2002 MSNBC Story – “Anatomy of a penis pill swindle $74 million later, law catches up with Arizona con artists” – “ExtenZe” Similarities?

MSNBC.com/Mike Brunker

Article Excerpt:

“Giving Americans a first glimpse of an industry flourishing at the intersection of larceny and libido, authorities in Arizona are seizing the assets of a Scottsdale company that sold more than $74 million worth of pills that it claimed would enlarge penises or breasts, make the consumer taller or hairier — even sharpen his or her golf game. But despite such audacious claims, the company — C.P. Direct — would likely still be gouging the gullible if its founders hadn’t decided to also illegally charge consumers’ credit cards, industry insiders say…”

*     *    *    *    *

2002 Las Vegas Raid Targeted “Longitude” Enlargement Scheme

LVAG – 6/25/2002 Press Release

Las Vegas—Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa announced that a search warrant was executed this morning in conjunction with the Money Laundering and Asset Removal Task Force of the U.S. Customs Service at a business owned and operated by Michael Consoli, Geraldine Consoli, and Vincent Passafiume, and their company, C.P. Direct, incorporated in Nevada. The Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, under the direction of Consumer Advocate Timothy Hay, obtained the search warrant after receiving information that C.P. Direct was conducting fraudulent business practices advertising for sale and selling so-called herbal-based nutrition supplements that are guaranteed to induce gross physical alterations of the body. One product was marketed under the name “Longitude” and was guaranteed to result in permanent enlargement of penile length and girth by several inches in a matter of months. The company also sold “Full and Firm” capsules, represented as an “implant in a bottle” and guaranteed to increase the bust by two or three cup sizes in a matter of a few weeks. A third product, “Stature,” was also sold by the company and guaranteed to stimulate cartilage growth in the spine and knees resulting in increasing the height of the consumer by as much as four inches in a matter of months. The U.S. Customs Service, Department of Treasury conducted an investigation after receiving numerous consumer complaints about “Longitude.” Consumers complained that despite the “Iron-clad Guarantee,” they were unable to obtain the promised refunds. Consumers have complained that their credit/debit cards have been charged repeatedly and without authorization. This search warrant follows one executed on May 23, 2002 by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office regarding the same individuals and businesses located in Arizona. It is suspected that Michael Consoli, Geraldine Consoli, and Vincent Passafiume have committed the criminal offenses of Theft by Obtaining Money Under False Pretenses, a felony; Racketeering, a felony; and misdemeanor violations of the Deceptive Trade Practices Act.  As in all criminal matters, the allegations are merely accusations and individuals are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in court. Individuals who may have been victimized by C.P. Direct should call the Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection in Las Vegas at (702) 486-3194; in Reno at (775) 688-1818; or in Carson City at (775) 687-6300. Additional consumer protection information can be found on the Attorney General’s web site at http://ag.state.nv.us

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