Massachusetts Department of Children and Families

Here are some questions I have about the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF).

  • Is DCF a culturally biased organization?
  • Do poor, non-white families fare worse in Care and Protection cases?
  • Does DCF misuse its power?
  • Does DCF do an adequate job, or does it need serious improvement?

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One response to “Massachusetts Department of Children and Families

  1. Tracy

    People who don’t have money don’t have a chance with the Department. Dcf definately abuses their power. I know this first hand, my grandchildren are their victums. DCF is out of control and they answer to no one. They lack all the skills to follow through, their neglectful in case management, they don’t know what the next person is doing or has done. They need a complete overhaul. OUR children are being neglected and abused emotionally by the Department everyday and nobody seems to care. Foster Care Reviews are a joke and the Obudsmans office passes the buck.

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