Aggressive billing practices of hospitals and other medical providers

Patients have rights

Sometimes, medical bills contain serious inaccuracies.  Medical billing errors, or  balance-billing (which is illegal in some, but not all instances) can result in balances that are hundreds or even thousands of dollars over what they should be.  Some Massachusetts providers have aggressive debt-collection strategies, including suing patients in small claims court.  It is often a good idea to request your own records to make sure you are not being billed unfairly.  Massachusetts law provides the right  “upon request to receive an itemized bill including third party reimbursements paid toward said bill, regardless of the sources of payment.”  G.L. ch 111 70E.

Getting Help

If you  think you may have fallen victim to a scam related to medical services, or are experiencing billing abuses by a medical services provider, the Attorney General’s Health Care Division may be able to assist you.

You are also welcome to contact the following attorney: Preston Leonard, Esq. at (617)329-1295.

Click hereto file a health care complaint online.

Attorney General’s Health Care Division:

Hotline: (888) 830-6277

Fax: (617) 573-5386

Mail: Health Care Division, Office of the Attorney General, One Ashburton Place, Boston, MA 02108

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