Cops to Newbury St. Party Bus Passenger: Urine Trouble Now

SDAO/ 9/7/2011


An Allston man who couldn’t resist nature’s call was arraigned yesterday for allegedly urinating out the window of a party bus travelling through Boston’s Back Bay, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said.


ELAN ALEXENBERG (D.O.B. 3/4/90) was charged in the Boston Municipal Court with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct for his mid-morning antics. He was released without monetary bail.

Boston Police patrolling the area at about 9:05 a.m. spotted the blue bus and heard music blasting from its windows as it travelled down Newbury Street toward Massachusetts Avenue. As it approached a red light at Exeter Street, the officers watched as a passenger opened the right rear window, exposed himself, and urinated into the street in front of a group of pedestrians.

The officers activated their unmarked cruiser’s lights and sirens and stopped the bus. They boarded it and saw Alexenberg standing by the right rear window amid a group of about 15 other males who appeared intoxicated. The detectives escorted Alexenberg off the bus, at which point he allegedly said he was sorry for what he’d done and “didn’t mean for it to happen.”

The officers placed him under arrest. They informed the bus driver that he was free to continue on his way but recommended that he return the passengers to Woburn, whence they came.

Alexenberg was represented by attorney Brian Lenfest. He will return to court on Nov. 15.

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One response to “Cops to Newbury St. Party Bus Passenger: Urine Trouble Now

  1. Angry Boston Native

    I’m not outraged at this young hoodlum’s behavior. Things happen when people get drunk. Hopefully a judge will put him behind bars for 5 or 10 years and he can use the time to turn his life around and become a productive citizen. This might turn out to be the best thing to happen to him and for society.

    What really rattles my cage though is that this is what it takes to get the fat, donut-inhaling, overpaid, over-overtimed Boston Police to pay attention to the traffic in Boston. In twenty years of living, walking, and driving in Boston, I would be a rich man if I had a nickel for every time I saw the Boston Police ignore a serious threat to public safety in the form of a reckless driver. The only thing they seem to care about if and when they’ve gotten their fat asses out of their cruisers is scolding pedestrians and shooting black people.

    You need to stick your cock out a window of a bus and hose down Newbury street in broad daylight to get the cops to blink.

    Every night a gang of bikers blasts down Newbury street, causing massive noise pollution, speeding, pulling wheelies, endangering themselves and others. Every night at the same time. They all then park at J.P.Licks at the top of Newbury and enjoy a jimmie-dipped double scoop while showing off their gaudy attire and wanna-be MotoGP racers. The cops do nothing.

    You could put two police on Newbury for an hour – one with a radar and one with a ticket book – and fill the city’s coffers and pad its budget with this gang alone. But instead Mayor Menino relies on parking tickets and uses the police as his private assault team to kill reveling sports fans.

    Last week Boston cops witnessed an argument and a woman being thrown out of a car. They chased the driver for 30 miles up 93 to some quaint suburb and then shot him to death. The same week I saw 4 of them, yes, 4 of them, directing traffic at 9pm on the corner of Arlington and Boylston around a construction hole making God knows how much overtime. They could have been in bed resting up for a tough day arresting public-urinators. Instead they were probably asleep at 9:05 am Tuesday. Why can’t they just do their job and enforce the city’s speed limit?

    Removing Commissioner Ed Davis for being incompetent and super fat would be a good start. Have you seen this guy? He proves that they must in fact manufacture Turkey Donuts.

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