. You’ll have to be patient as they receive hundreds of correspondence a day. Give them a few months before expecting contact. MAKE SURE YOU RECORD YOUR CONVERSATIONS. In the state of Georgia, you can record as long as ONE PERSON knows about the recording. The one person is you AND you DO NOT have to announce that you’re doing it.

      Send your correspondence about Green Tree to these media outlets:
      #1. DATELINE NBC Monica Lee Press Manager NBC News Communications (212) 664-2124,;
      Dateline NBC
      30 Rockefeller Plaza
      New York, NY 10112
      #2. 20/20 Network Programming Feedback – ABC News–
      #3. 60 Minutes 524 West 57th St. New York, NY 10019 EMAIL PREFERRED: PHONE: (212) 975-3247

  21. Mark

    Today a Green Tree representative who identified herself as “Jamie Short” implied that if they foreclosed “incriminating” information about me would come to light. Of course, she did not specify what the “incriminating” information was. As this is a clear violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, I have sent a demand for the $1,000 owed to me due to the violation. Happily, my lawyer is willing to run with the case in the event they don’t timely send me the check, as violations of the FDCPA provide for attorneys fees. Folks, know your rights……even if you aren’t in the class action, if you don’t have a lawyer contact these guys for a referral. Once Green Tree has had to pay the fine and attorneys fees enough times they will change how they do business.

  22. S.

    My Mortgage was just taken over by Green Tree Servicing LLC, it was originally with GMAC formally with USAA. GTS has NOT paid my property taxes and they are now nearly a month past due. I have received a delinquent tax bill On Tues 4/16 from my county and have already been charged a late fee, another will be assessed on the first of May, if not paid by June my parcel will go up for sale on June 10th. I called GTS the same day I got my notice and they asked that I make a copy and mail my tax bill to them. I have sent a copy of the tax bill along with a report from my county treasurer website showing that the payment was not paid and pointed out the late fee assessed. I called again on Wed 4/17 to inform them I have mailed out the information. They asked that I fax them, I have no fax machine. The person I spoke to on that day said there was no information logged that I had called to question my escrow and tried to say they did pay them, but pointed out to them that the payment made was my Homeowners Insurance, not my property tax. They asked me to wait and give a few days for my letter to get there so I called on Monday 4/22 to make sure they received the papers I sent, they confirmed they did. I asked when they were going to make the property tax payment, I was told it was being addressed. I checked on Wed,4/24, still not paid, called again got the same spew again. I then demanded to have one point of reference to talk to, I was told I just had to call their customer service number. I checked again on Friday 4/26, taxes still not paid. I have had my loan transitioned before and they were right on top of my taxes and insurance. I almost feel like they are allowing this to happen. I had my loan modified two years ago. I have not been late on my payments, I always pay one to two weeks early. I have no idea what to do.

  23. Pingback: Class Action Investigation: Nationstar Mortgage | Leonard Law Office, LLP

  24. E.G.

    I have Greentree as a second mortgage, not a large amount. I went thru a divorce and still made all payments to the first and second. My exhusband died who paid half of the second mortgage payment every month. I was able to refi my first thru the harp program and I applied for a harp modification with Green Tree 3 months ago and still no decision, no word. I cannot reach anyone when I call. I have spent all my savings paying them, not missing a payment. To refi my first only took 45 days.

  25. ethfar

    The mortgage payment went up, but Greentree never sent me a notice. I found out on the website, which is a joke. I don’t understand how they came up with a new payment price, with out doing and analysis of the next year? With their increase, it states I am late on my payment! lol, I have made the same payment for a for the last 9 months. But my last statement does not say there is an increase, just the online statement?!
    Here is where I really hate these people….My name is not on the mortgage or the deed….only my husbands….but they call my cell every day after the 1st of the month….on the loan doc. it states that the payment has to be made by the 15th of the month…so the 1st thru the 15th it is NOT late!!!! I make sure to pay on the 15th…..they can wait. I just don’t answer the phone!

  26. AH

    I have GreenTree as a second mortgage – small loan with a 10% interest rate. I had called them several times asking to restructure the loan to a lower interest rate and they told me I would have to stop making payments for them to even talk to me about that. After trying to find other ways we decided to go through a short sale process. Once we stopped paying before we got legal help GreenTree was extremely nasty on the phone with me telling me it was illegal to stop paying and demanded over and over I make a payment. Now, the first, larger mortgage, has agreed to a short sale but GreenTree is refusing to move forward and won’t take a settlement. They’ve held up this whole process and now it’s gone into foreclosure. Someone needs to stop them from treating people like this.

  27. Alisha

    Green Tree bought out my loan from IndyMac.. I ended up having to try to short sell my condo and Green Tree was horrible. They called my work, my parents house, my cell phone, my 3 previous employers everyday all day telling everybody they could I owed them money and they needed to tell me to pay my debts. They even asked people if they thought it was right, I wasn’t paying. I tried 3 times with the short sell and it was green Tree who wouldn’t give. They wanted me to bring additional money (cash) to closing of the short sell for them and to sign a paper they wrote up that basically says that I promise to pay the original loan amount in full. If i signed the paper, they could use it to garnish my wages even after the property was sold. When i didn’t sign the paper, they threatened to still garnish my wages because I clearly inteneded to go through with the short sale. I contacted a lawyer and ended up filing bankruptcy because I couldn’t risk Green Tree coming after me later on down the line and the constant drama with them calling and me almost getting me fired. I needed help…
    My loan with Green Tree was discharged in 2011 yet they still keep pulling my credit about 3 times a year. Green Tree has no grounds and they do not have authorization to pull my credit but they refuse to stop. It never ends and i don’t know how to make it stop… I’m trying to rebuild my credit and move on but someone pulling my credit lowers my score.

  28. med

    I have now sent modification paperwork in twice after being told we qualify, but GT cannot find it…it got lost in the mail, twice?? These people are shady, on our statements it looks like NOTHING is being credited to our principle, they do not credit excess amounts to paid to anything, they keep putting money in unapplied funds, but never can explain where it was applied. How am I supposed to pay down my mortgage when NOTHING seems to get applied to the principle? I thought if I paid extra whenever I could it would come off of the principle directly…I cannot figure out where they are applying it.
    Also, we have always paid our mortgage on the 10th of the month, within the grace period with no problem, neither countrywide nor BOA ever called or bothered us. Ummmm….got a call yesterday from GT wanting to know when I plan to pay…told them on the tenth like we always do…aren’t these people busy enough losing payments, misapplying funds, and misplacing modification paperwork…they have to call during the grace period too?????

    I do not know much about the laws about these things in our state but now I am feeling like I need to check into what these people can and cannot do.

  29. SuperDave

    I’m a buyer of a short sale processed thru GreenTree, after acquiring it from Bank Of America after we already started the process. They have sat on it for over 6 months. About 6 weeks ago they counter offered another 6k cause they said the house has gone up in value. I almost told the not go fish at that point, but really like the house so went ahead and did it. Now early this week they gave approval over the phone but a week later no paper work from them. All this time waiting the interest rates have gone up and will cause me to pay a higher mortgage payment. I don’t know how this company has been able to mess with people as they have. They are lucky they are not local to me or some of there desks would have been kicked over already. This is another reason why our country is so screwed up. Shut them down.

  30. Gayle

    Green Tree took over our mortgage account from GMAC in Feb, 2013. We only had 3 full & one partial payments left. We never once missed, nor were we ever late with a payment on anything, ever. Even when my husband was laid off for a year, we never missed a payment of any kind. Our credit is pristine. I feel like we’ve been living in a nightmare since Green Tree took over our mortgage. Every couple of days we get threatening letters saying we are behind on our mortgage, which is totally not true. We have made several calls & they keep telling us everything is fine & we don’t have to worry about it, but the letters keep coming & are getting worse sounding all the time. We mailed in the final, partial payment last week, well within the payoff window for that amount. One of their employees admitted to us on the phone that they cannot stop the computer generated letters that we are receiving & they can’t fix the problem. Their website will not let us access any statements that prove they have received payment, even though it was auto withdrawn from our checking account every month. I’m afraid they won’t mail our escrow balance to us & we will need it to pay our summer taxes. I’m even more worried that their mistake will hurt our credit rating. We are close to retirement & cannot afford this kind of hassle. This company is a joke. I can’t believe they get by with what they are doing to people.

  31. Jeff

    These guys are unprofessional, unorganized,and harrassing pest, and this is only after being a customer for a month. I’ll do anything at this point to run away from their nonsense. It’s like they are intentionally stalling my payment credits on my account to hurt my mortgage, or increase their chances of filing a default. Their latest antics were to send me a notice of non sufficient funds letter on a check that was drawn on my account two weeks prior. I even have a letter from my banker saying the funds have “left the building” and the note was a fabrication of Green Tree’s poor record keeping. Today, after already explaining a week ago that it’s their responsibility to check their own accounts for the payment, they called my cellphone five times in 30 minutes and my office phone twice. So after SEVEN calls in 30 minutes, I returned the call and had to give the same spill that I did last week plus had to research and fax everything on my side. I was guilty until I proved my innocence. I also MADE 5 attempts to fax their documents they needed to a busy fax number, so I called the Green Tree customer service number and they said the number the collector gave me was for the “short sale department”? The “short sale department” statement is now making me even more uncomfortable about the sleeziness going on behind the scenes.

    • A. P.

      You will never get away they will pull your credit two or three times a week to lower your score so you cant refinace i know they have done it to me plus they add false accounts to your credit in high amounts to also lower it and they know you willl have a hard time removing them cause credir buruas dont remove anyting .

  32. Jeff

    Their sales pitch straight from their website:
    “Whereas other servicers look to computer-driven process automation and offshore call centers to better their bottom lines, Green Tree maximizes returns by building personal relationships with borrowers — engendering in them a willingness to meet their obligations.
    Our high-touch servicing standard maximizes the effectiveness of our debt recovery efforts. We boost productivity by drawing on data-driven predictive models that we then customize in consideration of a borrower’s resources.

    The personal nature of our interactions extends to our clients who rely on us for effective loss mitigation strategies and healthy returns, among other requisites. Our proven ability to rapidly and efficiently convert slow and nonpaying customers into those who pay regularly and on time, and to do so with minimal disruption to client cash flows, is just one measure of our success.”

    Shame on them, in other words hounding and harrassing phone calls so bankers can improve the accounts receivable turnaround rate by a few days. It sounds like factoring not servicing to me.

    • TS

      No Kidding, Jeff. I especially like the following statement:

      “Green Tree maximizes returns by building personal relationships with borrowers — engendering in them a willingness to meet their obligations.”

      1. “…Building personal relationships with borrowers…”

      TRANSLATED: Calling customers so frequently (either by phone, satellite connections via the International Space Station, Indian smoke signals, etc.) that they exceed by 300% the overall amount of ‘personal’ interaction typically expected in long-term monogamous relationships. I mean, seriously people. If I called my girlfriend 84 times per day, committed 2 drive-by shootings through her living room window with fragmentation rounds, and screamed her name over the public address system at Wal-Mart just to make sure she brought me cigarettes home after work, I guarantee you it’d maximize my return because she’d dump 50 cartons in the front yard just to shut me up.

      2. “…engendering in them a willingness to meet their obligations…”

      TRANSLATED: We aren’t ‘customers’. We’re now puppies who’ve reached that adorable age where potty-training is a must. “Engender” is a cute term for “training”, much like we engender in young “Max” an obligation to run to the door, sit, and indicate he needs to go outside to relieve himself. And how does a master or pack-leader “engender” a willingness meet obligations in a pathetic group of untrained, sub-human, non-bill payin’ tree-pee’ers? Well, since smacking us in the face with a wadded up magazine isn’t practical here, Green Tree takes a page right from the US Military’s Interrogation Handbook — yes, folks, you’ve got it… THREATS! Perhaps they won’t hold that unloaded, yet frightening .45 caliber handgun to your eyeball, but they CAN engender in us a willingness to pay up by threatening to call everyone on your neighborhood block, your grandma with a heart condition, your ex-wife, AND dear old mom and dad. And, as in my case, they can CLAIM to deny you any further “leniency” until they know the reason for why payment $X didn’t arrive on time (which, mind you, it did…7 days early, in fact). When informed that my “reason” is none of their puppy-spankin’ business, they toss out blatant lies, like, “You’re required by law to tell us, and if you don’t, then you can expect the continued phone calls — the ball isn’t in YOUR court, “Max”, it’s in mine. I’m not a customer service rep…I’m a DEBT collector, and you WILL pay me this debt TODAY.” Ah, yes… the old “power play”. I think I saw this last used successfully in “Braveheart”.

