Boston Hurricane Irene Clean Up

For Immediate

August 29, 2011
Released By:
Parks and Recreation
For More Information Contact:
Parks Department

The Boston Parks and Recreation Department continues to respond to more than 500 reports of downed trees in the wake of Hurricane Irene.  Crews are
prioritizing work according to public safety hazards and coordinating tree
cutting operations with utility crews in cases where downed wires are

Citywide reports of downed trees include situations where street trees have
fallen on homes, vehicles, roads, and sidewalks.  In West Roxbury, off of Baker
Street, a Parks Department tree cutting crew is working to remove three trees
which have fallen across sidewalks and onto property including a home and
vehicle. Similar reports are coming in and crews are working hard to safely
remove all downed trees and debris as quickly as possible.

The Parks Department is the City of Boston agency with regulatory and
operational responsibilities for public shade trees. The Department’s yearly
maintenance program includes pruning, disease control, removals, and storm
damage repairs.

State officials ask that residents hiring private firms for tree removal ask
questions about whether crews are certified to perform work involving the
movement or transport of wood materials. Following discovery of the Asian
Longhorned Beetle in Massachusetts, officials posted a list of companies and
agencies who have completed compliance training and are certified to perform
that type of work. The list is available by calling 508-852-8110 or by visiting

In addition, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts recommends visiting the
following websites for residents hiring private tree removal contractors:

International Society of Arborists

Massachusetts Certified Arborists

For emergency tree attention, please call, 617-635-4500.

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