Alpha Management and Anwar Faisal – Boston’s worst landlord?

Alpha Management

Thousand of Units, Many Complaints

  • New: “…a litany of alarming violations, the city has condemned a Fenway apartment unit owned by a landlord who has repeatedly drawn complaints and fines…the unit that had been rented to a Northeastern University student, city inspectors found evidence of roaches, grime-caked walls and ceilings, exposed wires, and rusty pipes… had no windows or other source of ventilation, no working carbon monoxide detector, and no emergency lighting.” Boston Globe, City condemns Fenway apartment that problem landlord rented to Northeastern student
  • “‘We’ve had a problem with Anwar Faisal and his company’s noncompliance with our rental ordinance.”  Id. 
  • “This is probably one of the worst cases, but the issues we’ve had with him have been systematic.” Id.
  • “Faisal’s company, Alpha Management, owns thousands of units. In just over a year-and-a-half, 73 complaints were filed against Alpha Management.” WBZ,Landlord’s Units Said To Be In Disrepair.”


  • “Rent from Faisal’s buildings helped him buy a sprawling $6 million property in one of Brookline’s most exclusive neighborhoods.” Id.
  • “He said he has a least 5,000 tenants, but didn’t know exactly how many units he owns.”  Id.
  • Faisal’s Malden tenants formed a union to fight “22%-58% rent increases.” Malden Patch.

A History of Labor Violations

  • “The Wage and Hour Division’s Boston District Office found that the company and Faisal violated the federal Fair Labor Standards Act by misclassifying 42 workers as independent contractors and employing them for more than 40 hours per workweek without paying overtime for the excess hours.” Press Release here.

Yelp Complaints

  • “Bottom line is, look up Alpha Management  and read all the reviews…” them!” Yelp.


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