      Permit me to close here, by simply saying I owe no “debt” that needs to be “collected” — I have a mortgage whose payment is faithfully drafted from my account, straight to GT, on the 2nd of each month. Second, there’s no law in existence (believe me, I’m in the justice field) which states any client or customer MUST reveal information of a personal nature to ANY entity for ANY reason. In my case, this “mandatory information” demanded by Green Tree is protected medical information, and falls under HIPPA. And finally, our state’s statutes on debt collection practices clearly indicates that more than X-number of calls in one 24-hour period is ILLEGAL, and constitutes harrassment. Calls before 8:00 am are unlawful, as are calls in which threats, predatory tactics, explicit language, and modes of humiliation are employed.

      These people will get theirs. And it shall be hot when they arrive.

      ‘Night, dawgs.

    • Dana

      Send your correspondence about Green Tree to these media outlets: #1. DATELINE NBC Monica Lee Press Manager NBC News Communications (212) 664-2124 #2. 20/20 Network Programming Feedback – ABC News– #3. 60 Minutes 524 West 57th St. New York, NY 10019 EMAIL: PHONE: (212) 975-3247″

    • Dana

      There is a petition that has been online unbeknownst to people since May. SIGN, SIGN, SIGN and spread the word.

  33. K.M.

    I have been dealing with Nation Star since April. They placed a Lenders Choice policy on my wind and hail insurance, which I all ready have. My payment was triple because the escro amount showed the lenders choice amount of 6,300.00. Still after they have received my policy, and 20 phone calls and two months behind, they want me to pay 9,000.00 and some change. I need help. They told me they sent me a waver form and a check for the insurance I paid, I have not received any of it. Now told since I am behind on payments I can’t get the form to adjust my escro.

  34. Jess

    Ok so they not only harass me after the second of the month ! Which I live in the state of New York and as long as I pay by the 15th of each month I’m considered ON TIME ! They are now calling a family ever which I AM NOT SPEAKING TO ! I have asked on more than one occasion for them to only contact me !!! THIS PERSON IS NOT A REFERENCE !!!! I HAVE TO HEAR HOW THIS FAMILY MEMEBER OA SPREADING RUMORS ON HOW I CAN NOT PAY MY BILLS !!! Yes I like over 75 percent of America has NOT BEEN ABLE TO PAY BILLS ON TIME ! But within the last year I have not been late more than twice ! This company SUCKS !!! I have said my house is underwater ( meaning my house is worth less than what I have a mortgage for and have sent paper work out more than twice on to get my payment lowered and how convenient “they never got it ” !!! This company is what is wrong with America !!!! We should be working with each other not against each other ! This company is worse than Bank Of America who sold my loan to heed tree !!!! And yes I know it’s green tree ! But there is morning but greed coming from this company who will lie , cheat And ignore anyone’s plea for help ! So I am mad !

    • Dana

      Send your correspondence about Green Tree to these media outlets: #1. DATELINE NBC Monica Lee Press Manager NBC News Communications (212) 664-2124 #2. 20/20 Network Programming Feedback – ABC News– #3. 60 Minutes 524 West 57th St. New York, NY 10019 EMAIL: PHONE: (212) 975-3247″

    • Dana

      There is a petition that has been online unbeknownst to people since May. SIGN, SIGN, SIGN and spread the word.

      • rosemary passero

        Since Bank of america sold my mortgage to Green Tree in July of 2013, they have do nothing but threatened me, harassed me and stole my payments. I have every check deposited by them and they still insist I missed five mortgage payments at $2700,00 Per month. My name is Rosemary and I live in New Jersey, With all these complaints why has nothing been done. We must do something and do it quickly

  35. G.B.

    Green Tree is about as worthless and greedy as they come. Over a year ago, my house burned down. Now, the original mortgage was only 88k. Furthermore, a great deal of fraud on the part of the mortgage company was found upon a mortgage audit (originally a Countrywide loan). Green Tree received the loan servicing rights via BofA. When I received the proceeds check from the fire and asked for a payoff, you can only imagine how furious I was when I saw, for a mortgage originally worth 88k, they wanted 135k!! And, this mortgage was discharged in 2009 via bankruptcy. Suffice to say they won’t get a dime until they agree to a fair settlement.

  36. LondonBridge

    The due date on my bill is the first of each month, which I have no problem paying. However, late fees are added if the money is received on the 2nd. I have NEVER encountered a business that did not have a floating period for monies to be received (usually the 15th). Is this legal?

    I get paid at the end of each month and have my bills electronically mailed. I can only date the drafting of payments on the very last day of the month. I cannot do it any earlier.

    Is the lack of any floating time for payments to be reached LEGAL?

    • Amie paveglio

      Greentree has its on rules you pay when they say so not when its due and even then they charge late fees been there still doing it in bankruptsy trustee dont care nor my general say he dont help indaviduals what a joke thats TN for you.

      • TS

        So, I have a question. This site has been collecting personal testimonials and hundreds of customer experiences related to unethical and outright criminal conduct by Green Tree… I’m respectfully asking when we might see Leonard Law Offices begin to provide us with a tentative plan of action, a decision as to when and/or if they’ll seek litigation procedures, or whether a class action suit will develop sometime in the near future. It’s obvious Green Tree has violated every federal banking code on the books, and it’s even more apparent that hard-working, trusting clients of this company have been treated as second-rate citizens. From what I’ve read so far, the majority of this company’s victims (us) have been humiliated by phone or correspondence, subjected to threats of foreclosure and public embarrassment, spoken to like convicts, and harrassed and disrespected far beyond the permitted limits of state and federal law.

        WHAT STILL PUZZLES ME IS THIS: My mortgage was with Countrywide until it was overtaken by Green Tree. In reading about Green Tree, they’re a loan “servicer”, or “debt collector” — they aren’t described as a financial institution providing your traditional banking needs. Why would my loan with Countrywide be sent to a “collections institution” when I’ve never defaulted on a loan in my life, never missed a payment, and have above-average credit scores? Each “statement” I receive from Green Tree says at the bottom, “This notice is being sent to collect a debt.” Last I checked, I’m not delinquent on a damned thing, especially my house payments, and I wonder why a financially responsible person who pays her bills on time would have her mortgage loan sent to such a company in the first place? Has anyone else ever wondered this??

        There’s not much more, it seems, to be said here. They suck, they’re criminals, they’re unethical, and they need to be punitively driven into the ground in a court of law — and, lest we forget, their 1000s of victims should be monetarily compensated to the fullest extent permitted by federal sentencing and disposition regulations.

        To the counselors and legal staff at Leonard: Please provide your intentions at this point, given the enormous amount of information you’ve collected by posters so far… and, if you intend to seek litigatory relief for us under the umbrella of a class action suit, please provide a time at which that may begin to take form.

        Thank you.

      • We have filed one class action already (under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act) and we are still actively doing the research necessary to decide whether additional cases will follow. You are welcome to contact me directly to talk about this process at (617) 595-3640. Thanks.

      • TS

        Much appreciated for your quick reply… If my post seemed a bit impatient and harsh, my apologies. This company has done nothing but humiliate, harrass, and demean thousands of good people who’ve done nothing but had their loan passed off to this poor excuse for a business. They operate with impunity, and treat people with a complete absence of dignity or respect. The company’s “collections agents” who call customers’ homes exude an attitude of superiority, and act in a manner reminiscent of a parent admonishing a child for not cleaning his or her room. The threats, the condescending behavior, the climate of hostility, the outright air of entitlement that they spew when speaking to you… this conduct is in direct violation of many state statutes with regard to “conduct of debt collectors.” When I inform GT’s callers of the fact that their behavior has crossed the line into criminal / civil violations, they flatly say, “That’s an absolute lie, and frankly, I’m not interested in what you *think* you know about the law at this point, ma’am. My job is to collect $XXX on this loan immediately, and if you don’t want to cooperate with me, we’ll take this to the next step. You’re not in control right now.”

        And honestly counselors, I’m not real sure why my loan would even end up assigned/sold to a “debt collection” servicer. Had I been delinquent in my payments, defaulted on this loan, or had otherwise been irresponsible in taking care of my financial obligations, I *might* understand it — some. But, my credit is above average, my loan payments have never been late, I’ve never defaulted, and I pay my monthly payment via electronic draft from my state’s credit union. My monthly paper statement begins by indicating that a monthly amount of $XXX will be drafted from my account, as scheduled by the customer (me), on date X. But at the bottom of this paper statement/verification of electronic draft, it says, “This electronic draft verification statement is documentation of our attempt to collect a debt.”

        The entire thing is just weird….. “…Our attempt to collect a debt..?” I’ve never forced them to attempt to collect anything before — plus, my original loan (BoA, then Countrywide) was always paid in a timely, responsible fashion, and was never even close to being considered a “problem account”. Simply getting a paper verification telling me my loan payment is being drafted “in an effort to collect a debt” sounds as though I’m behind in my payments, or have avoided paying, or have been an irresponsible loan holder who spends her time hiding in dark places like some ridiculous Default Ninja.

        As are other fed up customers on this site, who’ve provided you with examples ad nauseum of their experiences with Green Tree, I’m standing first in line to be signed up on a class action suit, and will provide you with any information you need to bolster or augment your current case(s). The Green Tree “representative” who literally humiliated me on the phone, and used expletives and threats to “make his point clear”, is named Dean Baxley. Given Mr. Baxley (who seems to think he somehow owns Green Tree) is calling from a servicing center in Iowa, he’s in no way familiar with my state’s *very clear statutes outlining actionable conduct with regard to collections companies*, especially when such conduct occurs over telephone or other electronic means of communication.

        Thanks so far for your firm’s efforts in pursuing actions against this company. I may call on Tues, given tody is a national holiday. Can you advise what time zone you’re in, and what would be a good time to call your offices (and to whom should I direct my call)?

      • amie paveglio

        I”M with you i just want something done they are rude people they harrassed me and my kids.i have a long story as to what they have done to me and it just keeps getting deeper as days go on.

  37. DC

    Count me on the Class Action lawsuit. I am in the same boat, my original Mortgage was with Countrywide. BofA then bought the contract and then on 1 April 2013 sold it to these corporate thugs, Green Tree. I pay my payments via “Bill Payment” thru my financial institution. Found the actual back door ADDRESS to Green Tree where “Electronic Payments” are actually paid and recorded thru my Financial Institution’s Bill Payment program. Last two months my payments were made Electronically on the 16th and posted. Had to call them to RE-ALLOCATE the last payment for June. They posted it as an additional payment to principle. Waiting to send the July payment Electronically, but this time it will be exactly on the 1st of July and not sooner.

  38. T.

    Just another complaint about Green Tree’s incompetence…….Our homeowners insurance policy was effective 4/12/13 with State Farm, it was paid from our escrow account. A copy of the verification was sent to Green Tree by our insurance agent. After that we kept receiving notices that we needed to show them proof we had insurance or they would add a policy to our account. I sent copies to 3 different offices on 4/18/13, (one of those was sent certified, so I know it was received), I faxed a copy to the number on the notice on 5/14/13 and also mailed another copy to the address listed. I called on 5/20/13 and was told they had received the verification and everything was fine. Received a notice on 5/31/13, that on 5/25/13 they added their own insurance policy in the amount of $2223 to our account. Called on 5/31/13 when i received the notice and the customer service rep couldn’t really tell me if they had received the copies sent or not. She said they were showing a pdf document, but she couldn’t tell what it was and she would send an email to their insurance department about this matter. I went ahead and faxed them another copy along with the copy they added asking the to remove the policy. I faxed it about 10 times on 5/31/113 and another 10 times today. Guess we’ll see what happens. Quite the scam they have going with this insurance stuff.

    • michele

      Hello, Wondering what did happen, as I am trying to get my insurance back into, GT as it has been replaced with GT policy ins. Any advice.

      • TM

        I turned them into the Better Business Bureau. And I sent certified letters to their insurance agency with a copy of the declaration page from State Farm. I also sent copies of the same letter to their offices in Miami, FL, St. Paul MN, and Rapid City SD. I think the turning them into the BBB is what did the trick, the matter got resolved within days of turning them in. They dropped their insurance policy and I wasn’t charged anything for it and they paid my policy with State Farm. They claimed the problem was with the address, our actual mailing address had changed due to 911 purposes, but not the physical address and the new mailing address was on the declarations page from State Farm. However, they never bothered to mention that before or call and check with me. The letter they sent to the Better Business Bureau was from a Karen Nedved in their Rapid City, SD office. The phone # shows the same 800 cs #, but there is a fax # 866-870-9919. Hope this helps. Don’t let up on them, I bet I faxed them 30 copies of my declarations page from State Farm. I live in Oklahoma, the BBB it sent me to was in Omaha, NE.

    • Tess

      As a licensed insurance producer I would COMPLAIN to the insurance commissioner in your state and KEEP complaining about them trying to “force place” coverage on a home that was clearly already insured. Then contact your state attorney general and COMPLAIN about this procedure. Then call or visit your state representative/congressman and demand that they inquire why GT issued a policy on a home already covered. That is ILLEGAL!

      • I should do this, as they changed my ins. I did get it changed back, but I lost my old ins. because of it. And I . Live out of the country, so everything is harder to do.

