Why CVS is a bad company / CVS Finally does something good

Update: February 6, 2012:

CVS Finally does something good — Declares end to sales of cigarettes nationwide!

In a surprising move, CVS made the sudden decision this week to end distribution of cigarettes through all of its locations, announcing: “This is the right thing to do”… “CVS/pharmacy will stop selling cigarettes and all tobacco products at its more than 7,600 stores nationwide by October 1, 2014.” (PDF)

CVS location in Boston, Massachusetts stopped selling cigarettes years ago, due to City of Boston regulations enacted under former Mayor Thomas Menino that forbade pharmacies from selling coffin nails.

Congratulations to CEO Larry Merlo for doing the right thing, and showing leadership.

  • “The sale of tobacco products is inconsistent with our purpose – helping people on their path to better health.”
  • “This is the right thing to do.”

Original post: January 28, 2012:

CVS stands for Consumer Value Stores.  Maybe it should stand for Corrupt Value System.

  • CVS engaged in misleading advertising in Los Angeles.
  • Most (or at least many) of the products on CVS shelves were made in China instead of America.
  • CVS is replacing human cashiers with self-checkout stations.
  • CVS’s predatory and monopolistic behavior has put most “Mom and Pop” pharmacies out of business in America.
  • The merger of CVS and Caremark led the National Community Pharmacists Association to describe CVS as “a 99 billion dollar corporate behemouth.”
  • CVS was charged with routinely overcharging consumers in violation of California law.
  • CVS engaged in a similar pattern of overcharging consumers in violation of Massachusetts law.
  • CVS was charged with  Medicare fraud in Massachusetts.
  • CVS was charged with  violating HIPAA by the FTC.
  • CVS executives were charged with bribery.
  • CVS was charged with illegally selling methamphetamine precursor chemicals.
  • CVS was sued in a class action for alleged privacy and 93A violations in Massachusetts.
  • CVS was sued in a class action for alleged overtime pay violations
  • In January 2011, the FTC charged that CVS Caremark misrepresented the prices of certain Medicare Part D prescription drugs – including drugs used to treat breast cancer symptoms and epilepsy.



However disgraceful CVS’s track record is,  I want to point out that many of the hardest working, most positive people I have ever encountered work behind the registers at my local CVS!

They always have a smile, and a great attitude.  Recently, it seems their corporate overlords started making them say, “Do you have a CVS card?”, “Did you find everything you were looking for?”, and “Thank you for shopping at CVS.”  I admire the employees at CVS, especially those on Charles St. in Boston, who put in a hard day’s work day in and day out.

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One response to “Why CVS is a bad company / CVS Finally does something good

  1. Working Mom

    On January 5, 2014 (Sunday evening) CVS Caremark called their employees at home to let them know that calling in because their daycare would be close would not be a vaild excuse. The temps were sub-zero in Illinois. If my childs well-being in not a good excuse, then what is CVS? You claim you are about family, but you are not. You are about the bottom line. You are disgusting and I will write about this forever.

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