Dorchester Man Norman Barnes Indicted in Connection with Allegedly Engaging Minors in Prostitution to Derive a Profit; investigation revealed that Barnes used the website to advertise the victims for prostitution activities

Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office – October 03, 2011
BOSTON –A Dorchester man has been indicted in connection with allegedly engaging two underage girls into prostitution at hotels and residences in Suffolk, Norfolk, and Essex Counties, in order to derive a profit. The indictments were announced today by Attorney General Martha Coakley’s Office and Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley’s Office in conjunction with the Massachusetts State Police.A Special Statewide Grand Jury has indicted Norman Barnes, age 28, on charges of Deriving Support from a Minor in Prostitution (10 counts), Aiding and Abetting the Commission of Statutory Rape (7 counts), Statutory Rape (4 counts), Dissemination of Visual Material of Child in a State of Nudity (4 counts), and Posing or Exhibiting a Child in a State of Nudity (3 counts).“The facts alleged in this case show that human trafficking is occurring right here in Massachusetts,” said AG Coakley.  “I want to thank both Suffolk District Attorney Dan Conley’s Office and the Massachusetts State Police for their hard work in this joint investigation.”“This case makes plain that prostitution is not a victimless crime. We believe the evidence will prove that this defendant exploited two underage girls by photographing them in states of undress, advertising them online, and forcing them into sex with strangers,” said Suffolk District Attorney Dan Conley.  “Cases like this don’t reflect agreements between consenting adults — they show the true form of human trafficking in Massachusetts.”“There is no higher ideal toward which the law enforcement community should strive than the protection of the most vulnerable among us, including children,” said Colonel Marian J. McGovern, Superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police. “These indictments are the result of superb coordination between the Office of the Attorney General, the Suffolk District Attorney’s Office, and the Massachusetts State Police. Troopers from numerous units contributed to this investigation, and I would like to recognize them, especially Sergeant Pi Heseltine, who spearheads the State Police battle against child trafficking.”

On May 19, 2011, Barnes was arrested in Quincy by a Massachusetts State Police Trooper after one of the victim’s relatives alerted the authorities to information that Barnes had engaged the victim into prostitution. The 15-year old female notified family members where she was. The family went to the hotel in Quincy where they met and reunited with the victim.  Barnes was arrested nearby after he fled on foot from a Massachusetts State Trooper.

Authorities allege that Barnes engaged two underage girls, a 15 year-old girl and a 16 year-old girl, into prostitution in order to derive a profit. The investigation revealed that Barnes used the website to advertise the victims for prostitution activities.  Barnes allegedly used his cell phone to take photographs of the underage girls, some of which constituted child pornography, and then posted the pictures as part of advertisements for prostitution through the website. Barnes allegedly would transport the girls to hotel rooms and residences in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk counties where they would engage in prostitution with individuals who had responded to the online advertisements by telephone or email. Investigators also allege that Barnes himself had sexual intercourse with the 15-year old female on several occasions.

In August, AG Coakley and 46 other state attorneys general sent a letter to asking for information about how the website attempts to remove advertising for sex trafficking, especially advertisements that could involve minors.

A Grand Jury returned indictments against Barnes on September 29, 2011.  He is scheduled to be arraigned in Suffolk Superior Court on tomorrow, and in Norfolk and Essex Counties on future dates. Barnes is currently being held on $350,000 cash bail related to District Court charges following his arrest May.

The case is being prosecuted by Special Assistant Attorney General Ellen Lemire, of Suffolk DA Conley’s Child Protection Unit and Assistant Attorney General Eileen O’Brien, Senior Counsel in AG Coakley’s Criminal Bureau.  The multi-agency investigation received additional assistance from the Norfolk and Essex District Attorneys’ Offices, Boston Police Department, the Massachusetts State Police Special Services Unit, the Norfolk County CPAC Unit and the AG’s Computer Forensics Lab.

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