  39. BringItOn!

    I received a letter from BoA May 28, 2013 indicating that my mortgage has been sold to GT as of June 15, 2013. I am in the middle of a modification and have an attorney as BoA has been difficult to deal with. If LeonardLaw wants to get firsthand knowledge of GT practices you’ll be able to do so with my account.

  40. Connie Fabrizio

    My mortgage was transferred to Greentree due to the GMAC bankrupty. Unfortunately in 2009 I filed a Chapter 13. Pursuant to the agreement with the Trustee I am reponsible for remitting my mortgage payments. Never a problem with GMAC. I received a statement each month which acknoweldged the Chapter 13 but provided me with information related to my prior months payment and my balance. Not so with Greentree. They send me a statement which acknowledges the bankruptcy but claim they are, by law, unable to provide me with a montlhy balance. Also, at the time of takeover they submitted a claim to the Trustee for about $13,000.00 more than what I owed GMAC. I have all documents.
    I have tried to call Customer Service- I am forwarded to the Bankruptcy Department whose mailbox is full- always- click.
    I can not call their Customer Service because I am referred to the Bankruptcy Department.
    You cannot contact them by e-mail; the link does not connect.
    You cannot contact them directly by e-mail.
    I have no way of determining how much they claim I owe and if my payments are being properly applied.
    The Class Action Law Suit- Count me in!

  41. Carolyn Anderson

    My mortgage has been sold twice, started with Countrywide, then sold to Bank of America, and finally I am now stuck with Green Tree. I have NEVER paid a bill late in my life and my first experience with Green Tree started with multiple phone calls to my cell phone while I was at work and they didn’t leave a message. I called the number back after I got off work and was told, “we were just calling to remind you your payment is due in a few days.” I was livid. I informed them I had paid my payment weeks prior to Bank of America an the payment had already cleared the bank, and I did not appreciate being called while I was at work for a bill I had already paid. They started stumbling, and I got the excuse so many others have gotten, well it is taking awhile for our bookkeeping to catch up.
    My next experience with them was finding out that if I wanted to pay my payment online I would have to pay an additional 12.00 each time I paid, unless I signed up for automatic withdrawals. I was hesitant to do this, but I didn’t trust them to cash my check on time an I refused to pay an extra 12.00 so I signed up.
    My next experience came this year when I found out they have only been paying 1 of my 5 tax bills. When they took over my mortgage, they did not properly take over all the bills with the county and now I have 4 delinquent bills. I had to fax papers, and spend hours on the phone trying to straighten out the bills. I have them a ten days to try to straighten it out, when I called and emailed to try to see if they had been paid, they told me they weren’t going to do anything until June 19th and they would send me a letter (the bills were already delinquent and the next payment was due May 10). I told them this was ridiculous and they were pushing my bills into further delinquency, they told me what was I worried about they were paying the late fees.
    My next experience came when I just switched homeowners companies. My new agent called and faxed the information twice. GTS paid my old company instead so again I got to spend hours on the phone finding out why. They of course claimed they never got the information. I am still having to straighten this mess out and now have a huge escrow shortage because they paid the wrong company and I haven’t been reimbursed yet. Dealing with this company is a horrible experience. You never talk to the same person and you never get your problem resolved. I tried refinancing my home with a different company, but I can’t in today’s market so I am stuck with them.

  42. leaoriea scott

    I bought my house in 2008 and my lender was BAC and then. BANK OF AMERICA. And then green tree bought out. Bank of america. They have my morage now. My brother wanted to buy my house and i said ok. Let check with green tree to make sure they understood what i was going to do. Green tree said it was ok as long as my brother makes the payments. Now green tree is calling me at 8:00 am to 10:00pm at night with different people calling wanting to were the payment is at.they are bother me and r just rude with me. What i do

  43. ls

    ls My loan was transfered from Bank of America. They made threating phone calls when I was one day past the first of the month. They made numerous phone to my house and filled up my answering machine. They then started call ing be at my work. Even though it told them that I could not talk there and that It was causing me embaressment since every one in the room could hear my call. There were different people calling me and they were all rude and threating, That must be a job requirement to work for Green Tree.

  44. Dana

    I want to bring a lawsuit against this company concerning, false allegations, rude, harassing, and accusatory tone towards me. I am unable to work due to a medical condition and the rep. Chris and Manager John made some nasty comments as well as false accusations against me. If there is a class action suit, how can I sign on? Thanks. I ADVISE EVERYONE WITH COMPLAINTS TO RECORD EACH AND EVERY CONVERSATION YOU HAVE WITH THEM!

  45. Sabrina

    I want to bring a lawsuit against this company too!
    I have a purchaser for my home but Green Tree will not provide the escrow company with a payoff. I have this opportunity to sell my home and pay my full debt but they will not produce the document we need to close the deal. I was with BofA and they sold my loan to Green Tree. I am sill the owner of my home because I have not yet been foreclosed on. I am not a short sale…this is a full meal deal!!! Green Tree needs to be made accountable! Please, someone needs to help us! How can a company get away with this in our USA?

  46. Paul Savio

    I am in the SAME boat as everyone here. My mortgage was sold to Greentree from BOA about 6 months ago. Greentree has been screwing us ever since. Added almost $10,000 to our original balance, claimed we are late paying every month, adding penalty fees, raising our monthly payment without explanation. When we request prove of our documentation or loan they tell us they will look into it. Asked for prove they have been paying our homeowners insurance and they say they will look into it. They harras, initimitate and call us constantly on my cell, home and work. This is a NIGHTMARE. In the 15 years of owning the home I was NEVER late with any of my payments, nor had a problem with BOA!! PLEASE HELP US!!!! I have filed a complaint with FTC & CFPB. As well as looking into doing whatever else I can. I have just begun my crusade.

    • Lets keep in touch… I was just transferred too and had my 1st convo which went badly. I applied for MHA in May and sent in my documents, today Green Tree says they have no proof of that and could not help me. My HUD counselor filled a OCC complaint since they refused to take another application . We are allowed to apply as much as we want for the program if our finances change. We need to band together. I wish you the best..


  47. Dana

    Who’s up for contacting Dateline NBC, 20/20 or 60 Minutes for them to conduct an investigation on this company? Follow the Facebook page, “Victims of Green Tree Servicing” and let’s get together on there or here or somewhere. Maybe also start a petition in addition to the media at Posting here isn’t going to help unless we take the steps to expose these folks on a national level.

    Again, I advise for any and all to record your conversations with these people.

    • Pamela

      I am I do not have a victims mentality but I’m being victimized by GTS

      • Dana

        Send your correspondence about Green Tree to these media outlets: #1. DATELINE NBC Monica Lee Press Manager NBC News Communications (212) 664-2124 #2. 20/20 Network Programming Feedback – ABC News– #3. 60 Minutes 524 West 57th St. New York, NY 10019 EMAIL: PHONE: (212) 975-3247″

    • M

      I am definitely up for that! I am reading through all the posts and I have an issue w/GTS, but much different. They foreclosed on our house for 2 missed payments that I was not aware my bank missed the auto pay. I was not contacted by GTS of the issue, instead they put my house in foreclosure and it has been sitting that way for several months now while I continue to pay my mortgage EVERY month – only to find out that they are putting my money in a holding account, and not applying it to my mortgage. GTS said they have been trying to reach me, sent letters, etc…all of which I never received. When I explained to the person that I thought I have been paying my mortgage, and where is the money you have been receiving and if I owe you money why have you not been applying it? She had no good answers for me. Other that I can get my house out of foreclosure if I pay what I am missing (most of which is sitting in their “holding account”) plus the $3,000 + in legal fees occurred for an issue I never knew existed. I wish they were calling an harassing me like they did to all of you. At least I would have had some kind of Notification of what was going on!!

      • Dana

        Send your correspondence about Green Tree to these media outlets: #1. DATELINE NBC Monica Lee Press Manager NBC News Communications (212) 664-2124 #2. 20/20 Network Programming Feedback – ABC News– #3. 60 Minutes 524 West 57th St. New York, NY 10019 EMAIL: PHONE: (212) 975-3247″

      • Bobby

        I was a month and a half behind due to the death of my father and now inthe process of moving my mom into my home with me and my daughter. I called last week withthe 2 payments I was told they couldnt accpet payment cause my home is now in forclosure???? I asked to talk to a manger he got on the phone and told me only way to get it out of foreclosure I had to paynext month in advance before the 26th additional $1, 651 so now with late fees they said come up with $5, 387 !!! Thanks to a loan from a good friend I called a day earlier today ready to make payment they told me that superviser wasnt available I got the next supervisor that told me they have finally got the legal fees back?? I told her I was just looking to pay the 3 payments and stop the foreclosure she said that can’t be done, and called me a liar and that the other superviser never would tell me that! Then told me the only way to stop the foreclosure was to pay the 3 mortgage payment with late fees $5, 387 + their lawyers fees of $1, 820= $7, 307 from the $3, 302 I owed for the last 2 months?? I m in shock the refuse to take my payments and every call they just keep adding up more and more fees??? WTF I NEED HELP

  48. debbie

    Green Tree just gave out every detail of my account to a man that i lived with for 25 years. we were never married and they have no authorization from me to discuss my case with anyone except me, what do i do?

  49. debbie

    i should add that
    this man and i have not lived together for over a year

    • Gary Vorce

      I originally had another lender when I bought my house in 2007 from the builder…before the ink was dry they sold it to Countrywide then it went to BAC at BAC I asked about a modification and all he’ll broke loose. I was getting letters threading foreclosure and even was given a letter to short sale and within days received another letter indicating the short sale was denied and they would proceed with foreclosure. I NEVER WAS LATE AND NEVER MISSED A PAYMENT. Some how I was in their system. Many letters to public officials and trips to the bank it was deemed a glitch in the system and the added a cease order on my account. Shortly there after my 80/20 loan was with Nationstar and Green Tree. When I spoke to Greentree for the first time they had me speak to my account manager when I asked about being under water he said he was too new and sent me to another guy who to sum it up told me to making the payment I didnt and continue to make the payment when the new guy starting calling me at home and at work to say I was late on paying my 2nd. I told him I have paid it on the same date for the last 6 years he went on to call me names and I unloaded a barrage of f bombs on him and told him not to call again. I contacted B of A filed a complaint and never heard from him. What I did notice is they held payments for days before posting and would send a notice showing a double payment after it cleared the bank. We as home buyers were sucked into the Countrywide debacle or I should say scammed, honest people making their payments but treated like scum because we were thrown into a risky loans and sold off to debt collectors they don’t even refer to us as mortgage holders we are consider debt. I for one say enough is enough as they continue to short sale they continually bring down the values. I still owe what I owe 122000 under H2o…Freddie Mac says The home is worth Lessing was able to reduce the 1st to a lower interest rate but the 2nd is wasted money. Green Tree needs to be held accountable and the state and Feds were suppose to be the watch dogs and have failed the American people….

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  57. VM

    My account was sold from Countrywide to Bank of America, and now to Green Tree. I cannot even believe how terrible they are, and this is only my first month with them. They charge exorbitant fees to pay online; when I called in to the center they were very rude and condescending. I cannot do a refi because I owe a small amount. Luckily I am able to payoff the total to get out from under their greedy thumb, but I am now uncertain if the payoff number is correct or if they added jacked up fees!!

  58. Deborah Riley

    I had never had any troublr with GMAC, I paid by internet on the 14th as that was my payday. I t was always credited correctly, my escrow account was credited, etc. Then came Greentree, my only correspondence with them is mail so they must not have my current peraonal info, But the letter, I never know what they are saying; sometimes it is that I owe twice my payment, sometimes there are late chartges which are not correct. My credit score has gone from 790 to 720 because of their continuous checks. I tried their automatic withdrawal once and they only paid the principal, I cancelled immediately because that amount was not the authorised amount. I cant get a statement of account activity to check the amounts. And the $12.00 internet fee, OMG. I wonder how much of that company they own. Then they try to get me to HARP finance through them…no way. I am selling this spring and glad I can do it without their assistance. I knew when I got their introduction letter and it stated they were w debt collection agency I was in trouble.

  59. Rosi Lehr

    I too have had my BOA mortgage transferred to this horrible company. Greentree is the only company I know that charges a fee to get their money online. I have never had such a horrible experience and have been a homeowner for over 12 years with 3 different mortgages. These clowns allotted my mortgage payment to my tenant’s foreclosed home. They gave my personal information such as my mortgage amount to my tenant. They did this on June 11th and still have not corrected their mistake but keep calling me asking why my June payment hasn’t arrived. This is a terrible joke. I have called them 5 times without any assistance and accusation of nonpayment even after I faxed a copy of the check they cashed on June 11th from my bank. I have paid this mortgage consistently since Oct. 2007 yet they doubt my story and harass me about it. The employees who call are rude, condescending, and have no clue what is going on. I can’t get one person with a brain to properly handle this. I have complained to the BBB and the CFPB. Please contact me if need additional support to bring these people down.

