Products in the Spotlight: Adidas Boost Shoes

What do you think of the new line of Adidas “Boost” running shoes? Below is a picture of the window display at store in Boston, Massachusetts on March 1, 2012:


Below is the window display from a different store. How do these shoes work? What do they do?

Adidas Boost  - "A revolution in cushioning"


Some of the claims are interesting here. Do these shoes really provide “more speed, more distance, and more cushion”?

boost ballsIs the bouncing metal ball display an accurate demonstration of how these shoes will increase a runner’s performance?

boost foam

How special is this new foam Adidas is using? How does one know if these shoes do what they claim?

False Advertising?

In italics below are the exact words that are in question:

“Compared to standard EVA foam, BOOST gives you the highest energy return in the industry. More energy from the first stride to the to last, giving you more speedmore distance, and more cushion.”

Is the “more speed” claim false advertising? What about the “more distance” claim? It should be interesting to see whether Adidas boost faces a class action lawsuit related to the boost energy sneakers.

If you have purchased these shoes, and wish to speak with an attorney about this investigation, or your experience with this product, you are welcome to contact the following attorney: Preston W. Leonard – (617) 329-1295.


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