Company in the Spotlight: Topical Index of Facebook Lawsuits

Cases filed matching “Facebook” – 226 records found on – 196 records on

Defamation (also Cyberbullying, Third-Party Content)
  • Finkel v. Facebook  – users posted defamatory material about plaintiff, fb has no responsibility for user generated content.



Privacy – (Sharing Data With Advertisers)

  • Lane v. Facebook — about fb’s “Beacon” advertising platform and  dissemination of user information, Consolidated into In re Facebook Privacy Litigation.
  • Noble v. Facebook — regarding Facebook’s sharing of user information with advertisers.  Seeks class of all Facebook users who clicked on third-party ads between February 4, 2004, and May 21, 2010.

Privacy – Wiretapping by Cookies

  • Brkic v. Facebook, Inc –  (N.D. Calif. 2011) Complaint filed 11/5/2011 – Federal Wiretap Act, Unjust Enrichment, Intrusion Upon Seclusion, Trespass to Personal Property.
  • Davis et al v. Facebook – (N.D. Calif. 2011) Complaint filed 9/30/2011 – Federal Wiretap Act, 18 U.S.C § 2511, Stored Electronic Communications Act, 18 U.S.C. § 2701 Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.18 U.S.C. § 1030

Privacy – Wiretapping by Cookies – Identical Complaints:

(E.D. Va. 2009).

Privacy – (Minors)

  • Cohen v. Facebook –alleges fb violated the privacy rights of California minors by exploiting their names and/or likenesses for profit, mainly through showing the minors’ information in association with “like” buttons.
  • Meth v. Facebook — alleged fb’s unauthorized use of minors’ names and/or likenesses without parental consent.

Privacy – (Wiretapping and Sharing User Data with 3rd Party Apps)

  • Marfeo v. Facebook, Inc. – Rhode Island, Complaint filed 6/17/2010, alleges fb uses cookies to violation Federal Wiretap Act, and shares information with 3rd party Apps, case was Ordered Consolidated and Transferred to Northern District of California into In Re: Facebook Litigation.
  • Wood v. Facebook – filed 11/30/2011., Complaint alleges fb tracks users after the log off and violates users’ privacy.
  • In Re: Facebook LitigationCalifornia, Complaint filed 10/11/2010

Facebook Litigation Overseas

Privacy – Facial Recognition

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