Why Martha Coakley is a Good Attorney General

Martha Coakley is a good Attorney General because she continues to defend consumers from corporate misconduct.  The Attorney General’s Office seeks accountability from greedy, unethical companies that harm individual consumers and our economy as a whole. The bank suit Martha Coakley announced below is an example of some of the great work that she and her office does.  Going after the banks that caused the foreclosure crisis and helping people stay in their homes is the kind of challenge that she does not shy away from.

In her speech about the suit, Martha Coakley said: “There is no doubt that the deceptive and unlawful conduct by Wall Street and the large banks played a central role in causing this crisis through predatory lending and securitization. It was the banks that were ultimately bailed out by taxpayers, while individual investors and homeowners were left on their own.  Whether those institutions believe they are too are too big to fail, they certainly have demonstrated that they believe they are too big to care about the impact of their actions, and we believe they are not too big to follow the law.”

This is a public servant that is showing true leadership on an important issue.  Thank you!

Wondering how to file a complaint with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office?

  • File a complaint online here.

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One response to “Why Martha Coakley is a Good Attorney General

  1. intevrity1st

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Wake us all up when she goes after public corruption and cleans up Massachusetts.

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