Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Marketing – Philanthropy or Chicanery?

Is Pink Ribbon Cancer Marketing a Scam?

After reading the article below, you may find yourself wondering about how much of your pink-ribbon-emblazoned purchases actually go to cancer research.  The practice of pinkwashing, has been raising doubts in the minds of many consumers.




As surely as the leaves change color every October, it’s time again for yogurt cups, sneakers, toilet paper and a slew of other products to turn pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast cancer advocates are warning again this year that buying merchandise emblazoned with a pink ribbon or cotton candy-colored packaging is no guarantee that much of a shopper’s money will actually go to fighting the disease.

Some companies that use well-known symbols of breast cancer awareness on their products have legitimate agreements with reputable fundraising groups to donate a fixed share of the proceeds.

But others only promise vaguely to donate to breast cancer causes without specifying how much or to whom.”

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