Companies in the Spotlight: Upper Crust Pizzeria to face federal review

By Jenn Abelson Globe Staff / October 12, 2011

“A federal grand jury is scheduled to hear testimony this week about the alleged exploitation of immigrant workers at Upper Crust Pizzeria, according to several sources with direct knowledge of the inquiry.

Previous coverage

Labor troubles at Upper Crust

Labor troubles at Upper Crust

Reporter Jenn Abelson covered complaints from former employees – and a probe by the US Department of Labor – on employment practices at the pizza chain.

“Earlier this year, the Globe reported that at least two federal agencies, the Department of Labor and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, were investigating the Boston-based pizza chain.

The labor department is looking into accusations that Upper Crust rescinded thousands of dollars in back overtime payments the agency required the company to make to employees in 2009. Immigration officials have been examining whether Upper Crust harbored and exploited illegal immigrant workers…”

Read the rest of the Globe story here


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3 responses to “Companies in the Spotlight: Upper Crust Pizzeria to face federal review

  1. FrankiePizzaMan

    Good riddance. There’s pizza all over Boston. And needs their snotty attitude – upper crust? I had some pizza from them with rotten meat on it once. They apologized and offered another pizza but dinner was over. They were always a half hour late delivering and the pizza came cold all the time. Once when I ordered the punk kid on the phone gave me a lot of lip while I was ordering – didn’t like my accent. Went to the shop and no one would own up to being on the phone. Who needs them anyway? I don’t think their pizza is good. Mine’s better.

    • I have had nothing but good experiences at Upper Crust. I think their pizza tastes fantastic. Additionally, I admire the success of pizza entrepreneur Jordan Tobins. However, if this stuff about hiring illegal aliens is true, then it takes away from that success story. Maybe it was all made up by a disgruntled employee. Maybe it’s all true. One thing is for certain right now: it is easy for people to judge this guy and his business without knowing all of the facts.

  2. Justice for All

    Upper crust? Snotty pricks hiring illegals and even cheating them too. Suck on this you bastards!

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