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Fraud Warning:

Do not give your credit card information to:

There are many complaints online about these companies. They all follow a similar pattern:  the consumers say that they went on the site to seek a background check or some type of public records search, which the site says can be done for a fee of $1.00.  They then agree to the search for $1.00 and provide their credit card information.  Then, according to the complaints, no report is provided, and the consumer sees a charge on his/her credit card for $19.95, recurring monthly.  Others claim to have no recollection of subscribing but had the same or similar charges show up on their credit cards.

Who is Behind it?

A short investigation into this company (with some help from the scambaiting/scamwarning community) uncovered who is behind it.  We called their customer service number ((866) 434-4253) to ask about not receiving a report.  The recorded voice says that it is the credit card processing company, then provides a menu, from which we selected “2,” relating to questions about the $1 charge or the receiving the report.  When we hit that one, the recording said you have to go to another site for these questions, as there is no live operator support for that. We went to the site,, and it’s a duplicate of the site we initially went to: The mystery was solved by a Whois Lookup at the site’s domain registrar (here):

Source:, last visited 3/2/2013

Source:, last visited 3/2/2013

Administrative Contact:
Willms, Jesse
85 Cranford Way
Sherwood Park, Alberta t8a6h2
Technical Contact:
Willms, Jesse
85 Cranford Way
Sherwood Park, Alberta t8a6h2
  • Jesse  Willms
To learn about Jesse Willms’ history of internet marketing, See FTC v. Jesse Willms et. al. Case No. 2:11-cv-00828, FTC File No. 102 3012 at also, the Willms settlement order (here.)  There is an article entitled Jesse Willms Loses Everything to FTC (here). Willms’s sites have been mentioned by numerous fraud alerts groups, such as, (here) and more recently (here). 
UK daily mail - Jesse Willms

UK daily mail – Jesse Willms

See the UK Daily Mail Article about Jeese Willms (here).
Complaints, Complaints, Complaints…

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    • Jesse Willms is back in business…

  1. Any Victims of Willms that are attracted here can file complaints at :

    Internet Crime Commission

    Tips at FBI dot gov.

    The Federal Trade Commission

    Royal Canadian Mounted Police

    Jesse Willms Petition has some interesting facts

    • “A 24-year-old Sherwood Park entrepreneur is being sued by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for allegedly scamming consumers across the globe to the tune of $450 million.

      Jesse Willms is named the primary defendant in an FTC civil lawsuit, alleging he and a number of his companies “has harmed U.S. and foreign consumers with his unfair and deceptive business practices.”

      The FTC suit alleges that since 2007, Willms has garnered more than $467 million from customers in Canada, the U.S, the U.K, Australia and New Zealand through web-offers that give consumers free trials of products like fast weight-loss pills and teeth whiteners.

      Consumers would agree to pay shipping and handling, but soon realized their accounts were debited upwards of $70 for continued monthly member fees to Willms’ owned companies….”


    • “ordered to turn over up to $359 million, sell his home and hand over a $12,000 fur coat, a $30,000 fish tank, a Red Bull drink machine and his Cadillac Escalade…”


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