    • jenpletcher

      These people need some legal action taken against them, and if I can be of any help in this matter, I would be happy to assist. This is ” above the law” thinking at its best. I thought I was the only one who had problems with Green Tree’s unprofessionalism and just incorrect accounting, but with all the comments, I realize that this is just the “tip of the iceberg”. If we all stick together and have one united voice, someone will pay on this one!!!

  60. Anonymous

    Greentree Servicing is an awful company for employees and customers. Incentives are paid on criteria that works against the customer”.

    1.. Calls per hr: Getting a caller off the phone however possible is encouraged|. Hanging up on callers, making false promises like opening work orders, escalating to supervisors, returning a call and refunding payments – good luck:. Rule of thumb if you need assistance that requires more than 4 minutes you might consider refinancing your loan;.

    2.. Dollars per hr: Careful giving you bank info / consent to draft a pmt?. Besides paying an outrageous $12 fee reps will schedule future pmts that you did not authorize.

    3. Following your schedule: Reps are told not to get supervisor assistance – even if they don’t know how to resolve your inquiry. Selling a lie or best guess is a celebrated talent. If you happen to be on the phone with an employee with an upcoming scheduled break/lunch it is likely you will soon find yourself calling back due to an “accidental” dropped call – back of the line for you.

    In short stay away from this company.
    Do not apply for a job. If you work here you will soon regret it or lose your regard for ethics.

    Customers – Refinance or pay off your loan.

    • maj

      thank you, Leonard Law Offices for this forum, thank you, author of this for sharing the info in this letter.the corporate disregard for ethical behavior to which you allude is really disgusting. It’s bad enough there is covert exploitation, but the direct interhuman disrespect which so many of you have reported is both outrageous,and dispiriting. Thank you to all for the contributions from those who have been disrespected and otherwise jerked around by gt functionaries. i am not entirely sure, but i think i have benefitted from the info in this forum in that i proceeded as quickly as possible after boa passed off to gt, to make a ‘qualified written request” and call it that in my letter inquiring about a difference of close to $1k in my last balance with boa, and the quoted balance from greentree. i recd a written response in 10 days referring to my ‘qualified written request’ and saying that greentree did not hold my mortgage, but were collectors, and i would have to contact boa to address the discrepancy.
      thereafter, i had a name and a gt number to call, got a person on the line right off, and requested pay off info which supposedly was mailed to me, but took days past the payoff date to arrive. however, i did call and request a fax of the payoff info and the gt rep sent it to my bank immediately, although the woman quibbled with me about whether i would need a new payoff amount, to which i responded that they had given the daily interest amount, and it would be added to the payoff accordingly. the payoff was sent and within a week i have received a letter saying my mortgage has been payed off, and the escrow will be refunded within 30 days.
      i do not know for sure if the final amount is accurate, it looks so. and my escrow has not come yet. but i have the sense that my identifying the letter as a ‘qualified written request’ facilitated a more rapid response. i am glad my payoff amount was low enough that i could figure out a way to get out from under greentree. i am hoping it is soon settled. i hope there is vindication for every victim of this indecency and theft, and there will be accountability for those in gt management in particular who have such disregard for other human beings at this level of our basic needs.
      What crap!

  61. Anonymous

    My husband and I have been in our house, in Tampa Fl., since 1998. We refinanced our first mortgage with a bank in Miami, in approximately 2002, and our loan was eventually sold to GreenTree Servicing. We have a long history of being subjected to many of their demeaning collection calls, but I have listed the absolutely worst ones below:

    1) Calling us on the 2nd of every month (between 2-5 times a day) to tell us the payment was late and to advise them when it would be made. For at least a year, I told them that it would be paid before the late fee was assessed on the 16th and asked them to not call us. Their answer was always that the payment was late on the 2nd and the only the way they would quit calling was if we were to sign the papers for automatic monthly debits. The calls came in from many different 800 #’s and they were never marked on the Caller ID as Green Tree Servicing. We often received as many as 20 calls a day. Eventually, we turned off our home phone ringer so that the messages were inscribed; and now we never answer that phone unless we know who it is.

    2) Our youngest children (ages 10-14) received many calls on their cell phones from rude individuals asking when their parents were going to make their house payment. Our kids got these calls during the day while they were in school, and even late at night after they had retired. They would come to us very upset asking us if we were going to loose our house.
    We had many heated discussions with Green Tree that they did not have permission to call those phones.

    3) After we turned off our home phones and installed call blocking apps on our cells, our neighbors started receiving phone calls from Green Tree and they not only asked questions about us, but revealed confidential information.

    4) They encouraged us to apply for a HARP loan twice and we not only experienced their loosing the paperwork twice, but the ultimate reason our loan was never approved was because we had too much equity.

    5) They told my husband he needed to go out and get a second job, or a better job.

    6) Several years ago, when they were not on the internet, we had to call them to make a payment in order to avoid the late fee. They would always charge us an additional fee by separate check.

    7) Now that they have an internet presence, if we have to make a late payment we have even been blocked from the website and logging onto our account, until we call them.

    8) When we would call to make a late payment, they would always ask us for the next months payment, even before it was due.

    I will joyfully participate in any class action suit against Green Tree Servicing to see them LARGELY fined for violating the Consumer Debt Collection statues. i have kept great records and can prove every violation I have listed above and even have written down names.

    America is the freest country in the world that still prosecutes criminals and charlatans, even though white collar crime is at an all time high. It is unfortunate that the economy has forced so many people into debt. But, it can happen to anyone, from the most wealthy to the impoverished.
    As a nation we still need to offer dignity and hope..
    Good luck and you have my full support.

  62. Green Tree LLC is listed in many states including GA, IL as not for profit . This is a shyster mortgage & investment company owned by Walter Investments. That B of A sold serving loans , that they bought when country wide was being sold because of consumer rip off. B of A is obliged to furnish each and every borrower who’s loan countrywide or other entities, that B of A bought out. You are entitle to see the actual contract, conditions terms and the State or Fed Laws under which B of A. purchased your servicing and loan, Plus the deed of transfer. I am not talking just the bulk , but rather your own particular loan or Servicing .

    Country Wide that no longer Exists and B of A can not give out your private home of cell phone numbers to Green Tree or any body else , That is violation of federal privacy law.

    If you are being abused by any of the entities and they have violated fed or state laws and it is a hard ship situation, you can file federal law suit, Get an indigent Status form filed out so you do not have to pay the costs of filing.

    Just state , in brief you case, the abuse, laws violated, harassment, all these calls Green Tree is making and ask the federal Court for an injunction. open and escrow account with informing the court. Deposit your monthly payment . Most Federal Court judges are compassionate people, and will issue injunctions . In most states Green Tree agent is CT Corporation. Check the SOS office for corporation inf and registration. A friend can do the service for you. The only way Green Tree is or B of A are going to learn is when millions of law suits a re filed against these shysters,

  63. Anonymous

    Green Tree took over my mortgage from PNC in 11/2009. 11/02/2009 I made a payment at my local PNC bank just days before my mortgage was transfered to GTS. 12/2009 GTS called my me stating that I was 1 months behind on my mortgage. After telling them that I made the payment they said they never received it. I made the extra payment to get it caught up so I was on good terms with the new holder.

    Jan. and Feb.2010 everything seem normal like our old company but in March when I went to make a payment all hell started.

    I was told that their analysis showed that I was short for 2009 by $1860.05 which I had to pay $60 extra a month over a 30 month period. PNC told me when the mortgage was handed over I was $80 over. In 2010 the next analysis stated that I was $404.32 short which I had to pay $33.69 extra a month over a 12 month period. 2012 analysis is stating that I am $1121.59 short, which I have to pay $48.76 extra a month over a 23 month period. In total this is $3154.37 That is not going into my principal or escrow. These amounts has not been added to my tax forms from Greentree. Greentree stated many time that I owe the money but they do not know were it is going. I would like to know why I owe these amounts and where the money is going, and why I can not claim it on my escrow for my income tax.

    In 2009 my wife was diagnosed with cancer, They would call her cell phone many times of the day even when she was in the hospital getting treatments. One time she was in the hospital getting a chemo treatment and the guy screamed at her telling her to “get your ass out of the bed and go to a Western Union to give me the money that you owe”. She told him to stop calling her cell phone that she was in the hospital and she couldn’t leave because the chemo was making her sick. He said “that is no excuse, you owe the money”. Just before they the guy hung up on her he said “I hope you die because you are a thief”. June 2010 she passed away.

    I now record all my phone calls to them, I let them know when I talk to a rep that the phone call is being recorded for legal purposes.

    • rosemary passero

      Why can’t we all join in a class action. I am willing to do anything to have criminal charges against Green Tree. With all these complaints there has to be someway to shut them down. July of 2013, they have done nothing but threatened me, harassed me and stole my payments. I have every check deposited by them and they still insist I missed five mortgage payments at $2700,00 Per month. My name is Rosemary and I live in New Jersey, With all these complaints why has nothing been done. We must do something and do it quickly. How about if everyone of us refuses to pay our mortgages since we don.;t know what they are doing with our money anyway and open up bank accounts individually and put our payments in an account and name it “GREEN TREE MORTGAGE PAYMENTS HELD IN ESCROW”. Maybe if we stop paying them and putting the money in accounts, then someone may take some action. Maybe when they stop receiving any monies and we get an attorney, things may start to change. If we want to do something to stop these people, then we do have to take drastic steps before they ruin other peoples’ lives, homes and familes. what are your thoughts on this. Please comment. Thank You. Lets stop talking and take some action, then maybe someone will listen to us.

  64. Kimberly Burcham

    They took my home away from me after my husband away last year. They also took the gentleman I live with home away from him this year.

  65. Alix Romanov

    My spouse & I are both physically handicapped & have trouble answering the telephone. The Green Tree account representative was incredibly abusive when I returned her call, saying I was “rude” to her for not answering the telephone when she called. Then she hung up. I called again & another rep worked with me to modify the loan. But 3 days later the 1st rep called back, saying we had called her–we had not and my husband was having a heart attack. They are ruthless & the company should lose their business license.

  66. Maria

    My name is Miss Maria from United State all my thank to Mr.Frank Bill who just gave me a loan amount of $ 20,000.00 today.i search all the Internet but i did not find any legitimate loan lender until a friend of my introduce me to him i applied and my loan was transferred to my account i will want you all to contact him now if you need a loan today email address is:

  67. I was just recently transfered over to GT from Bank Of America… will be documeting my experiences with them here ->

    Obviously, all suggestions and advise as well as your experiences are more than welcome as I begin my Green Tree journey…

  68. Abigail

    i want to quickly use this medium to alert all loan seekers to be very careful because there are a lot of scams out there.Few months ago I was financially strained, and due to my desperation I was scammed by several on line loan lenders. I had almost lost hope until a friend of mine referred me to a very reliable lender called Mr Frank Bill who lend me an unsecured loan of Euro50,000 under 4 hours without any stress. If you are in need of any kind of loan just contact him now via: I’m using this medium to alert all loan seekers because of the hell I passed through in the hands of those fraudulent lenders. And I don’t wish even my enemy to pass through such hell that I passed through in the hands of those fraudulent on line lenders,i will also want you to help me pass this information to others who are also in need of a loan once you have also receive your loan from Mr Frank Bill , i pray that God should give him long life.

  69. lm

    I have been past the 15 day matk but have never gone 30 days. They are calling every day and now having someone drive to my house and put notes on my door because I will not settle the late fees. I will not even answer my phone unless I know who is calling. My credit report shows me current, but according to them I am delinquent.

  70. David

    Upon reading all of these horrific stories about green tree, I emailed every major media outlet today the following.. Please chime in your thoughts/ corrections as applicable.
    “II’m seriously shocked that the major news outlets aren’t covering the greatest heist in American history and its occurring right now. I,personally, was unaware of this until recently as as well. It’s a touchy subject, I know. In order to sidestep major banking regulations in the mortgage industry, most of the major banks have been selling their mortgages off to fly by night mortgage servicing companies who do not need to,and certainly don’t, “play by the rules”. For instance I have had my mortgage with Bank of America for approximately 10 years. Pay on time. Recently my loan was given/sold (like many millions of others over the past 6 months) to green tree servicing. There are literally 10’s of thousands of complaints on the Internet about this company… And these complaints aren’t the normal banking complaints.. Basically all of the complaints are the same.. They won’t let you pay your bill.. And they won’t let you contact them. If you DO pay your bill they add fees, misapply the bill, double up on escrow.. Anything to consider you “late”. . They also in many cases check your credit report daily to drive down your score to make it impossible to refinance.. Please look into this and I’m sure you will have NO problem finding thousands upon thousands of people for references.. These people are unregulated and doing this in plain sight.. It’s generating a lot of buzz on message boards since this is a new “thing” and nobody really knows how to deal with it.. A new territory in the mortgage industry where there are apparently no rules.. The Wild West..”

