Is Greystar a Good Landlord?

We are interested in learning more about Greystar’s Business Practices in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Greystar operates six apartment buildings in Massachusetts:

Do you have complaints about Greystar?



In a January 2013 press release Greystar claims to be “the largest operator of apartments in the United States” (Equity Residential may dispute that assertion).


Greystar: Redefining Excellence in Apartment Living?



Greystar in Massachusetts

Greystar in Massachusetts



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11 responses to “Is Greystar a Good Landlord?

  1. [Name Redacted]

    I am a former resident from 2005 to 2008, and was charge these fees.

  2. Unfortunately, we can only go back four years because of the statute of limitations which governs this claim.

    • not listed

      Hi – Not sure if you are aware of this, but at our apartment building in FL they are chargind a $750 moving fee to switch apartments between leases. The building is Worthing Place and it is in Delray Beach Florida.

  3. I am currently a tenant at one of the apartment buildings listed above and have been charged these fees.

  4. alyssa

    I am a former resident + pet owner at the dedham station apartments. I was charged for all of the above fees. Please let me know what to do to join. alyssariffic at gmail dot com

  5. Graystar charge me gas plus sales tax on an all electric – Home apt. charged sales tax on maid service fees. parasites

  6. Nicole Pratt

    I still live in a Greystar Apartment, but only have a few days till they change my locks per the Avant office. They got a judgment for eviction for non payment when I did pay and have my money order stub to prove it. That’s nothing compared to how much they have harassed me. They poured an entire gallon of white paint on my new black car and the only reason I know for sure is because 2 people caught them at 4:30 A.M. When taking their dog out. They have always been so rude to me, but it got worse after I slipped and fell down their stairs back I’m December bc they had removed the guttering so the ice was rock solid covering stairs and hand rail.
    They add new fees every month giving me a difference of $400 in a 9 month period.

    I’m a newly single mother who finally got away from my very abusive ex husband so i really can’t believe they have had the nerve to treat someone like me who has never paid my rent late before.
    I don’t know what to do bc I don’t even have enough time to get a new place before they lock me out. This news I got yesterday had just made me so sick to my stomach bc I’m so scared of what I’m going to do in such a short period.

  7. m

    Greystar is horrible they bought out the property im being evicted from now. They are horrible at math I tried correcting them with math saying look technically I should have credit towards me not a 94$ fine the manager told me well I took off the 90$ thats good enough.they never finish fixing the holes they cut for the ac to be fixed or the door the maintenance guy had made a boo boo or my porch closet door that fell on me. Ive asked sevral times to fix the carpet smelt when I moved in and they told me id have to just pay for carpet guy to come in. Two weeks ago I was in bathroom and hear a knock well its exterminator and he decides to let himself in after me not answering door after hearing him turn my lick I had to pull my pants up and run to the door. Ive had nothing but problems and now im getting evicted and either pay 1500 to stop eviction plus next months rent or I let them evict me and still pay 2000 even though all their math is messed up. I called cooperate twice now and I still haven’t heard anything from them. I have all my receipts for rent or late fees for the months I was late (my job lacked with payment) I lost my job after finding bedbugs in apt which I have to pay them for. Where they came from I don’t know seeing how I dont know anyone that has them. After I let them know about the bbs they started being more strict. They said they dont accept partial payments yet they have accepted partial payments from me two separate times. Im stressed out this is my first apartment and I got bed bugs and now being evicted worse experience ever. I will never ever rent from greystar nor will my family or friends. They are hacks and will screw you if you dont know landlord and tenants laws and if you bring that up they will treat you different. If anyone is having issues with greystar like this please get in touch with me. Ive thrown out my couch and bed because of all this.

  8. J

    Heard about the bogus carpet replacement fees they charge after move out so it didn’t surprise me when they sent me a final invoice for a carpet replacement, even though carpet is in the same condition as when I moved in. What did shock me was the charge for a stained vanity replacement. The vanity sink was that way before move in. Jefferson Hills just awful. Doesn’t seem like they should be allowed to conduct business this way.

    Carpet Replacement Damage Charges – 580.52
    Crisper Pan Damage Charges – 75.00
    Interest On Deposit Held – (0.75)
    Spot Bulb Replacement Charges – 5.00
    Stained Vanity Top Damage Charges – 95.00
    Total additional charges / credits / payments 754.77

    Final Account balance
    Balance at move-out 0.00
    Total Deposits (75.00)
    Total additional charges / credits / payments 754.77
    Total account balance due 679.77

  9. Ashford at Springlake Community

    We are having the same issues here in Atlanta, Ga. Excessive Water and sewage bills and fees are being forced on residents. Last week, residents were issued threatening letters – if they made up water bills they issued after taking over our complex (Increase 154% upwards of 300%), they would NOT accept our rent checks. So, rent checks have been returned to residents.

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