Toys ‘R’ Us to pay $20.6m in wrongful death suit for woman’s death caused by defective product from China

Boston Globe:

“A Colorado man whose wife died from injuries sustained in Andover on a swimming pool slide from Toys “R” Us was awarded $20.6 million in damages, one of the largest jury verdicts in Massachusetts this year.

In July 2006, Robin Aleo was visiting relatives in Andover when she went down an inflatable slide into the pool where her husband and baby daughter were swimming. When she reached the end of the slide, it bottomed out, causing her head to hit the pool deck as she entered the water. She suffered severe neck fractures that left her a quadriplegic, and she was removed from life support due to the severity of her injuries….”

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The Salem News:

“Robin Aleo was at least the second person allegedly left paralyzed by such an incident on the Banzai Falls slide, of which more than 4,000 have been sold nationwide, according to court records.

A camp counselor in Missouri, Mark Grantham, was left a quadriplegic when the same thing allegedly happened to him on a Banzai Falls slide purchased at a Wal-Mart, according to court documents. His suit against both Wal-Mart and the Chinese manufacturers is still pending.

Jurors were not told about the Missouri case but did learn that the company that Toys “R” Us uses in China to safety-test products before they are imported, Bureau Veritas, was never asked to test the pool slide for compliance with federal safety regulations governing pool slides.

The product was tested for other product safety rules — and twice failed, once for containing lead in excess of federal limits — but not for compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission pool slide regulation, a former Toys “R” Us executive acknowledged during testimony on Wednesday.”

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  • Mclatchy-Tribune Information Services

“The Banzai Falls in-ground pool slide was never tested to determine whether ti met fedaral safety standards for pool slides before or after it was imported from China by the retailer, a violation of federal law…”

Read the rest of the story here.

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