    • lm

      There is all kind of regulations governing loan companies. They are doing this and getting aeay with it. There are things we can do. EVERYONE needs to start sending their payment by certified mail. It will cost us approx. 6.00 each month. It is trackable. Second, most consumers have smartphones. There is an app thata records all your calls. When they contact you let them know they are being recorded, two can play this game. I think it even records voice mail incoming calls. Maintain a seperate folder for these. If enough people start doing this we will have proof and can start a class action suit against them. I am not the perfect person but I refuse to be harassed.

  71. D [redacted]

    How do I add my name to this class action suit? Green Tree has been calling my relatives numerous times a day trying to collect a debt. We have withheld our payments for the last two months due to the fact that they increased our PMI from $37.60 to $379.76. We call but no one can answer why this has happened. I have also dealt with most of the issues everyone else has mentioned. I was with SunTrust originally, then sold to Litton. Litton stole about $9000 from us that went from an unapplied funds status to up in smoke when transferred to Green Tree.

  72. cynical me

    Has anyone tried a short sale with these banksters? We have an all cash sale and it is at market comp prices for what homes are selling for. Why can they sell it at foreclosure for less than this offer?
    I know Credit Default Swaps/Default Insurance, they get paid their full price plus more cash that is why they won’t do Loan Mods either and you want to know who pays them that enormous amount of money YOU Do the Taxpayers thru Fannie Mae. Good old Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac pays them for your home with YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

  73. Lori

    Please can we get some help! My father died last year and my mom has worked hard to keep her house. She has never missed a payment and has paid “overcharged escrow” payments. She has all the stubs and papers to prove it. Now they are saying she lacked 2000.00 from shorting her payments and are threatening foreclosure. She has lived there 15 years and never had one problem with GMAC. They sold out to Greentree and they are calling ad threatening her.
    PLEASE HELP? WHY ARE THEY NOT BEING STOPPED????????? Some lawyer should be getting rich destroying Greentree. After what I have read, it should be easy!!!

    • FY

      @ Lori
      You should definitely make complaints at the CFPB and FTC . If it comes down to foreclosure than you should consider either CH13 bankruptcy or fighting the foreclosure .

    • Dana

      Sign the petition to investigate Green Tree: Also, send documentation about your experience with the company (harrassment, increased payments, threats, foreclosure, loan modification problems, etc.) to investigative media outlets. If they receive enough correspondence about the same issue, they will take interest. You’ll have to be patient as they receive hundreds of correspondence a day. Give them a few months before expecting contact. MAKE SURE YOU RECORD YOUR CONVERSATIONS. In the state of Georgia, you can record as long as ONE PERSON knows about the recording. The one person is you AND you DO NOT have to announce that you’re doing it.

      Send your correspondence about Green Tree to these media outlets:
      #1. DATELINE NBC Monica Lee Press Manager NBC News Communications (212) 664-2124,;
      Dateline NBC
      30 Rockefeller Plaza
      New York, NY 10112
      #2. 20/20 Network Programming Feedback – ABC News–
      #3. 60 Minutes 524 West 57th St. New York, NY 10019 EMAIL PREFERRED: PHONE: (212) 975-3247

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  75. GZ

    GreenTree called two of my children’s personal cell phone numbers and left messages with them to tell me to call them. I never gave any of my children’s cell numbers to GreenTree and they never had permission to contact my children. My children are not a party to the mortgage. GreenTree was provided my cell phone and our home phone and were told those were the only numbers they could call. We never had this problem when we were with GMAC mortgage and it is very said that even though we pay every month GreenTree continues to call us to ask us when we will pay. We pay every month on the last day of the month but it doesn’t matter they continue to call multiple times a day, a week, a month. I simply don’t answer anymore. It is just not worth the breath trying to reason with them!

  76. Michael Martineau

    , I also was sold to them by Bank of America, I have tried mortgage modification with Greentree threw an Attorney, they offered lower payments with no terms in writing at all, when pressed for the terms of those payments they refused, now mind you this has to be done with official documents but the so not provide any, so we have no idea what I am agreeing to with the new payments, I have by the way fallen behind on my payment am now in default, next they again refuse to deal with my Lawyer who holds my power of Atty, and send a person here the same day I receive a latter saying the will pursue a foreclosure. I am not home at the time and they show a family member a bold print document that says RIGHT TO EVICT. And say they have to come into the home and do an inspection, now this is not a county official its some person that does not even introduce themselves by name, the family member tells them I am not at home ( which I was not) and he says he will come back, he never does, I call my Atty the next day she calls the courts, and finds there has been no papers files anywhere to even begin the process of foreclose, In this state you have to go threw the court system, now fast forward to yesterday, I receive a check in the mail from some company in Atlanta for $3000. dollars I am excited but uneasy because I am not due this money from anywhere, I then call my Atty who says its very possible that Greentree threw a Greentree investor has sent a check in hopes that I deposit it it immediately and now they can say I received keys for cash. I then get a text message from someone asking if I have deposited the check which he says is definitely for me, but refuses to tell me why I was sent this money. I do believe it is Greentree and this company may have ties as an investor I am doing more research but can tell you with this check and they text messages I received if I can find a connection I will call a friend in Philly that is one of the most powerful class action Atty s in the country!

    • cynical me

      Green Tree are crooks, I have a short sale offer of $170,000 all cash,GT” no we don’t have 30 days to review”, but they have had the short sale offer for over 6 weeks. Then we get an increase to $200,000 all cash again No. making it short fast forward to foreclosure and now its up for short sale at Guess What for $180,000 short sale. Banks have insurance for the loans and get back from our Friendly Taxpayer backed Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac the full amount of the loan and them some! All I can say is God Knows and they will pay on their knees before God. So really it all evens out in the end. And the banks get away with this because they screw one family at a time and no one listens to just one voice. Sad but true, what do our kids and grandkids have to look forward to if the banks keep this up? What happened to Occupy Wall Street oh yea just a bunch of out of work lazy punks that is what the Mind controlling corporate media spin told us.
      Bye for now waiting for a uprising of out of work middle class(working poor)had it up to here fed up rally. 🙂

    • TS

      I have 3 pieces of advice for you:

      1. For the love of Christ, don’t deposit that check.

      2. Money never falls in your lap like that unless it’s stolen, dirty, or a bribe.

      3. Give your attorney the check immediately, with a notarized letter from you stating it’s not to be cashed nor deposited — it’s evidence only.

    • B.

      Try the Making Home Affordable Program. Go to the website and download the Request for a Modification package and mail it to Green Tree. If you don’t hear from them with 2 weeks file a case with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and they will respond quickly. The Bureau will monitor the case and you can dispute any posting from Green Tree. Send everything with a certificate of mailing from the USPS as proof. Good luck.

  77. I have been consistently harassed by phone by Green Tree representatives for months now, even after writing the company asking that the phone calls stop. When they call now, I tell them that they are in violation of the law by contacting me by phone, however, they just ignore this and start the harassment after making contact with them. Also, after falling a couple of payments behind on the mortgage, I attempted a mortgage modification and actually submitted numerous documents to Green Tree representatives months ago, only to never hear back from them. There is no phone number that I know of to reach this department. I have tried writing letters to the address that I sent the documents to, again though, never hearing back from anyone. I do not believe my loan modification documents were ever examined and don’t feel this company really wants to work with me on this matter. The final straw was when I recently received a default notice telling me to pay up or else. By the way, the letter stated that I only had 30 days to make up the payments when I believe they are supposed to allow 90 days for this. This is a corrupt company that is ruining the lives of people, mine included! Someone needs to stop them and put them out of business as soon as possible.

    • B.

      They same happened to me until by HUD counselor submitted a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I have an active complaint and things are rolling. Of course they have asked me to submit and re-submit documents i sent previously but I’m getting somewhere. Please do the same and you will hear from them. They will respond to the Bureau and if you don’t agree you can dispute it. The CFPB will investigate on your behalf if there is a problem or they are dragging their feet. Anything you send to them send with a Certificate of Mailing from the USPS. Best of luck to you.

  78. Green tree has been harsassing me on my job with phone calls along with now they are calling me on my cell phone. I have never given them my cell phone number. They even asked me for it on my last conversation with them and I tld them I did not have a cell phone. Their comment was. You don’t have a cell phone. I do make my payments late but I’m paying the best I can. I have saved my home from foreclosure twice already by almost empting my 401K. The last time I called to pay I owed the previous month plus the current month. When I went to pay the previous month the lady would not take my payment until I told her when I was making the net payment. I told her if she would take one payment I would make the next one. My job has told them I’m not allowed to have personal phone calls at work but they are still calling. Last night they called on my cell phone again. What can I do? They are terrible and because my credit is not good I can not refinace. I will not give them any of my information they don’t already have.

  79. Andrea McDuffie Barnes

    I first became a GT customer when BOA sold my mortgage in 2010. This is a rental property and with the market I am nearly $50K underwater. Even with that, in late November 2012 I managed to refinance thru Quiken to get a lower interest rate and lower monthly payments. I hadn’t experienced any problems with GT but was happy to be with Quicken which seemed to be a more reputable and respectable company. Well, within a month or two, Quicken had sold my mortgage back to GT. I was making timely mortgage payments thru my account at BOA and in April 2013 the tenant in the rental property left and went into the Navy. The house needed work so it was difficult to lease it out again right away; however, I continued to make the monthly mortgage payments to GT.
    In June my job started furloughing intermittently and it became increasingly difficult to keep up with the payments on the empty house. I called GT to stop the monthly bank drafts and followed by calling my bank to do a stop payment on all GT drafts that might “happen” to come in, just to make sure I was covered. Since my job was furloughing I wanted a little more control over making the payments. The GT phone representative was compliant and professional I even received a letter confirming that the company would cease the monthly drafts.
    I eventually ended up getting behind on the payments in September (this was the first time this ever happened) and started receiving phone calls around the first week. How could my account be past due the first week if I have until the 16th? In the past when payments were drafted on the 14th they were not considered late until after the 16th. The last week of September I called to make payment arrangements and to let the folks at GT know that I was working on getting a tenant in the property but needed to make arrangements to cover the September mortgage. I spoke with a well-mannered GT customer service representative who agreed to accept the September payment if I agreed to make the October payment by the 20th. We began to discuss the terms of the agreement but the call got cut off. Not more than five minutes later I received a phone call from a different GT representative, screaming in my ear that she could not accept the terms from the earlier call and that the other representative should have never offered them to me. She claimed she had heard the entire conversation. She continued to yell and stated that “if I couldn’t afford the payments I shouldn’t have taken out the loan” and “that I had already had 30 days to make the payment and if it was a problem then I needed to do a better job budgeting my money.” This person was screaming incessantly and very rude and disrespectful. I informed her that I had had a few furloughs and was facing yet another imminent furlough but that I was able to accept the terms agreed during the earlier call. She responded by saying that “she could not accept any kind of pay agreement and that if I didn’t make the payment by the time she hung up the phone she wouldn’t be making anymore phone calls and someone would be putting locks on the door the next day.”
    I was shocked at the level of disrespect and unprofessionalism so I asked to speak with the supervisor. His attitude was even worse than hers and he just repeated the same threats. I promised to pay when the funds were available and he stated that they would just have someone out at the house the next day. Well, the next day I ended up being furloughed and guess who calls…my customer care representative. I told her that I was on furlough from work but could agree to the terms from yesterday’s first phone call and she immediately began making her threats and yelling and screaming again. She promised that she wouldn’t be making anymore phone calls but since then I have received no less than 10 calls per day with her harassing me with the same threats.
    On October 18th I got a text alert that my checking account was overdrawn. When I called the bank it turned out it was caused by a draft from GT. What the heck?! They weren’t authorized to go into my account for any reason. I had heard stories about the collections reps creating checks and drafts but was shocked that these folks actually went into my account without my permission. Thank God I had done the earlier stop payment with the bank because it was good for 6 mos. This was just some random draft they did on a random date without any written or verbal consent from me. How can they do this?
    I’ve found a renter for this property and want to continue paying the mortgage but I don’t want to be subjected to the demeaning, inconsiderate, unprofessionalism of these folks. I didn’t actually experience this harassment until I got one month behind and needed to make payment arrangements so it seems like it’s the collections representatives who are using these illegal tactics.

  80. I paid my 2nd mortgage off in oct 2012 paid in full with statements to show.There web site says mortgage documents will be sent out 30 to 60 days after payoff (have it printed papers saying this and a video recorded just in case they remove it)From the first three calls to them,1call-7 to 10 days 2nd call 2 to 3 weeks,3rd call 90 days then i blew up asking to talk to a customer service manger they would not!called the st paul number that lady sort of helped but that green tree office had no record of me.Then they transferred me back to the indiana office which got the no-customer office.AT this time i am refing my home and they have not relesased my lein in lake county flordia,they are holding my lein hostage.

