Statute of Limitations in Massachusetts

Statute of Limitations

The primary Massachusetts Statute of Limitation is Chapter 260, but there are also other statutes which specify limitations for bringing certain types of actions.

Tempus Fugit

Consumer Protection (93A, etc.):         4 years.          ch. 260 s. 5A
Fraud:          3 years.          ch. 260 s. 2A
Breach of Contract:          6 years.          ch. 260 s. 2
Breach of Warranty:           4 years.          ch. 106 s. 2-275
Tort Actions:          3 years.          ch. 260 s. 2A
Wrongful death:          3 years.          ch. 229 s. 2

Discovery Rule: Cause of action does not accrue until plaintiff knows or reasonably should have known that it was injured by defendant’s conduct. Coady v. Marvin Lumber & Cedar Co 167 F.Supp.2d 166 (2001).

See Also: Massachusetts Statute of Limitations Checklist by John Miller and William G. Cosmas, Jr., Sally & Fitch LLP and PLC Litigation.

Another website that has a more thorough explication of Massachusetts Civil Procedure is found here.

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