WSJ on Google Adwords/Drug Scandal

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“In a rare public mea culpa, Google Inc. agreed  to pay $500 million to avoid Justice Department prosecution on charges that it
knowingly accepted illegal advertisements from Canadian online pharmacies for years.”

“…The U.S. government said the ads led to illegal imports of prescription drugs
and could have put American consumers at risk of taking mislabled or tainted

“If Google had been prosecuted by the government for knowingly endangering U.S.
consumers, it could have tainted its famous credo of “Do No Evil.” A criminal
conviction can also disqualify a company from bidding for any government

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  • Was Google helping just Canadian offshore pill merchants place ads, or were there ads from other countries as well?
  • Should American consumers be allowed to purchase medications from reputable Canadian pharmacies when the equivalent products cost far more in the United States?
  • Isn’t buying Percoset for abuse from a website in Calcutta much different than buying high blood pressure medication from an established pharmacy in Ontario?

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One response to “WSJ on Google Adwords/Drug Scandal

  1. Last night I noticed a banner ad in my gmail account marketing an offshore pharmacy.

    The banner ad stated:

    ViaqraOnIine $0.88 Each – – Free Shipping. 24/7 Support. 5% Discount + Gift. Buy Now!

    Despite the “Ameri” prefix in the name, this website appears to be that of an organization in India.

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