  81. Mrs Wema Sundas

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  85. Angela

    I’ve had many problems with GreenTree since they’ve bought my mortgage. I’ve had the mortgage since April 2007. I was approx 14-21 days behind on a payment, at this point I had the mortgage for 6 years and never had a payment reach 30 days late, in 6 years. I work as a police officer, and was at work one day when GreenTree called my dispatch, a number I never gave them or allowed them to call, and told my dispatcher to have me call them immediately. I couldn’t believe they did that so I called to tell them never to call that number again, it is a police line, and the man started raising his voice saying “why haven’t you made your payment, Angela” and just kept repeating that over and over again. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Very unprofessional. I can’t believe they have been allowed to continue these practices for this long.

  86. Wendy

    the company calls and leaves messages and when you call back they try to sell you on protection and other non useable mortgage resolutions the calls are continous and annoying, not to mention they made us pay additional monthy payment because we didn’t know they were our mortgage company and thought B of A moved our loan to green tree and didn’t communicate with us on the change over—this is a sorry company for those put in there company!

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    you once again.

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  89. Jan

    All of you should be filing a complaint with your state attorney general’s office and the Federal Trade Commission at Nothing will change if the victims just complain but don’t take action. If they’re not the correct agency then they will tell you who to contact. Fight back!

  90. amy brannon

    Our loan was transferred from WJ Bradley to GT in October. So far the only specific problem is that they call and ask for payment after the payment has cleared my bank; they acknowledge that the payment might be in their system but just hasn’t posted yet. I have never been late on a mortgage payment in the 11 years I’ve owned residential and investment properties and I don’t appreciate getting collection type calls on my cellphone when I am current on my mortgage. So far the reps have been fairly professional and polite but I am extremely cautious after reading these comments. I am hopeful that the legal activity and volume of complaints are getting their attention. I have just sent the do not call letter by certified mail, and I make sure that I retain proof that my ACH payments have reached them before the 15th of each month. The other point that I want to add is to tell everyone to contact the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau). The FTC does not have jurisdiction over financial entities and they will log the complaint but it doesn’t necessarily do a lot of good. The CFPB and your state attorney general will be much more likely to be able to take action. Be sure to document everything and retain copies of all correspondence. Companies like this are a scourge and we need to do everything we can to force them to clean up their act.

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  92. kim

    I have had the worst experience with this compamy. They hold on to mail payments. They are disrespectful when you call them. I hate this company so much. Why did bank of america sell my mortgage to them. Pissed off, yes I am..

  93. Dawn Towler

    I was foreclosed on in 2012.
    They did violate me on the phone and they called harassing my 13 year old daughter. I also believe somehow they were tacking money onto the loan, due to fees, extra insurance costs. Etc.
    My eviction notice was a copy, not even an original document, and it did not have my name on it.
    I was homeless for a year and a half after the fact with my child
    Thank you Dawn Towler
    100 Lyndon Circle
    Oakland twp, Michigan 48363

  94. Joe Zepeda

    My goodness. I “Googled” Green Tree in order to try and get the name and address of one of their mail room managers to advise that their mail is consistently being mailed late. I am new to this company, BOA moved my account to them in October 2013. Even back then I noticed that their mailings were late. I received their notice of transfer almost one month after the letter was written. I have received other mailings late (not as late as the original orientation letter). I attempted several times to be put on their automated monthly payment system, but their system never did it, until now. Today (Feb 20th, 2014) I got a letter dated 2/7/2014 advising that they would withdraw my first payment on 2/13/14. It’s a good thing that I had the money in the bank and expected them to do the withdrawal, or I would have been been zapped with NSF fees, late payment fees etc. .

    I am currently current and do not have an axe to grind with Green Tree, but have noticed a few red flags along the way. The late mailing for one, and their monthly statements prepared on the 7th, showing that you owe them for two months. Of course, their Customer Service Reps will explain it that the reason is because they have not received (posted) that months payment yet so they are billing you ahead of time for the next month’s payment. It seemed a little misleading, but I let it go. I just wanted to call attention to a possible processing problem. Apparently, I am naive as it is probably part of their company strategy. How can they then prove that their notices are legally mailed, if they are inconsistent????

    However, after reading this website and countless others I am now genuinely concerned. I think that in addition to reporting your problems to the various oversight agencies you should also get your local senators and congressmen involved, and ask them what they are doing to protect their constituents. Unless they are on the take (many are), then maybe there can be renewed pressure on BOA and other mortgage companies to do something. I for one, am sending several letters, with copies of some of these websites.

    Good luck to all of you. I have had the beJesus scared out of me, and will try and get refinanced through another mortgage company, because you never know when something can happen. The adage that “that could be me, except for the grace of God,” clearly applies here, Thank you for your comments, they now let me know that I am in the “hen house” waiting for the Fox to strike.

  95. stephanie

    I , as all of the above, have my mortgage with GTS, since 2003~ and I have been dealing with them for 11 years about charging me late fees for a late payment which I can not get anyone at GTS to tell me when this “payment” was rec’d. I send my payment in on the 1st of every month, yet as many of the other posts, I will received 3 or 4 calls daily until they receive the money. Then they stop calling until the next month. They never leave a message of who they are or who they are with. I wish I was with another mortgage company because GTS is the worse ~ they are rude, and continue to call at all hours. I also have had them call family members and hound them for the payment that is in the mail or the one that they can not tell me when it was late (mentioned earlier in this post). I do not like to talk with them, because of their business tactics and lack of respect to people.

  96. Dave Muhlbeier

    We were sold to Green Tree from Bank of America in April of 2013. We were immediately unable to find an address to send a payment. After attempting four addresses our payment was deemed late. We continued to struggle every month with the game of “we did not receive your payment” and late charges. Green Tree then refused our payments. We made an agreement in October 2013 to send 10,000 to bring us current. A supervisor refused the payment, but they never notified us of this and did not return the cashier’s check that was sent fed ex with a return receipt. They secretly began foreclosure proceedings and refused any further payments. By the time we figured out the unethical game they were playing it was almost to late. It just cost us 19,115.79 to again bring our account current again. We were forced to pay green tree attorney fees and “other” fees as of 2/28/2014. The only way we were able to get them to take our money (and let go of our house and equity) was to tell them we spoke with Fannie Mae, and our attorney, and reminded them they had to take our money. Oddly, this was the first time I was allowed to talk to a supervisor, and not a representative with poor English skills. The list of complaints are numerous here! By the way, we have always had the cash on hand to pay green tree at any time. I truly believe they played a wicked game to go after my house and never cared about taking our payments. I just wish we know why they targeted us. I am a sergeant with a Sheriff’s Office and my wife worked 10 years in a prosecuting County Attorneys Office. We do not take injustice easily. It is time for people to stand up against the monster called Green Tree.

    • June Hayes

      Today I contacted the Comsumer Complaint Department at the Mass. Attorney General’s office, the Honorable Martha Coakley and began legal proceedings against Green Tree Servicing. Also, I am contacting their holding company, Walter Investments, who as of April 2014, is ceasing business activity with Green Tree Servicing, to advise Walter Investments of the harassing, illegal activities of Green Tree and make them aware of the several class-action lawsuits against Green Tree. Good Luck to all of us who’ve been turned over to these thieves. jh

  97. jim1911a1

    Jim Love, Well I think I have one that beats all. Several years ago some people who had insiders at conseco financed a home in our name, and it was pure identity theft, naturally I went right too conseco and informed them it was id theft, and they were going to get right on it. After months o hearing nothing I again drove 80 miles to their office only to find it empty. I eventually got a copy of a statement, that was sent to the address of the stolen house, and there was a hand written note by the ‘RENTER’ stating do not send bills too the owner, send them only too the rentor, and actually sighned her real name. We received only that one notice.. Evidently no payments were ever made, no notice ever sent too us even though conseco was fully aware of the theft they financed,In fact once when I was there to talk to the office manager He snuck down 8 floors of the fire escape too avoid me. This happened in the 90s now all of a sudden we start getting calls about deficience judgments, this has been going on for about a year noe, we have never seen or sighned a mortgage never recieved a notice of forclosure, I mean we heard nothing from anyone for years, until GT, I guess picked up the note that is now almost 20yrs old. And the really strange thing is the paper work was forged while I was still in the V.A. Hospital, in a coma, and trying I guess too recover from a broken back due too a scud missle attack. How long does GT have too buy a 20yr note
    Do I not have a right too see my paper work, so now being a 100 s.c. disabled veteran——which keeps me in a damn bad mood anyway—sorry Ladies, someone please tell me where to take this issue, and like I said before, We actually have the note to conseco telling them not to send payments to us, the dummy actually signed her real name. Don’t you think conseco being put on notice several times should take responsibility. I was in 1 war when I was 17, anouther when I was 37, the years in between I spent as a peace officer, So if I drank beer I would apoligize to you for crying in mine, but I don’t. I would really appreciate any advice I could get, I am totally frustrated, Oh and I live in Arkansas, where we have no statute on limitation on fraud. Sorry to burden everybody, thanks for listening Jim

  98. These peopes are a scam ; they got my information and told my husband that he will get a modification loan back in 2013. He did not get anything from them. We were under foreclosure. There were Fannie Mae there on the day of sale; and got the house. This person from Green Tree name Debbie was keeping all information at her place. I tried to tell my husband that they are not going to do anything. She lied. We went to a mediation so we can some time because my husband losted his Job. So the mediation did not do well. Because when we had the last meeting with the mediation there sit the guy who was the friend of the one sent us letters. That was wrong. They tells us we can not help you. you can not get your house. I told them at the close; it suppose has been on the deed. I told them when my husband bought the house do not put my name on it; because I have la student loan. The real estate lady did a bad job also. Because at the closing the lady put my daughter name with my husband instead of mine; on the deed. I told them this is my daughter name; not mine. The lady at American Key changed it; it make me wonder if this was fraud. That was when CountryWide had the mortgage first; then Bank Of American, then GreenTree. They had his SS# all wrong. That did not get straight until I kept calling. I did not want them to have my daughter name on there; she was in
    College. I told her check her credit. The mediation put my name on there for Civil Court; and I tried to explain to everyone I do not want my name on there. I told her why I am so mad. No One Listen; everybody want money. My husband and I both homeless. Bank of American swindle us out of Insurance money from the hurricane. They kept the last money and turn it over to GreenTree. The real Estate lady gave my husband a bad deal; with Countrywide.

  99. CBM

    My loan just got sold by CitiMortgage to Green Tree Service. I live abroad (Hong Kong) and have not been able to log into their website at all to look at any information regarding the new set up, paying online, etc… (its always “down” or at least seems to be). I am not looking forward to future dealings with this company. From the posts here and other comments online, seems like a long road.

  100. Scott Rogers

    I was with BofA and I have in my possession 6 different modification packages that for a different reason everytime it got “changed”. At that point my mortgage got sent to Green Tree and the promise of a”speedy modification” has still not happened. They are holding approx 19 thousand dollars of mine, that I continued to pay monthly payments, in a seperate account and has NOT been applied to the principle. How can this be legal? Who can help?

    • jh

      Hi Scott, Don’t know where you live but contact your state Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Complaint Department. They’re helping me. Good Luck, I feel your pain! jh

  101. My wife and I have been having such a hard time with Green Tree Servicing. Last October 2013, she had some medical issues, she missed six months of work, we have medical insurance and she is an RN with fifteen years of experience. Her short term disability was denied at first, then later overturned. But that left us with about four months without her income. At the same time Green Tree Servicing, automatically added our property tax to escrow on our account, increasing our monthly note by over $1000. To make matters worse, needless to say we got behind a month, and they called us numerous times a day, and night, not taking once or twice a day, I am taking five to ten times a day. They are ready hard to deal with and sometimes down right rude. They refused, partial payment to try and help us get back on our feet or even a one month payment, saying we had to pay in full. Never heard of a mortgage company doing that or any business for that matter. Personal, I feel they are trying everything under the sun to push us into foreclosure. See we have about 40k in equity and they see an opportunity to make profit from both ends. AND YES, our original loan was through Bank of America. Thank you BOA, and Fannie Mae, thanks for the added stress in an already stressful time in mine and especially my wife’s life.

    Is is too late for us to be included in this class action law suit, if not, who, what, and how can we join. Thank you, Chris N.

    • anita davis

      I have complain several times since we ,me and my husband losted our home through 2012. I have complained several times; this below is not my complaint. How can u find out since you do not live there anymore to see if you on that class action Law Suit. Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 12:22:14 +0000 To:

  102. Med

    My newest problem is that I am paying extra every month and it is help a sun applied funds when I have repeatedly told the reps that it is to be applied to principle. I am so tired of dealing with this company. I am looking into doing a modification with another company…is there anyone out there that will actually hold my mortgage? I do not want to end up back with this awful company.

  103. Jody

    I am also with Greentree as a servicer. When I got the note from Bank of America that my mortgage was transferred I read all the complaints about the company. I was prepared ahead of time mentally. I am pursing a short sale with GreenTree (fannie mae actually holds the loan). I couple of crazy things.

