Body Building Supplements Containing DMAA – Are they Safe?

NOTICE: If you are now, or have taken any of the products listed below, or other products that contain DMAA, 1,3-dimethylamylamine, methylhexanamine, or “geranium extract,” you may be entitled to financial compensation.  Call attorney Preston Leonard at (617)329-1295 for more information.

According the FDA, DMAA is known to narrow the blood vessels and arteries, which can elevate blood pressure and may lead to cardiovascular events ranging from shortness of breath and tightening in the chest to heart attack. As of April 2012, the FDA received 42 adverse event reports on products containing DMAA. While the complaints do not establish that DMAA was the cause of the incidents, some of the reports have included cardiac disorders, nervous system disorders, psychiatric disorders, and death.  Synthetically-produced DMAA is not a “dietary ingredient” and, therefore, is not eligible to be used as an active ingredient in a dietary supplement.  The Defense Department has enacted a ban of all products containing DMAA at military base stores: “the military worries the substance may have contributed to the deaths of two soldiers who had heart attacks during physical training after using DMAA products, as well as the cases of three soldiers and two Marines who collapsed during heavy exercise.” Read the rest of that article here.


Exclusive Supplements

Fahrenheit Nutrition

  • Lean Efx 

Gaspari Nutrition

  • Spirodex 

iSatori Global Technologies, LLC

  • PWR 

Muscle Warfare, Inc.

  • Napalm 

MuscleMeds Performance Technologies

  • Code Red 

Nutrex Research

  • Hemo Rage Black
  • Lipo-6 Black Ultra Concentrate
  • Lipo-6 Black
  • Lipo-6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate
  • Lipo-6 Black Hers  

SEI Pharmaceuticals


  • Nitric Blast


  1. DMAA Class action lawsuit: Johnnie Pacheco v. USPlabs

[1] See Pressure mounts on USPLabs as another peer-reviewed paper concludes DMAA is NOT in geranium

“If last month’s paper in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology was seen by some observers as the ‘final nail in DMAA’s coffin’, a new paper published in Drug Testing and Analysis this month appears to drive that nail home.”


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3 responses to “Body Building Supplements Containing DMAA – Are they Safe?

  1. Frank

    Apparently the FDA continues to shut down all non PHARMA products and ingredients.
    It would be a great exercise of freedom to let adult people CHOOSE what they do with themselves, what they want to take and how to determine their lives freely. FDA should just give exhaustive information relative to each ingredient/product, nothing more.
    People die of aspirin and tylenol, more so than they do with marijuana or extasy(mdma); far more than they ever died on ephedra or will on DMAA. The intrusion of FDA into our lives and their gross protection of Big PHARMA interests is unbearable.
    Cigarettes have killed more people than wars; together with alcohol they probably are responsible for more deaths than all other illegal drugs and banned ingredients combined, many folds. Noone sees the Gov. killing the cigarette industry….and they shouldn’t. Adults should be free to determine their lives and the Gov. should limit itself to provide fair grounds with information.

  2. I have no idea about DMAA but I rather like to build my body with other supplements. I don’t wanna use those which has side effects.

  3. Gavin

    A lady collapsed and died in the London Marathon. The coroner said DMAA was a mager contributor to her death.

    Do you sill want people to have the choice when she probably just went into a heath store, or web site and found a supplement that would ‘help’ her with her training. Not knowing it was unsafe, as most people just consider what is available on the high street safe.

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