Fishy yogurt?

Is there something fishy about (or in) your yogurt?

Would you be surprised or disgusted if you found out there is fish in some yogurt?



Quaker Müller FrütUp yogurt contains Tilapia.

Why it’s there:

“Q: Why is there tilapia in FrütUp™?

A: “We use kosher gelatin from tilapia to maintain the light and airy texture of the fruit mousse.”

Are you as unpersuaded by this explanation as I am? I still think yogurt and fish should never be combined.


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3 responses to “Fishy yogurt?

  1. Proud American

    Fish…doesn’t sound right at all…disgusting…but I’m not surprised…their commercial about Americans being stupid and thinking european is a language is disgusting in my opinion…anti American. Wake up Quaker/Pepsi Co….know your audience.

  2. it's still the bomb.... fishy & all!

    I bought a whole case of it….. first one read the label & still ate it & the entire case! Actually eating one as I write this! Yummy! You guys are pansies…..

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