    1 – They called my insurance agent and asked for me at her office!!
    2 – In my short sale I have one deal that fell through because the appraisal was 5000 higher than what the buyer’s bank would pay for it. I also hold a second mortgage. The second mortgage had an appraisal of $76000, Greentree would not budge on the $85,000 appraisal no matter what. I’ve then been lucky enough to find another buyer and had to do the same process all over again. So this 3 br townhouse has had 3 appraisals in the last 4 months. I think they must have a kickback from the appraisal companies.

    It’s absurd the level of abuse these folks are shelling out. It’s quite shocking really.

  104. Kathryn Barney and Donald R. Barey

    On the 5th of the month after Greentree bought our home loan from BOA I received 31 calls telling me that I was late. The grace period in the contract went until after the 16th for being late. Here lately, we have suffered some financial reverses and have been late. They are not calling me 31 times each day but approximately every hour or two. I am home all day alone and 78 years old. I have had two back surgeries and walk with a cane since I have declined a third back surgery. This is a hardship on me. They do not have the right to abuse my time and cause me to fall as I might be getting a real call from a friend or associate instead of these devils. Sincerely, Kathryn J. Barney, Tulsa OK: email

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  107. Shelly

    I am also dealin with green tree. My husband was laid off and my May payment was paid in June and I made my June the 3 of July. I am on track to be current this month. I received a letter from greentree on July 5 received a letter stating they were starting foreclosure . Greentree told me that as long as I didn’t go 60 days past due that my loan would not default. I’m very confused as to how they can do this if you are not behind on your mortgage. Any help would be appreciated, I live in oklahoma.

  108. imalittlekitty

    Unbelievable the issues I’ve had since Citimortgage sold my mortgage to Green Tree in April. After reading all the issues people are having with this company, I chose to call in every month to pay my mortgage because I don’t trust them to properly record my payments if I mail them to the company, and I don’t trust them to properly record my payments if it’s an autopay. And of course, they charge a $12 fee regardless if you pay online or pay over the phone. One of the first things I noticed when I received my first statement was this passage, “This communication is from a debt collector…” Then I noticed online that Green Tree is one of the largest servicers of SUBRPIME mortgages. My mortgage isn’t subprime. I have conventional mortgage, and I have an excellent amount of equity in my home. I’ve lived in my home since 2001. My payments are current, and I have never made a late payment!

    Here are my most recents issues – In May, I received my notice that my escrow was short, and the escrow shortage would need to be paid in June, or my payment would increase. No biggie. That happens if the taxes go up in a given year. In June, I called in and paid the full escrow shortage so my payment would not increase, in addition to making my monthly mortgage payment. I assumed the allocation of funds for the escrow shortage would be done correctly, separate from my monthly mortgage, particularly since I called in, spoke about it, and made the two payments over the phone. Well – it didn’t happen. Thank goodness I had the presence of mind to call back, because the whole thing didn’t feel right to me. And thank goodness I called before the payment had gone through processing. I was told I would not have been able to make any changes once that payment processed, and the escrow shortage would have simply gone to my regular mortgage payment. I called SEVERAL times and spoke with SEVERAL people to make sure it was done correctly. Each person told me it had not been done, and that they would take care of it. I still didn’t feel good about it. Finally, the last person I spoke with was very nice and helpful about it, and she said she would MAKE SURE the funds would be allocated properly. GREAT. I thought all was correct – I was a happy camper that something finally went right.

    Then I called in this month (July) to make my monthly mortgage payment. I was told the re-analzying of my payment had not been requested and therefore was not done. (And as the customer, I’m supposed to know I have to request this – how??) Then I was told it would take at least 8 business days to make that happen, and if I didn’t make the full monthly mortgage payment that day (the new amount which is $66 higher than my old amount), I would be charged an $81 late fee, and would be reported to the credit agencies. I paid the whole thing so I wouldn’t be late, and wouldn’t be charged a late fee. However, when I asked what would happen to the additional $66 I paid after the re-analyzing is complete and I go back to my regular payment, the person said she didn’t know for sure, but she was certain that the funds could not be returned to me. WHAT???????? She told me the only thing I can do is call back after the analyzing is complete and ask to have the additional funds allocated to principle. That’s an extra $66 out my pocket which I can’t get back, and who knows if I will ever be able to get the $66 to go into the right “bucket.” Frankly, I’m beginning to wonder if that money is actually going to mysteriously disappear into someone’s pocket. It’s crazy that I have to go through all this BS just to pay my mortgage! (Side note here – my original recalculation for my payment was $21 higher than last year, even after paying the full shortage escrow. The person couldn’t explain why. Everything is the same as it was last year – my insurance hasn’t increased. Everything is the same.)

    Also, when I called in to pay, I was well within my grace period. The person I spoke with was rude. At one point I asked her to repeat herself as I didn’t understand something she said, and she audibly sighed (seriously, she sighed) then spoke v-e-r-y-s-l-o-w-l-y, with attitude, like I was a complete moron, wasting her time. I seriously couldn’t believe the rudeness. She repeatedly asked why I was late with my payment. I repeatedly said I was paying within my grace period. She said that wasn’t good enough – that she was required to enter the reason I was late. I told her again, I was paying within the grace period. So she said fine, she was recording that I was late because I didn’t feel like paying by the 1st. Unbelievable to be treated in this manner! Then she wanted to know when my paycheck comes in every month, the regularity, and the amount. I told her I wouldn’t answer those questions, that it wasn’t any of her business. She said she was required to find out “what my problem is.” My problem?? Seriously?? Then she wanted to get my payment set up as an auto pay, to which I said ‘no,’ and she was irritated about that, too! I made my payment, paid the extra amount, got off the phone and sat there for about 15 minutes wondering what the heck just happened!

    There is NO EXCUSE for this kind of rudeness, this kind of treatment, and this lack of attention to my account (and it sounds like thousands of others, too.) I would really like to refinance with another lender. But, I feel that I shouldn’t have to refinance which will cost me money, just to get away from these people. Further, since this is a subprime lender, I’m wondering if I will have problems refinancing, if for some reason I’m now considered a subprime borrower! I truly feel that this company is engaging predatory accounting tactics, and this stuff MUST stop.

  109. sherrie

    Why isn’t anyone STOPPING THIS COMPANY OR HELPING HOMEOWNERS???They bought my mortgage in May.Its July now and they lost all of my payments and say I am behind!! I sent the last one quick collect and they still can’t find it.I HAD to call WU ask them to provide proof to GT and fax my receipt with a letter requesting them to find my payments!! This is CRAZY!! I bought this house in 99.It’s my forever home and now I am freaking out after all that I am reading about this company.People that have owned their homes longer than I have are losing their homes to GT,that GT is foreclosing on people’s homes without their knowledge and even causing their insurance to be dropped so you are forced to use their expensive insurance!! WHY ISN’T ANYONE STOPPING THIS COMPANY? WHERE ARE THE OFFICIALS TO HELP US?? DON’T WE HAVE RIGHTS? I don’t understand how homeowners can be forced out of their homes like this!!SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP US!!

  110. Fred Pemberton

    I’ve only been with this company a few months and it’s become very clear to me that Green Tree Servicing is in the business of stealing people’s Property.

    They are refusing to make the payments to my home owners insurance and Property Taxes from my escrow account.

    I’m over 12 years ahead of schedule on my payments and I’ve sent extra principal payments every month since I first bought the Property.

    Green Tree is flat out refusing to make any payments out of my escrow, trying to put my property at risk of having liens placed against it.

    I’m assuming this is their plan to take control of the property. Wrestle it away from my control. It’s the only conclusion I can reasonably come to.

    Every time I contact them they lie about sending out the payments, and are extremely rude. Then when I check my escrow balance, nothing has been paid, no money released.

    Over and over, it’s the same game.

    My only recourse is to pay make the payments myself, and then let them steal the money from my escrow.

    I’ve never experienced anything like this. They are simply criminals. The Federal Government need to step in and do something about this company.

    Is this what The United States Banking System has turned into? They don’t even try to hide their Crimes anymore, They just laugh in your face when you call them to complain, or try to resolve a problem.


    • rl0tgrl

      I told them today I talked with the AG office and my DAs office.I didn’t sleep at all last night because I was up researching them.I can’t believe the things they are getting away with.People don’t know they are just the service provider for their mortgage co.I asked today where to mail a letter asking who mine was and he stuttered.He then told me it was my company I’ve had since 2008.That never changed but they want you to think that.I also told him that I knew they sat on payments.They are the only company I know of that can’t locate wired funds!!Most companies LOVE west. union quick collect payments.WU told us they knew GT got the payment and GT still denied it saying I was using a 3rd party but another rep told me they use WU when they take from your account.I will not give them my bank info,too many stories from people about them deducting too many times.Dropping your insurance and forcing you to buy theirs!!! Thats ILLEGAL!! I told them that too.I also sent a faxed letter to them and asked him who he had as my insurance warning them that if they dropped it being where I live that the AG office would go after them.They can’t find my payments but when I mentioned AG office a few minutes later they find it.Go figure. I also never hear them say they are recording the conversation.Most companies do that when talking to cover their butts.People have refinanced to get away from them then GT went behind them and bought the service rights to them again! They have also had people endorse their insurance checks for damages and send to them to endorse,then say they will send back but they DON”T.The customer ends up paying damages out of pocket.Why isn’t anyone govt wise DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS COMPANY? They are owned by people from BOA,get bonuses for foreclosing,steal peoples homes by using robo signatures and are relentless in never giving up wanting someones home.One of the CEOs of the company is a real estate investor!!They are also rumored to be in cahoots with the TARP program,they mess up people being able to short sale their homes,apply payments to accounts in the wrong way,raise the house notes without telling you why etc Request a RESPA,request a letter about who owns your mortgage,DEMAND TO KNOW EVERYTHING.My home is all I have along with my family.We can’t buy another,2 of my kids were raised here and 2 younger ones.We have updated the place and always remodeling something,too much money and love has gone into it and I’ll be damned if I let a company like this OR anyone else take it away from me!!!

    • What state is your home in? We are going through very similar issues, and we have taken all the proper steps and still seems like they are trying to steal our property as well. The one manager that seemed to be semi honest and helpful as of July 21 2014 no longer works for green tree servicing. Guess, my contact at the state attorney general’s office is going to have to pull some strings. You can’t fight these people in court, too deep of pockets without some state prosecutors leading the fight, unless the Koch brother’s want to help the little guys. Green Tree a Servicing, LLC a Walters Investment Corp company, backed by Fannie Mae, and the US Government. Money is no object to them. That’s obvious, only need to look at our budget to see money means nothing to them. Send $1000.00 to make a $1.00 seems to be the new American way. By the people, for the people, is now more like, buy the people, screw the people. Sad times in what was the greatest nation on earth. Still can be, if we could fundamentally change back to what our forefathers hoped and prayed “yes, I said prayed” this country would become. I am not giving up on America and I’m sure as Hell not giving my home to green tree without a fight. I might lose but not fighting is a total defeat.

      • Fred Pemberton

        We’re in Florida


  111. Fred Pemberton

    Following up on my earlier post.

    Greentree still Refuses to make any payments from my Escrow account.

    Have called 6 times since my last post 2 weeks ago, and they flat out refuse to make the payments to my homeowners insurance. They just refuse, and they laugh at me on the phone.

    This has been going on for a month and a half now.

    I don’t know what to do.

    Does anyone have any suggestions. Please, I could use some ideas as to how to deal with these criminals.

