Product Investigation: Sudden Sleep for Women

Recently overheard:

“Sudden sleep?  What is this stuff? Specifically formulated for women? What does that mean?”

Sudden Sleep

Sudden Sleep

Sudden Sleep is a new product from Biotab Nutraceuticals, the company behind Extenze.  Biotab was on the receiving end of several actions from California authorities, and at least one class action lawsuit alleging false advertising.   Biotab has apparently been looking for creative new ways to market products to women. For obvious reasons, one of Biotab’s products aimed at the female market — “Extenze for women,” was probably not as big of a success as Extenze for men.  Extenze for men sales might be flagging because the company had to remove the “increases size” claim as part of the class action settlement related to that product.

Is Biotab going to be sued for Sudden Sleep too?  Possibly, although the likelihood of a consumer being outraged enough about this product to want to lead a class action against the company is fairly low.  Companies are constantly marketing questionable products to women, and this is just one more.  Perhaps now woman have one more thing to feel insecure about.  It isn’t anything new to say that women in our consumer culture are programmed to be focused on body image.  Questions such as “Am I fat?” and “Do I have wrinkles?” are questions that advertisers want women to be asking about themselves. Perhaps the question, “Do I sleep well enough?” is a yet another concern for women to feel insecure about.

Sudden Sleep – False Advertising?

The packaging claims that the product is a “natural sleep aid specifically created for a woman!”

  • Do women sleep differently than men?
  • What makes it “specifically formulated” for one gender?
  • Do melatonin, chomomile, valerian, or other ingredients affect women differently than men?
  • 5-Hydroxy-Tryptophan  – what is this stuff and what does it do?
  • Valerian Root Extract –  does it promote sleep?

sudden sleep back

  • Is “Sudden Sleep” an over-the-counter date rape capsule posing as a womens’ sleep aid?


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2 responses to “Product Investigation: Sudden Sleep for Women

  1. Alex

    I think this product is OUTRAGEOUS on so many levels. While it might help you sleep, it also effects your body way after the desired 8 hours. I have heard many complaints from women I know that they felt “lethargic” and “basically” comotosed” for the entirety of the following day. I have also heard complaints of women experiencing all over body pain for days following their use of the sleep aid. Therefore, is this product safe? More importantly does it even help you sleep?

    I (unfortunately) have personal experience with the most humiliating of these side effects – and the horrifying and mortifying truth is that it can even cause bed wetting!!!! More than once I have experienced this. That happened to me. And yes, I felt shame. Ladies, we might need our beauty rest, (especially us women of a particular age…) but bed wetting? Not only is it not attractive but I assure you, it is extremely embarrassing if this happens on an occasion you are sharing your bed with another. This too, happened to me. I don’t want another woman to experience the shame I felt that day.

    The packing also clearly states “drug free” – so what is in this product that makes you sporadically pass out in a fit of narcolepsy? Why is it “for women”? What about these ingredients make them cause side effects in ONLY females. SPECIFICALLY women. It’s an outrage. It smells of a false advertising lawsuit if you ask me….

    Beyond the fact that “Sudden Sleep Aid for Women” reportedly has major side effects and doesn’t even really work, we as a society can not turn a blind eye to the social implications connected to this product. The name alone SCREAMS rape culture to me. If it puts the idea in my mind, you can bet your boots it outs the idea, subconsciously, in the mind of a 19 year old boy strolling through his local CVS.

    Can we address the fact that some executive in an office that the name of this product was actually a GOOD idea? “SUDDEN sleep aid”? What emergency does a woman find herself in where she has to “SUDDENLY” pass out? Hmmmmmm…..What comes to mind? I’ll tell you what comes to my mind – date rape. College RAPE CULTURE. How could Biotrab Neutraceuticals possibly think this was s good title for a product? This country is in the midst of an epidemic. That epidemic is the sexualization of our young girls, and the collective denial our society has embraced, in order to turn a blind eye to rape culture and the shockingly high occurance of acquaintance rape. Statistics based on self reports from our most recent generation of college aged women had devastating results. The same questionaire was anonymously filled out by women attending universities in all 50 states of this nation and the results were undeniable shocking. The most modest of estimates is that 1 out of every 4 women who obtain a four year undergraduate degree, will be raped at least one time, before the time they graduate. Less modest estimates suggest the numbers could be as great as 1 out of every 3 women. Do we really need a product on the shelves of our local convenience store that might put the mere idea of date rape in a young man’s mind? Even if it is subconsciously hidden in the back of his cerebellum, the seed has been planted. It festers in the depths of his mind; fueled eveetime this young boys mind is bombarded by irresponsible marketing campaigns like the one presently under discussion.

    Even more horrifying is the infinite list of ways this product could be used against women. A man could very easily put a real date rape drug in one of those pills. Imagine a male college student, whose female classmate mentions she is having a hard time sleeping: he has the perfect solution! He tells a white lie about his sister leaving these female specific “Sudden Sleeo Aid” pills behind. The he offers her one, the solution to her problem. Except our 19
    year old male has coated the pill with an actual date rape drug. The female student passes out, and then whilst unconscious, she is raped. Worst of all she probably will wake up unaware of that the event took place at all, and even if she does remember, only 1 out of 8 college women report incidents of sexual assault.

    MY MAIN QUESTION: why are they pink???? Really???? These aren’t being marketed to six year old girls, are they? Any logical mind would assume the target population of consumers is adult women. We don’t need everything to be pink and purple, and we don’t need it covered in glitter either.

    Talk about sexism.


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