    • rl0tgrl

      Call or email your the BBB. I did when my payments were getting ‘lost’ after sending them quick collect.I have only been with them since May.I did not know they were servicing my loan and had mailed a May payment to my mortgage holder Everhome.I get the info in the mail that GT is servicing me after that and the collection calls start.I tell them I sent it to Everhome and was told it would be forwarded to GT.After a month noone can locate that payment.At this time I am still looking but in the meantime GT was demanding the same payment until that one was found.So it puts me behind.I send one payment for June but they want double to include May of course.They accept Junes then start bothering me still for double plus late fee’s.We can’t afford double payments like that but send what we can for the missing payment and they can’t find the one I send quick collect!! I had to fax my quick collect rec. and call WU to have them contact GT.I asked why I was doing all of the work,why won’t they search for a payment that WU quick collect says GT received? In the meantime threats of foreclosure etc.6 or more collection calls a day.I did research on them and find info and complaints like yours.Of course I freak out.I emailed the BBB and told them of my missing payment and what I am hearing about the insurance and taxes from others.I also called the Attorney Generals office who forwarded me to a mortgage complaint number.I live on the coast of MS.Well while on the phone I get put on hold and told my missing payment was found.I was then told several times,the person tried to bully me,into giving them my bank act info.I was told that was the only way they can guarantee they will surely get my payment.I did not give them that info though.The other day I received in the mail a letter from GTree via the BBB. GT stated that when payments are behind(like mine because of the first missing one) they put the payments send into a suspense account.Well I was NEVER told this,instead I was told it was missing.They play games like that.Reading more they responded to my concern about the insurance and taxes.They said that the customer has to provide proof of insurance.If not then they will automatically switch the customer to their insurance.They said nothing about the taxes though.If they do have your insurance info and they are not paying REPORT them don’t call them and complain.Will do no good.Ya see even if there isn’t enough money in your escrow by law they are supposed to pay these things anyways,up front,then adjust your mortgage payments to put back into escrow OR give you the option to cover the escrow shortage yourself! Call or email the BBB,your AG and your District Attorney.If the AG/DG cannot help you then ask who can.I have a feeling the BBB getting ahold of them will speed things up.They will tell them your name and account info.They do this so GT can respond to them and give an explanation to them and you.Stop calling GT about it or when you do talk to them tell them that you spoke to your AG and you were also by someone told there was major investigation about them not paying insurance/taxes.I told them I was contacted by someone about a class action lawsuit.I was nice to the people I talked too.I told them I wasn’t accusing them,that it must be someone in payments messing up etc etc.I just found it amusing how fast my quick collect payment was found after I complained.The first payment is still missing but I have a feeling that will show up soon.I don’t know where you live but I live in an area that Hurricane Katrina wiped out.There are major insurance rules here because of that.The AG gets word that a mortgage service co. is dropping insurance to force someone to buy theirs…well it wouldn’t be pretty.Also I asked where to write to find out who HELD my wet ink mortgage.He stuttered and said GT does.I said NO you are my mortgage service provider(read your statements from them closely) GT does not hold my mortgage and its your right to know WHO DOES. He then stammered out that Everhome does.Well yeah I told him because that what it says at the courthouse.Nothing changed when I looked that info up so I found it odd.When my first mortgage co sold me to Everhome there is a trail for me to follow when I look it up.I can see mine online at my local courthouse.Its public info so you should be able to see yours too.If GT does not show as your mortgage holder then they don’t own your home therefore they cannot foreclose on you either.Yes GT does the mortgage thing but in order for them to make more money these days they pimp themselves out to mortgage companies to do the collecting/processing for them.They will try to tell ya they own your home but if it doesn’t say so at the courthouse they don’t.If thats the case with you I suggest calling your mortgage holder and complain about the crappy job GT is doing too.CALL,EMAIL,CALL AND EMAIL AGAIN anyone that will listen to you.Become a thorn in GTs side when it comes to reporting them to ANYONE you can.I bet ya within a few weeks they will have paid your insurance.Right now they are trying to force you to buy theirs when yours gets dropped.Write down the names and times of anyone you speak to with GT and also fax them a copy of your homeowners insurance info.Look up the insurance laws for your state AND get a copy of your warranty deed aka mortgage from the courthouse if you don’t have it.Find the info about the mortgage company paying your insurance and let them know whats up with that.No more complaining to them SCARE THEM AND LET THEM KNOW YOU MEAN BUSINESS NOW!! Do more research on them too so they know that YOU KNOW your RIGHTS as a homeowner!! I did 3 days worth of research and got most of my issues settled within a week.Now if they don’t pay my insurance when time comes I have it documented what I told the BBB and they know that I will REPORT them!! Call your local news channel if you have to or newspaper.Ask around locally to see who GT is also servicing and see if there are others around you.Good luck and post again if something changes!!

  112. Jacque

    I’m supposed to be sending them all my info to try and get a modification. We were Countrywide/BOA customers too. Now I’m scared to send them my information. We are behind on our mortgage, facing foreclosure. Help!

    • rl0tgrl

      Whatever you send them be sure to get a receipt of some kind if you send through the mail.I would send it signature required.Call them as soon as you send it to let them know.Call them everyday until they say they got it.I think my situation is a little different than some because technically I was never behind.When they started servicing my mortgage my payment was lost.That made me behind a month.So I was told to send in 2 payments,which we tried to do then it put me behind again.When I sent in payments I was told they were ‘lost’ until I made a complaint with the BBB,the attorney generals office,and anyone else who could help me.Jacque are you in an area where you can apply for the HARP program? That is a govt sponsored program.I would call them to find out if you qualify.There is no harm in trying.It will let you refinance with someone else with lower rates.If you can do that ask to refinance with someone who is local and does NOT sell or outsource another company to handle your mortgage.I am not sure how far behind you are and won’t ask such a personal question but I will tell you that after I filed a complaint with the BBB I received a letter in the mail from Green Tree with a breakdown of everything.They said when someone falls behind they put any money sent into a ‘suspense account’ and it is held there until the rest of the money is sent to cover what is behind.I was NEVER told that on the phone by anyone just told it was ‘lost’.If you are 3 months or less behind send what you can asap quick collect,keep the receipt and call them to report it.If you can bust ass to send more asap,then so on until you are caught up.They will tell you its ‘lost’ but if western union says GT got it,then they have it.Very RARELY does WU quick collect lose money sent.That is one of the safest ways to make payments around the world! I personally wouldn’t do a modification loan with GT.The research I did wasn’t good about that with them.Refinance with someone else or do whatever you can to get all the payments behind to them.I debated going without power for a month to catch up.I didn’t have to but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make.I have owned my home since 99 and no way in hell am I going to let a company like GT come in and take it away from me.This is my home and I will die fighting for it.Good luck and post back if you have any questions for me and dealing with them!!

  113. Debra Karp

    I would like to know what type of attorney I need; here is quick run down, any info would be appreciated. How do you fight a bank? My mortgage company is literally stealing my home. I have lived in this home for 15+ years and according to the mortgage company I owe them more money than I paid for the house! Late fees you ask? They charged them, however according to my loan docs they are not entitled to them; clearly states either they except the late payment or foreclose for full amount due. Any advice would be great! P.S. three months past due on a mortgage of $496.37 and they are demanding $4,000+ that’s just bad math!

    • rl0tgrl

      If you have money to send then send it asap and do it quick collect.Call and report it to them.Contact the BBB for them and complain.They will contact GT then GT will send you a break down of what they are charging you.They kept telling me they didn’t have my payments,that I was behind.When I complained to the BBB and my AG office GT sends me a letter telling me that they put the funds in a holding account until all is received.Of course the person talking to me on the phone every other day doesn’t tell me that,the makes me think they are lost.I send quick collect because that is the safest way with them and its PROOF they got it.Its the only way I know of to be able to trace it when they claim they didn’t get it or it’s ‘lost’. If you don’t have the money(Im sure they are trying to get you to do a loan modification,DON”T) refinance with someone else if that suits you.IF you are truly behind and can’t catch up go see a lawyer that will work a deal with them to keep them from foreclosing.I don’t know how long you have owned your home but GT seems to like to go after people who are almost or half way paid off.Even when I am just a day or 2 late they call telling me I should do a loan modification.Never a good idea with GT.Wishing you the best of luck with everything! When they told me my payments were ‘missing’ I was sending in anything I had quick collect until the payments were found.Even just 100 dollars shows that you are trying to pay on your loan.They won’t deny the money and if you send quick collect you can call the number on your rec and it will tell you that GT accepted it.Also check and see if they are paying your insurance,if thats where the fees are coming in,your escrow balance and what they had to pay for your land taxes if thats included in your monthly note.You have to be YOUR own lawyer,you love your home then fight for it.DON”T let them take it from you.You have to speak up and demand to be heard.Complain to everyone and anyone.The BBB is a very good way to go too.

  114. ss

    My husband and I originally financed our loan with Greenpoint and then it was taken over by Greentree Serving. They would never change my due date on the loan, but “allowed” me to make arrangements for 3 pymts ahead to “keep me from having late payments reported to credit beaurus” Every single month for 14 yrs I have paid a $12 a month “convenience fee. The last 3 arrangements I set up were retracted due to they have changed their policy to not accept electronic checks from the state of Colorado. Our house is located in Oklahoma but since my billing address is from Colorado they wanted me to go to a Western Union to pay the bill they were suppose to deduct. They called me 6 times today! I asked the kind lady for a letter stating they changed their policy and that my payment arrangements were no longer being kept as confirmed last month. She told me “unfortunately they can’t do that”. She then transferred me to the collection supervisor, Jared. Jared told me the same thing. I asked if I could make the payment today via debit card since they won’t take elec ck from people in Colorado. He to me no.he told me he couldn’t write a letter handwritten or otherwise regarding retracting my payment arrangements. These people are ruthless. Mean, ugly and demanding. I WAS TRYING TO PAY MY BILL AND THEY WOULDN’T TAKE MY MONEY!!! REALLY??

    • Stacy Moran

      SS do they HOLD YOUR ORIGINAL NOTE? If so they are just the collection agency.Call the original loaner and anyone else you can and complain about them.They tried telling me they owned my home LOL I told the guy “well,I see that Everhome still holds my original note,so they own my home,not you.You are just the collection agency” Haha they didn’t like that.Do your homework.The mail might say they sold it to the GT but unless the courthouse where you filed your info when ya bought the house says YOUR MORTGAGE owners changed hands,then DONT make any arrangements with them!! I have been late because of greentree.I send payments in on time and they can’t find them then, claim I didn’t send them.SO they call and call demanding I make payment now.I will not give them my debit card info over the phone.Even if they say they will not take it I send my payments Western Union quick collect.They get them and I have proof they did each time.Any other way,even with a debit card they will still deny they got the payment.After I did my research I would not make any payment argts with them.They call every month claiming I didn’t pay and want me to refinance with them.I ask why that? I thought YOU owned my mortgage? Stutter stutter from whoever I’m talking too hahaha PAY quick collect to them,keep your rec,report the payment and ignore their calls.As long as you are NOT OVER 3 months past due they will only bother you for payments.They ‘lost’ 2 months of my payments,they do every 3 months,then try to demand 3 months PLUS payments.NOPE you will get what I owe and NOT make any argts with GT.

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  116. WK

    This year (2014) Citimortgage sold my mortgage collection rights to GreenTree despite my excellent credit rating and mortgage which is still in good standing. The note I received from Citimortgage attempted to convince me that this is perfectly normal even for loans in good standing (which mine is unless Greentree screws this up like they have for so many others). The claim in the letters from both Citimortgage and Greentree state very succinctly that the “transfer does not affect any terms or conditions of your current mortgage loan.” Despite this, the bill following my first payment does not show that extra payment beyond the amount due was applied to the principal according to the terms of my loan. Instead, the billing statement lists the extra payment as “Unapplied Amount”. Aligning with everyone’s reports of abhorrent customer service, the online website is usually down and I cannot check the status of my loan until they feel like taking my call. To top it off, I was contemplating paying the principal down to half of it’s present value and I now wonder if that can happen without legal intervention based on the shady practices so many have reported. I hope they just have my bill mis-labeled but I am fearing the worst. Wish me luck.

    • Stacy Moran

      Good luck!! I have to pay my Oct payment late and they are already sending me letters saying they will foreclose on me for it!! They have screwed my credit rating up big time before this late payment.The best advice I can give ya is refinance with a company that will not see the mortgage or the rights to collect payment to anyone else.There are mortgage companies and banks that won’t do that.Green Tree seems to be buying the rights to collect everyones mortgage payments these days.They are unprofessional,lose payments(messing up my credit rating),and bullies.Dont pay them anything extra,get away from them asap!! They also try to force people to refinance with them for the mortgage and insurance!!

  117. Elizabeth Harris

    I’m sorry everyone is going through this with Green Tree but am glad to know I am not alone. I can relate to so many of these stories.

  118. rhonda

    On paperwork they send when threatening to foreclose etc there should be a number to complain for your state.Mine is in ms and I called it.It helped so much!! By law they have to provide you a number of someone in banking to complain.He told me he gets calls about them everyday.They are buying or servicing almost every mort company there is now!! He said to call or email your local reps and your local DA office.Your congressmen and senators etc.They are monopolizing and forcing people out of their homes without giving anyone a chance.They add fees,call any hour,yell,scream,threaten even when just one day late.The kicker is they will MAKE your payment late on purpose!!THEY HOLD PAYMENTS MAKING YOU LOOK LATE WHEN THEY HAD IT ON TIME!!Yell scream make some noise with me people so someone will stand up to these tyrants!!

    • I tried got kicked out of bankruptcy cause they could not prove they owned it I have been harrassed threatened had payments held been there done that contacted every persons I could every etc… No help now its ditech fixing to forclosr its been on short sell want sell own to mmucj its not

  119. Marc

    I to have received calls from Green Tree after notice to them about not calling me, I was also never informed that they were to replace my current servicing company per the RESPA notice from either company. I have been trying to get all the details and now I am in foreclosure due to my Mortgage company returned my payments and never informed me of the change to Green Tree. I have lost my job because I could not get Green Tree to stop calling my work number. I am also depressed and have been looking for help with my health. I am trying to write complaints to all the Government offices but it’s time consuming. I would like to be a part of the Lawsuit for the TCPA, please add me to the list of victims.

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